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  1. Thank you all for that very useful information. Mel.
  2. Hi, Hope someone can answer this question. We have moved back to the UK so are no longer resident in France although we do still own our house there, and have been trying to sell for the last 18 months. This will be the first tax year (last years declaration of earnings) that we will have no earnings in France to declare on our tax return. Is there a process for this or do we simply put on our tax return that we had no earnings and tell them that we are no longer resident from this tax year ? Any info will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Mel.
  3. Have you been on an all "human" ferry crossing lately.......................now that's smelly !!!!
  4. Hi Cerise, Thank you for that information. It sounds as if we have done all the right things and do understand what yo mean about the house prices in France......particularly at the moment. Hope alls going well for you and also that we can do the same quickly and "move on" as you say. Best wishes Mel.
  5. Hi all, A bit if information/advice required by those in the know please. We have had our house in France since 2006 and have run it as a Chambres D'Hotes for the last 2 summers delaring taxes etc via the AE system and also winter earnings in the UK via the french tax forms required. So think we have been "tax resident in France". We have just returned to the UK as our parents are in ill health, this will be a permanant move. What to do next ???? We have the house on the market in France and will use it as a "holiday home" until it sells (who knows when that will be !!!) but will come out of the French tax system, closing the AE etc. Has anyone got any ideas of the best way to do all this ? I know this may seem very vague but any thoughts/advice/information will be gratefully received. Thanks Mel.
  6. Hi Kong, Thank you for that, that all makes perfect sense and will probably do it on line after completing the paper version for my own records. thanks again, Mel.
  7. Thank you Kong, That seems to make sense, but does it mean that I don't have to fill in anything on the form 2042ck, the Chambres D'Hotes bit was the only thing I filled in last year and signed it. Do you think that makes it redundant for me this year. Thank you very much for any advice AGAIN !!! Regards Mel.
  8. Hi Again, Got all the forms through including the form 2042 ck and inside the 2042 ck pro. All I want to do is declare the earnings from the Chambres D'Hotes like we did last year......one line on form 2042c !!!! Can anyone tell me where and on what form to do this ...........CONFUSED.COM !!!!! Thank you for any advice. Best wishes Mel.
  9. Hi bill, 2042ck, that's what they sent so I'm presuming that's want they want back this year ?????? Maybe it's Homage to Calvin Klein ?? LOL Hope that's of use. Mel.
  10. Just got all the forms through the post !!! Now to complete. Thanks for all the info Mel
  11. Thanks for the Info and thoughts.........good luck with the "line through it" Idun. May try that myself. Mel.
  12. Hi all, Just a quick question..........aren't they always !! I have been sent my Tax return form 2047 for 2012 declaration but they have not sent the from 2042 C that I completed last year for the summer B&B business. Can I download one of these from the internet or am I missing something on the 2047 form that will incorporate this ?? Thanks for any help as usual. Take care all, Mel.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the information..................despite the cynicism about the post. Have fun guys. Mel.
  14. Hi, Just a quick one, could anyone tell me how early and late can you fill out a tax form for 2012/2013 Thank you Mel.
  15. Hi Theiere, Oooooooops !! Don't know how the Picasso got in there......should have typed Megane !!!! As well as no mechanical skills it looks like my literacy has disappeared too !!!!. Mel.
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