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  1. Dogs Rock! Whatever your kind of music, you’ll find it at Dogs Rock!, a music festival taking place on the afternoon of 8th June at Bussac, Dordogne. All proceeds will go towards Twilight Chiens (www.twilightchiens.com) and Phoenix Association (www.phoenixasso.com). Both of these organisations rescue animals in need. All details are on the websites above. If you’re in the local area, please feel free to print and post their poster and put it up in your local shops, restaurants, etc. All enquiries please to Louise on [email protected] Thank you Phoenix & Twilight
  2. Christine’s Camino de Santiago Challenge for Phoenix, 2014. ..…one woman and her dog, fundraising for Phoenix. Christine Endres, Phoenix Membership Secretary, sets off THIS Sunday, 4th May! Christine is challenging herself to cycle from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and back again. This is a total of 1600km. Christine won’t be travelling alone, however. She will be accompanied by her Phoenix rescue Ellie (one of our Phoenix Forever Friends) who will be travelling in style in her special DoggyRide trailer. The DoggyRide, when fully laden, weighs 55kg, plus the two panniers fitted to her bike, so Christine will be pulling quite a heavy load, which, especially in the Pyrenees, will be a challenge indeed! Christine and Ellie will have to camp as dogs are not welcome to stay in the Pilgrim "Albergues". However, many have gardens where she is hoping to pitch camp for the night. Together, they hope to raise €3000 for Phoenix, in order that we can help more animals like Ellie, who herself used to be one of the many unloved and abandoned dogs in France. You can follow the fearsome duo's progress via their blog: http://christinespilgrimage.blogspot.fr/p/home.html You can sponsor Christine and Ellie via their special page on our website: http://phoenixasso.com/?p=5919 Please sponsor Christine and Ellie generously. We would love for them to reach their target of raising €3000 for animals in need. Good luck to Christine & Ellie! Thank you, The Phoenix Team
  3. Phoenix Good Quality Second Hand Clothes Sale 17th May, Villeréal, 9am to 4pm. Remember those clothes that just don't fit any more? The ones at the bottom of your wardrobe, unloved and forgotten? They're just crying out for a new home! That's what Phoenix can do for you! We are collecting your old (but nice and presentable) clothes for our Phoenix clothes sale. What’s more, you can come along on 17th May and replace them with new purchases at bargain prices. If you would like to donate your clothing, please contact Anna Dean at [email protected] and she will direct you to your nearest collection point. All donations must be made by the 14 of May and must be clean and in good condition. Thank you The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  4. MILTON – 6 year-old Border Collie Cross Poor Milton was living in chained-up solitary confinement on an abandoned farm. His only friends were the feral cats. Luckily for Milton, Phoenix volunteer, Jenny, found him one day when she was passing by. Jenny negotiated with Milton’s owner for his release and took him home. Although dirty, skinny, full of ticks and very nervous, the vet said he seemed to be OK, except that he has cataracts in both eyes, which give him limited vision. However, it doesn’t seem to bother him too much! He runs freely off-lead and only occasionally bumps into a plant pot in the garden! He goes very much by his nose, of course, which is the primary sense for dogs. As you can see from the photos, Milton has flourished and is now a very bouncy, loving and lovable boy. He’s not yet brave enough to enter the house, but loves his basket in the garage. He likes people and has been fine with older children, but not yet had contact with younger children. He’s best friends with Jenny’s rescue dog, Poppy and they love to chase each other off-lead (he even likes to round her up like a sheep!). Milton is now castrated, but prior to this, he did get in a scrap with another un-neutered male Collie (Poppy’s ex-boyfriend, so perhaps some male rivalry!), but now he’s castrated, he should be fine with male dogs if properly introduced as he gets on with most other dogs. He’s fine with cats, but unknown with poultry. He adores his walks and exercise, but is not great on the lead as he pulls in his enthusiasm to get going! He will need a little training here. Milton absolutely loves his food, and he loves to please, so reward-based training would work for him. Although Jenny is very attached to him, she wants him to have a home of his own with someone who can give him everything he’s never had in his life: company, cuddles, freedom, walks, good food and treats. He’d benefit from a big, fenced (a must) garden, where he can burn off all his energy (Jenny has a very small garden). Milton is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. If you would like to give this adorable dog his second chance in life, please contact Jenny on [email protected] or telephone 05 55 73 61 19 or 06 73 79 82 67 Milton is not a "Phoenix dog" (i.e. not in Phoenix foster care) so all enquiries directly to Jenny please. Milton is in Troche, Dep’t 19
  5. Dale is a real fire-cracker of a cat, not just according to his stunning flame and white looks, but also, he is full of life, a very friendly boy, wanting loads of cuddles and strokes. He’s one of many in Phoenix care, and has been here since he was dumped as a kitten, and is so longing for a family of his own! Dale is a bit of a nosey parker! This confident, cheeky boy wants to get in to everything. He’ll help you unpack your shopping, making sure you haven’t forgotten to buy him his favourite toys! Dale’s favourite activity is bouncing. He loves to bounce with the other cats with whom he gets on well. Dale is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. If you think Dale could win your heart, please contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] To see photos of Dale and other cats at Phoenix who are waiting for homes, please visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.710037532357211.1073741894.494969540530679&type=1&l=e3d0566e97 http://phoenixasso.com/?page_id=590
  6. Phoenix Advice Centre At Phoenix, we receive several contacts a week from people who have found or lost a cat or dog, and don't know where to turn. We also receive several requests every week from people who want to re-home their animals, and want us to help. We also proactively scan and respond to adverts and pleas on the main forums in order to help people in these sometimes distressing situations and of course to help the animals whose lives we are working every day to improve. To enhance our service to you, we have created the Phoenix Advice Centre, which can be found on the home page of our website, www.phoenixasso.com - it would really help us to help you if you could make a note of its existence in order to point others towards it as and when needs arise. This contains not just advice on lost and found pets and animal re-homing, but also information on dog behaviour, injured wildlife, mistreated equines and more. Thank you
  7. Please help keep an eye out for these two friendly dogs who escaped from their home in St Christophe, 16420 last evening (7th Feb). They are not suspected to have been stolen. They escaped through a gap in the fence. One, Eris, is a medium-sized very light coloured hunting-style hound, with sandy brown patches. The other, Morgie, is a small / medium sized brown spaniel cross. They are both identified and are both friendly, approachable family dogs. The owner has received advice from Phoenix on what to do / who to call, and is in the process of contacting all the authorities and placing adverts. If you see these dogs, or to request a photo, please contact Sara immediately on [email protected] or 05 45 84 10 68
  8. Special Appeal for A Permanent Home for HOBO, Male Malinois X (Belgian Shepherd) about 4yrs-old Phoenix visited the SPA Bergerac last week, and since our visit, this poor boy has been playing on our minds. We simply MUST do something to help him! Found straying, to say he is thin is an understatement. Because he’s got a thick, Shepherd coat, you don’t notice so much, but when you touch him, you realise he literally has NO flesh. He’s a skeleton with his skin stuck to his bones...no elasticity, dry and hard as rock. The hair is short round his neck, where he’s obviously been chained/tied-up, and his skull is just a skull – you can feel where the cervical bones go into the brain. And yet he’s still alive!! And so gentle and loving, if a bit timid. So, we need to find a very special, permanent home for Hobo, not just a coup de coeur for a tragic case, but someone who may be prepared to put the work in to make it up to him on behalf of us human beings. Please contact Sheelagh on [email protected] or leave a message on 05 53 54 94 81 Thank you. www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  9. Phoenix SOS - HELP needed with multiple abandoned cats, Rudeau Ladosse, 24340 Phoenix has received an S.O.S. call from a lady called Gwendoline regarding 23 cats abandoned near Rudeau Ladosse, 24340. In brief, the cats were owned by a French couple. The man died and the woman is moving out in mid-January, leaving them all behind. 1 of the cats has sadly died. Phoenix has taken 1 into foster care (all we have room for at present) and 2 other Associations have promised to take 2 each, thereby leaving 16 homeless cats. The majority are not only young and beautiful, but very friendly. However, it is important that we act now! Phoenix has committed to cover the cost of immediate sterilisation of all the cats so that they don't multiply. We have also created a rescue plan, but we also really need your help please. This is how: 1. Can you foster one of these cats for Gwendoline, or even offer them a permanent home? If you can take just one cat, if will make a huge difference. Please contact Gwendoline (details below) for ALL enquiries. 2. Donate - We are asking for individual donations of only 2 euros please. 2 euros will feed the group for one day. This will also go towards veterinary treatment for the cats. Please log onto the Phoenix website and donate using your credit / debit card or Paypal, by clicking on the "donate" button at www.phoenixasso.com. please ensure to add a message in "Add Special Instructions to Seller" of "Abandoned Cats Campaign". 3. If you are local to Rudeau Ladosse, Gwendoline would really appreciate some moral / practical support, e.g. help feeding the cats and / or taking them to the vets. 4. Phoenix is organising the following collection points for cat food. Unless the cats are re-homed immediately, we need to supply food until they are. 16 is a lot of cats to feed! Please consider adding a tin of cat food (tinned food is preferred please, but any will do) to your weekly shop and dropping it off at one of the following locations: a) To Louise Elsom, who will be in Confolens at the Aire de Repos / Parc d'activities de Terre Neuve which is located just off the roundabout of the Dancing Ladies, Saturday 18th January between 10am and noon. Contact Louise on 06 49 06 12 17 or email [email protected] b) To Jane, who will be outside Sports 2000, Riberac, between 11am and 1pm on Friday 24th January. Look out for her blue Subaru 4x4. Jane's email address is [email protected] or call her mobile, 07 86 25 08 43. c) To Lynda, at La Puille, Eglise Neuve D'Issac, Dordogne, 24400. Please deliver any time and contact Lynda for directions on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] d) to Cozy Cats & Dogs boarding kennels, near Villebois Lavalette, Charente. Please deliver any time. Please contact via [email protected] or telephone 05 45 66 27 96 e) and of course, to Gwendoline herself at Rudeau Ladosse. Gwendoline's details are: [email protected] Tel: 05 53 60 31 54 / 06 24 61 06 26 More photos of the individual cats are available from Gwendoline, or if you use Facebook, please view all the photos the Phoenix Facebook page on www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance - they vary from tabbies, to ginger to tortoiseshell to black and white, and in between! Please remember, ALL enquiries regarding the cats to Gwendoline, as these are not "Phoenix" cats.
  10. Phoenix - Urgent Appeal for Cat and Kitten Foster Carers With cats coming into season as early as the end of January, Phoenix is yet again bracing itself for the scores of calls about abandoned kittens this year. We have only three cat Foster Carers and therefore we sadly have to turn away most of the SOS calls we receive. Can you help by becoming a Phoenix Cat Foster Carer? Phoenix covers ALL fostering expenses. You must live within 1.5 hour's drive of Issac, 24400. For more information, contact Lynda on [email protected] or telephone 05 53 81 30 44 www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  11. We'd like to alert you to a new Facebook group that has been created to join together people who would like to volunteer at their local SPAs and animal refuges. Please consider sparing an hour a month, or more time if you have it, to help by cuddling cats, collecting food and blankets or walking dogs - what a way to burn off seasonal calories! There are plenty of friends on this group who will accompany you, and to share lifts with. We are trying to spread the word of this group across the whole of France and to encourage as many animal welfare charities, SPAs and individuals to join and take part. Please help us by joining the group and sending this information to as many people as possible: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/
  12. Fundraising Coordinator South Required – Phoenix Association   Phoenix Association – who rescue and re-home abused and abandoned animals, is recruiting a Fundraising Coordinator to cover the southern Dordogne region. It is very much a "coordination" role. Phoenix has people who are willing to fundraise, and people who already do, but we lack somebody to tie it all together and ensure that we have a regular stream of successful events.  The role of the Fundraising Coordinator is to encourage, motivate, support and coordinate Phoenix fundraising activity. It's about knowing what has worked in the past, repeating this activity, as well as working with the teams to develop new and imaginative ideas. You will need to be a self-starter, although you will of course be supported by your co-volunteers. Whilst it is a very important role to Phoenix, it doesn't have to be full time. The hours you put in are up to you. Please note, as with the other members of the Phoenix team, this is a voluntary role. For a job description and an application form, please contact Lynda Atkins at [email protected]. The closing date for applications is 30th November 2013. Please note: If you are not interested in this coordination role, but are interested in joining one of the teams as a fundraiser, or have ideas or time to spare, please also contact us - we always love volunteers and ideas! www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  13. The Phoenix Christmas Facebook Auction starts on 1st December! Time to sharpen up your bidding skills in time for 1st December, when the Phoenix Christmas Facebook Auction will open for just two weeks only.  We already have some lovely donations upon which you can bid, such as a wine tour and tasting, a brand new crystal necklace, a mobile phone, a dog groom, a 2 seater baby buggy and lots more! You do NOT have to be a Facebook user to donate items to the auction - simple email Jackie on [email protected] with a photo and / or description of the item you wish to donate, and remember to state if postage is included, or if it's collection only (state location) and whether there is a minimum bid.  You DO have to be a Facebook user to take part in the bidding though, so please join the group on  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PhoenixAssociationFunds/ For now, donations are being gratefully received for the auction. Please visit the page for more details, and to start browsing the lovely items that you may wish to bid on come 1st December! All rules WILL be explained on the Phoenix Association - Auction & Fundraising Group page before bidding commences. Of course, all proceeds will go towards our work in rescuing and re-homing animals.  Thank you! The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  14. Puppy Party! Sunday 1st December, Gardes Le Pontaroux, 16320 What better way to socialise your puppy with other dogs and people!?   Sunday 1st December from 11am to 1pm in a safe and secured environment at Cozy Cats & Dogs, Laubertie, Gardes Le Pontaroux, 16320. Your puppy should be under 6 months old, fit, healthy and up to date with his/hers vaccinations.    Each owner must be responsible for their own puppy on the day.  The cost is €10 for the session which includes coffee/tea and cake. If you want to bring a friend along without a puppy there will be an additional charge €5 per person. All proceeds raised on the day will go to Phoenix.    Parties come with prizes and they will be awarded on the day.....   Any donations of cakes will be much appreciated please! Limited places are available so please contact Linda and Phill to book your space via:   email: [email protected] or telephone: 05 45 66 27 96
  15. Phoenix Coffee Morning and Table Top Sale   27th November 2013  11.00 - 16.00 Salle de Fêtes  Carsac - de - Garson  (24610)   Come along for Coffee, Cakes, Bric-a-brac, Nearly New Clothing etc. etc.   Support Phoenix in their work helping and re-homing animals in need Website: www.phoenixasso.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  16. Phoenix's JACK - Up to 11 year-old Miniature Pinscher Cross - seeks a home! You should never judge a book by its cover, so they say, and it couldn't be more true when it comes to Jack! If you like your small dogs and sweet, to overlook this one would be to miss out. Jack is funny, affectionate and healthy and would make a loving companion.  He's also super-literate and has written the following poem about himself: "My tongue sticks out  and my teeth look strange But I have no worms & I have no mange, I love a little walk,  & then a lot of sleep, I’m only very little, so very cheap to keep. I’ve had my jabs, & my heart is strong, I’m very very loving and I do no wrong, I just want a home to put my paws Under the table, so could I be yours?" Jack is good with dogs, ok with cats (may chase them outdoors), chipped (250268731006247), vaccinated and neutered. Jack's foster mum is Jackie in Thiviers, Dordogne, and you can contact her on 05 53 52 06 23 or email [email protected] Please someone give this quirky little fella, who can't help the way he looks, the chance he deserves.  Thank you, The Phoenix Team http://phoenixasso.com/ https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  17. Celebrating the life of Pandy January 1998 – June 2013 Wherever you are on Saturday 16th November, please go for a walk, either with a dog or without, and raise funds for the animals in need at Phoenix. This year we are inviting EVERYONE to take part, whether you would like to join the nucleus group in Mouleydier, 24520 or whether you would like to set up your own local satellite walk on the same day. The distance you walk is entirely up to you. If you don't want to walk, please sponsor the walk instead. There are so many cats and dogs to help, and with crippling vets' bills, we desperately need funds to sustain our future rescue and re-homing work. So, grab a group of friends and get walking! For all details on how to join and how to sponsor, as well as to find out more about the life of our very special Pandy, whom we are both proud and sad to honour this year, please click here: http://phoenixasso.com/?p=4496 or contact Christine Dumper on 09 77 78 95 55 or email [email protected]
  18. MAX – 2 Year-Old Border Collie Cross - Phoenix dog needs a home. Max is a big softie. He is completely endearing and we can't fathom why he has still not been re-homed - it's such a shame, but we know his forever home is out there. He's a beautiful looking boy and his fur is really soft to stroke, which is partly due to the fact that he loves being groomed. Personality-wise, he's playful, easy-going and clever. He didn't have a brilliant start to life and when he arrived in Phoenix, he didn't have a lot of training, but now he has mastered pretty much all of the basic commands. His particular favourite is giving his paw - in fact he gets quite excited about his success at this one and will give it you again and again and again! He's good with other dogs and has learned to play with his foster companions. He was a real star at a recent fundraising event that he went to and he got on with everybody. Max is not a barker but he is a talker, he likes to give you a story in the mornings which is another of his endearing qualities, as well as liking to put his head on your lap. He'll do this when it's thundering, as he's a bit of a scaredy cat! He's also rather camera shy…. Talking of cats, we're not sure how he is with them. His collie background should allow him to accept most animals but as he has not been introduced properly to them this would need to be worked on, should his future family have any. His party trick is that he likes to open doors. Yvonne, his foster mum, says that she locked her door for a few days and he stopped trying, but of course, caution should be exercised. Max would need a secure, fenced garden and plenty of exercise and stimulation. Max is castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited. For more information, please contact Foster Carer, Yvonne at [email protected] Dept 87 or call on 06 02 38 20 70 For pictures of Max go to: Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  19. Don't Forget the Phoenix Halloween Party - have fun and support Phoenix in helping animals.   For more information go to: Website: www.phoenixasso.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  20. Don't miss this fantastic event! 26th October 2013  The Great Phoenix Book Fair Salle Municipale   Campsegret 24140      9.30 - 3.30p.m There's more than just books - everything 1 euro!! Website: www.phoenixasso.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  21. Popular Misconceptions About Fostering For Phoenix - BUSTED! We at Phoenix are always in need of Foster Carers and are particularly desperate for Cat Foster Carers. We do plenty of advertising, but yet we have few offers. We thought it might help if we answered some common concerns about fostering for Phoenix: 1. I can't afford to foster. Will I need to cover all the vets' bills, flea treatment, food, transport, etc? No Foster Carer is ever expected to be out-of-pocket. Phoenix covers ALL fostering expenses, from food, to transport to flea treatments. You do have to be located within a reasonable distance from of the "Phoenix" vets with whom we have reduced rates, but they are widespread. You do not have to pay the vets' bills. You simply take the animal to be treated and then you leave. Phoenix covers the bill directly with the vet.  2. I don't know how my own animal will respond to a new animal in the house. Before you foster for Phoenix, you are required to complete a detailed application form, in which you list all family members and the ages and sex of your own animals, and whether they are neutered or not. You are asked to offer any additional information that you think is relevant. You can specify what age animals you would like to foster and you can decline to foster animals with, for example, medical conditions etc. You will only be asked to foster animals that suit you and your home. Should a fostering not work out, it is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to remove the animal from your care and find an alternative solution.  3. Does it mean I can't go on holiday? Would I need to take the animal to a boarding house? Phoenix expects that its Foster Carers take holidays. Advance notice is preferred so that alternative foster care may be arranged. It is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to provide holiday cover / accommodation for your foster animals.  4. What if the animal doesn't get re-homed? Will I have to keep it indefinitely?  ALL Phoenix animals get re-homed. Adoptions can take anything from a matter of days to a few months. You will be fully supported during this process. 5. Will I expected to do the advertising for my foster animal? No, Phoenix has a PR team whose role is to advertise the animals for re-homing. You will be expected to take photographs of your foster animal and to provide information in order that the Phoenix PR team can produce the advert text.  6. What happens if there is a problem with the animal, and I find that I can't cope? Phoenix Foster Carers are fully supported by the Foster Carer Coordinator and her Assistant. Phoenix is a close-knit team of volunteers and we support each other. There is always someone you can talk to and if the situation is such that you cannot cope, a solution will be offered.  7. I don't speak French Although it helps to speak French, it's not vital. There are plenty of French speakers at Phoenix who can assist you with all communications with vets and adopters.  8. I worry that I will become attached and not want to let the animal go. This is a common concern, and saying goodbye to your animal is hard. However, we believe that our pain at saying goodbye is a sacrifice worth making in order to save the animal's life. It does get easier, the more practised you become. Please ask if you'd like to speak to an existing Foster Carer about this concern. PLEASE get in touch if you are interested. Email [email protected]
  22. Please can you help Tigrou, scared little 5 month-old Phoenix cat "My name is Tigrou, and I wonder if you can please help me? I'm not very happy in foster care. It's not that Phoenix aren't lovely - I have a loving foster mummy, plenty of toys and a nice bed, but we all have to live together in our nice big pen, and don't tell anyone, but I'm scared of the other cats. It's a bit embarrassing as I've been put in the pen with the smaller kittens as they scare me less. I really do want to get out of here though and have my own human. I'd probably be ok with other cats, but would need to be introduced properly, although I'd prefer to be yours and yours alone. I was found in someone's garden. I was very thin and very hungry. I'm ok now though, but it's all been a bit much for me, being homeless, so I just need a bit of love, if that's ok with you…. Yours hopefully Tigrou" Tigrou is in Issac, Dordogne. Please call Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] Chip Number 250266730219187 www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  23. Phoenix Cat & Kitten Open Day, Sunday 6th October CANCELLED 10am to 2pm, Eglise Neuve D'Issac, 24400 We are opening the doors to our principle cat foster care centre in Eglise Neuve d'Issac, Dordogne, 24400 and both we and the cats and kittens would love to see you there. Cat Adoption If you're interested in adopting a cat or kitten, then please come and meet them. We'll answer any questions you have. All Phoenix cats are microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited upon adoption and where age appropriate, sterilised. Cat Fostering Phoenix cats are the lucky ones. We need more Foster Carers, so if you're even just a little bit interested, and would like to have an informal chat about fostering one or more of our cats, and to find out how things operate at Phoenix, please come along for a chat and a look around. The well-known and wonderful Phoenix catering team will be there, making cakes and sandwiches, as well as teas and coffees. (our foster cats are secretly hoping that there will be some leftover tuna!). For directions, please email Lynda on [email protected] or telephone 05 53 81 30 44. We look forward to seeing you there. The Phoenix Team See our cats for adoption on: Our website: http://phoenixasso.com/?page_id=590 or Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.674519989242299.1073741876.494969540530679&type=3
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