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  1. [quote user="PaulT"]

    Perhaps McDonalds demonstrate how to run a successful business. They tailor their menus to the company in which they operate. Plus, they have items that are available for a limited period. I presume this increases trade but can also enable them to gauge how they can change their menus.


    McDonalds & other big chains, do know how to run a business, also where to locate one. Rarely do they get it wrong.

    The move with big money & a well known brand image.

    There is a lot of mileage in what you get may be mediocre, but at least you know what you will get.


  2. Thanks Will.

    I'll get the book.

    I'm not out to get rich, just have a decent quality of life.

    I choose France because my friend lives there & likes it, otherwise it doesn't appeal to me.

    Not the country or the people, but the way everything is so regulated.

    It almost feels anti business.


  3. Well, thank you one and all for your comments.

    I worked in France most of 2011, Normandie. But for a UK engineering company.

    I have friends in other areas.

    I agree, that most of the people I know, from the UK who live in France, don't seek employment, but opt for some

    form of self employment. Some say, seeking employment was a waste of time, when so many French natives were

    applying for the work.

    I guess it is regional though.

    Of the one or two who gained work, it was a one year contract & then over.

    Many seem to live a semi retired life (& why not).

    Knowing you customer/market is so important.

    And so many have shut down, they can't all be behind the times.

    It's like the village shop, everyone mourns it's passing, but who actually used it?

    Thanks All !!!

  4. Good morning everyone.

    I'm hoping for advice & opinions on opening a Cafe.

    First some background.

    My friend, lives in France, Vienne Department, & has for 6 years, very fluent French speaker.

    I would like to move to France, I do like the lifestyle & the people.

    My concern is, how to make a living.

    It seems to be very difficult to gain any form of employment in France, for an "outsider" & it seems, most ex pats are either

    financially secure or work for themselves.

    France, on paper, is a more (slightly) prosperous society than the UK, although it is hard to see it on the ground.

    We have looked at some trading concerns, in various locations, often they are run by UK ex pats.

    While they tend to be the traditional french cafe, serving food & alcohol, quite often the takings seem very low for the

    opening hours.

    We do not really want to get into food & alcohol, but more follow the model of a boutique coffee shop, serving high

    quality coffee's & snack type foods.

    More akin to a Costa coffee operation, but with a wider range of snacks.

    (Costa, Starbucks etc. are opening rapidly in France)

    Trends change, traditional cafe bars in France, are closing at an alarming rate.

    A lot of the ones I have visited, are dirty, unfriendly & expensive & wouldn't survive in any country.

    We would need to find a location where there was sufficient custom, so a fair sized town, i.e. 20,000 people or with

    a lot of visitors.

    Assuming we can find this, & purchase a building with commercial potential, what is the general opinnion on:

    People tell me the French would prefer NOT to patronise an establishment run by "foreigners"

    The taxes. From my understanding, 50% of net profit is taken in tax & social charges. Is there anything else?

    Thanks in advance,


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