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  1. [quote] Don't add ANYTHING rude please Miki! [/quote] As if [:)]
  2. The Banana bunch are mere lightweights, compared to Benidorm's finest attraction [:)][;-)]
  3. [quote] Are you and Miki related, somehow, Maggi? [/quote] Somehow !! that sounds a bit derogatory Tresco [;-)] Bill, Sticky is sort of an old flame, I would be happy for you also not to make derogatory noises at this, this, this............... illusionist [:)]
  4. [quote user="Cerise"]Miki - no one has been telling tales - but you often let on yourself about your previous lives (and remember my OH was a dodgy second hand car dealer once too!!)  However if you would like to consult any of your great-great-great relatives - do not forget it is in my power to do so hee hee hee.  Told you he was ancient and had many incarnations[/quote] Dodgy.......Oye, steady on, I was more your Honest John kinda person [:)]  Perhaps a couple too many greats among that lot [;-)]
  5. Dotty, less grumpy than Katie, so younger I would say. [:)] Anyway, everyone knows, Dick was an old Prof of mine...............and he went to school with Katies younger Bruvver [:)]
  6. [quote] What about me?  What about me??  How old do you think I am??? [:D] [/quote] About the same age as a really big Oak tree [;-)]
  7. That makes you the Father of the Forum then Dick [:)]
  8. [quote] And I know for a fact that Miki is pretty ancient and has had plusieurs incarnations [/quote] OK Maggi, spill the beans, who in the family has been stitching me up [:)] [;-)]
  9. [quote user="Tresco"][quote user="Miki"]..................so I reckon I could be in [:)][/quote] A cruder member would post something triple trashy here... How old are you Miki? [/quote] 45 ........................and a half (ish) [:)] Sorry Gay you are 46, so a little older [;-)]
  10. [quote user="David"] The honey looks fine and has no crust on top, but is it still edible, or will it act like magic mushrooms? David [/quote] With a bit of luck, it will [:)]
  11. Little soft spot....I have fallen for the magical lady and only hope she remembers me from last year, she should do, I was less than two foot  from her during her "illusion"  act [;-)] she called me 'er little cockney sparrer..................so I reckon I could be in [:)]
  12. [quote user="Tresco"][quote user="Just Katie "]Dick 51, Miki 61[/quote] That first one can't be right. Unless he was a gymslip mum, that is.[:)] [/quote] Nors the 61 neever, I am at least 25 years younger than dear old Sticky [:)]
  13. Well I heard on Benidorm tonight,  that Sticky Vicky is 60 ..................yeh right..............................and I'm taking me 11 plus next week [Www]
  14. Well it certainly is around here. You can't even put in a small caravan in the drive or garden without permission. And look at the regulations for smaller things, like a garden shed ! I think where the error occurs on what is or what is not allowed, is that in communes and lotissments etc, you will need certainly need permission but people living out  in the countryside, well many do it and a blind eye is turned, for the most part.
  15. And I only started last week but am struggling to catch Dick, who started this morning....................[:)]
  16. [quote user="RumziGal"][quote user="Miki"]I am so truly honoured SB but am I worthy? [/quote] Miki, you are eternally and indelibly (and perhaps even tautologically?) etched in (on?) my mind in the "Meatball" box. I know we've never met, but when I see meatballs, you are there.  In a very real sense.  [:)][/quote] You are too kind and when I find out what tautologically means I hope to be even more pleased I hope to be even more pleased, I said I hope to be even more pleased, did I sayI hope to be even more pleased Phew wot come over me, it must be me the new sauce..............Is it me old Sid James look that makes you think of screwed up balls pertetrerr ?
  17. [quote user="RumziGal"][quote user="Jon"]That's what I think. [/quote] maybe u fink rong, jon. rongjons, isn't that what Chinese people wear in the cold?  [/quote] Yes it is, fur lined kidney shaped trousers, dooze make em' walk like jonnrayne.
  18. [quote user="RumziGal"][quote user="5-element"] It is possible to love and hate at the same time - indeed, is there any other way? [/quote] Oh 5-E, you really ARE French, aren't you?  [:)] I think I would like visit IKEA with you, and we could gaze at the meatballs together, and wish they weren't building that Geant Casino right there.    Miki, we'll name a ball after you, okay?   Probably the biggest one, I reckon that would only be right.   Anyone else who wants an IKEA meatball named after them, just let us know, okay?    If there are too many of you for two portions, then LG will have to come along as well so we can fit you all in. [/quote] I am so truly honoured SB but am I worthy? I dos swim against the dead fishes but do love Saumonette, a poor mans Rock but it will do until me pension kicks in. Please can you call my big ball Jimmy and I would like José to unveil it. And may I may be allowed to give a speech on how my love of France all started with a lovely young fille and an old goat. Now all these years later it is a load of balls that holds me here [:)]
  19. The shakes and a blooming big eddake from Benidorm & Barca (hopefully) [:)] ................and paellas, oranges, lemons and Osbornes103.
  20. Many on here now,  have no idea about Rumzigal (SB) The truth is, she only ever intends to show the alternative side, not the only side ! But that seems to put fear in to people, why ? You can all continue to love France, she has no intention of denying you that. Why does it all appear to threaten your own thoughts.She makes light of her problem here and jests but it appears to be going over the heads of many folk. Sure, there is a serious undertone at times but so what? I think the irony in her posts is lost, I really do. Post and praise France, that's no problem, we all see things differently, so if one says it is disgusting in Paris, another one can just as easily say but it's lovely in Geneva. Different areas, different people, all have a case but when something truly comes down to experience, I trust just  a small handful of people on here, when it comes down to all things French. I don't mean that as disrespectful to others but I know exactly who I would ask, if needed further advice for  most things to do with France. As for asking anyone "Are you having a good time in la Belle France" well where would I start ? I hope everyone is/has but the truth for many of us, is that we now see right through things that many seem frightened to see or ...maybe luckily, will never have reason to know or the want to know. Behind all the facade is much aggro, many problems. The lucky ones, as has been said by SB, are the ones that retire here or have a foot in both countries. Being poor lost its attraction to me nearly 35 years ago when I lost too much money on a nag ridden by my the longfellow.....never ever felt the want to be broke and penniless again, it's not a lot of fun. So by all means tell those of us with some experience it counts not a lot, that's OK but I would like a pound for every newbie that was given help from those  experienced here with a trade or just those with life experience coupled with having been though the system from back to front and from side to side. The picture I and others could describe, would be far different from those who come over to retire and do up or buy a nice place to spend their life in France in. I think maybe it is that that some can't handle, people telling it all from a position they will never know. And I say, lucky them, I really do. You will probably never know all the hassles you would have avoided by  not working, living as well as putting kids through education, not an easy thing to do, put a kid from Maternelle to Uni. Many will accept it and be glad they won't ever have to go through it, others will think we are joking and others will think we are saying how it should be seen by all. Well I believe we are not, we are offering the other side of life here, no more no less.  
  21. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Miki Just read the bruddy PM! [/quote] I have, give me a chance to reply for gawds sake !!
  22. [quote user="Tresco"][quote user="Cassis"] Well spotted, Will!  [:D] [/quote] He's so quick, he should be a mod![:)] [/quote] Naughty Tresco...............[;-)]
  23. Dick, Now I am even more bemused. I knew missing skool might catch me up. Can you elucidate please.
  24. [quote user="Cassis"]So, you saw where I was coming from there, Miki! [:D] [/quote] Oh yes, loud and clear [:D] I am seriously thinking of making my little bit of Brittany a very very micro-micro climate, just the front garden in fact, not even the car park, nor out the back. That should pack them in [;-)]
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