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  1. thanks for your input and opinion ! i wont bore you with my circumstances but i am only seeing what is available to eu residents in the country they live. whilst i am looking for work i will only be getting €300 per month and have no savings or any other income far less than the "smicards " you refer to. i dont intend to do any thing illegal but we are all welcome to find out what you are or are not entitled to !!!!
  2. hi has any one experience with such insurance, we are going to let a house unfurnished for 3 years but have the worry of potential trouble with the tenant ie, non payment of rent and legal proceedings. have been told about an insurance policy that covers such things .maif assurance do this insurance that covers non payment etc for about €95 a year i think its an essential thing to have has any one used it or advice ? ta
  3. hi, i have been reading up on the rsa payments and i believe it is available to any one as long as france is your main/principle residence . i am not working or claiming any benefits as i have been living from savings but i have bought and renovated a house to rent unfurnished for min 3 years. i know i do a personal tax return each year and declare the rent then. what i would like to know is would i qualify for the rsa payments ? i will be getting €300 per month rent and the sum given for rsi for single person is €509.30 am i right in thinking that i could receive €209.30 top up per month? any help welcome ta
  4. hi thanks for the reply, i dont mind paying tax/social charge on what i earn,infact i would love to do these few jobs and pay my dues, that way i could see what jobs turn up and pay as you earn. the other option would to stay here for a few months ,work then return to ireland and pay my cheques in to my bank ,pay my stamps and let my irish accountant carry on doing my books. not ideal but would it be legal and above board.
  5. hi ,i have been working on my own house here in france for the past few months and have my tools and mini digger etc here to complete the house and gardens. i had very little work back home so decided to finish our house here. during this time i have been approached by several people english as well as locals asking me to do jobs for them as well.i am not registered /resident here as i still have my ties with ireland although as said the work has dried up there but i have work offered here.i have looked online at maybe starting auto entrepreneur here but a small time jobbing builder seems to have no section plus ive basic bcp and tech passes from uk from over 30 years ago and dont fancy training or resitting exams here as my french at the moment is very basic . also not sure how much work i would get here long term to start going down that road. could you do work on a casual basis where they pay your tax? any help on the easiest and best way for me to do a few jobs here and there but legally.if i was resident can you earn and do a tax return each year for casual work? any advice welcome.
  6. hi, we have a house in ireland where we lived for 10 years,when it sells there is no irish tax to pay as it was my family home and sole residence .during that time we bought a holiday home in france and are thinking of moving there full time and starting as auto-entrepreneurs, if we register in france before the irish house sells would the french have a claim ,ie social tax, on our money? and yet if we register after it sells the money is all rightfully ours. has any one any experience on this maybe a uk house you sold .any help welcome
  7. hi all, we are in france now with the intention of living here full time in our own house and registering as an auto-entrepreneur.looking at forums im confused as to the law when it comes to inheritance and would be grateful for any help. my first concern is i have a grandmother who is terminally ill and near death ,in her will her assets will be split 3 ways of which i will get one third. there will be no uk tax paid as the amount is well below the threshold .will i be able to have my share or do the french authority's take tax or social charge from this,has any body had this case?. secondly , both me and my common-law wife of 25 years with whom we have 1 son of 19 ,need to make a will. this would consist of if either one of us dies all goes to the other,if we both go then all goes to our son, if we both went i see that under french law our son would pay no tax as our estate would be below the threshold but if myself or her went the other would be liable to pay a lot of tax at around 60% with only 1900€ allowance as we would be classed as strangers.is this true? again any info/links most welcome. thanks
  8. I have a 2 year old uk vauxhall vivaro van and want to change it to french reg,is it the same as a car?would I have to pay duty tax,on the uk reg book its 2 seats but I've a proper removable rear seat with belts that I use when needed but not often.could it be registered in France with the rear seat,does it take long to sort out as I would have to get temp uk insurance cover to get it to France.any help/advice welcome
  9. I realise that there would be no help financially but how do you stand if you want to earn for the weeks your there say temporary work,having our EU health card covers the medical and still owning our house and being registered in eire keeps us residant there.it would be a working holiday to allow us to build a start and not need help in any way
  10. Yes its Eire,would it be possible to go over for a few months at a time and if we get cash jobs/bxb use that money but stay as an Irish resident until things work out,ie long holidays but with the chance of earning whilst you live
  11. Hi,we are currently on job seekers after loosing jobs here in Ireland,been like that for 2 years with no future prospects.we have a house in France and would like to move there full time In order to try to find building work and set up bxb,we have little funds and I understand that we get no joseekers from france as we haven't paid any french stamps but would there be any help towards setting up and also trying to live.what can you earn before paying tax? If we were able to get building work from English property owners and some bxb,any help welcome
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