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  1. I have had a bit of a nightmare with the RSI. They have decided that I was not registered in the right system (their fault they filled out the paper work!)and have backdated extra payments from 2008 to 2010 and want an extra 24,000 Euros! Apparently I should be quite pleased as it should have been 39,000 and backdated to 2006. I'm not a high earner at all, I struggle and the last two years have been frankly a nightmare as work has slowed down. I no longer have an accountant as ours was awful and I changed to autoentrepreneur in 2011 so didnt think it necessary. I have been in contact with the RSI and they want to know my profits from these years, I believe before they only wanted to know the turnover and based a figure on that. So basically what I need to know is how do I work out the profit, is there an certain percentage that you can claim for electric/water etc. I really dont want to or can afford to get an accountant to go back through the accounts just for three years if its something I can do. Any ideas?
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