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  1. LAST EDITED ON 10-Jan-04 AT 10:05 PM (GMT) Jen, Take a drive up to Le Touquet (and why not stay there, I think it much nicer for a weekend than Calais)and reserve a table at Serge Perards fish restaurant just off the Rue St Jean, or Flavios near the Westmister hotel if you really want top quality but at matching prices. In Etaples just before Le Touquet, there is a co-op fish restaurant, which I think is called "Aux Pecheurs d'Etaple" (there is one in Lille as well)now, it has been 5 years since we last ate there and the name may not be right but it should guide you to the right place ! Bon weekend Miki
  2. LAST EDITED ON 05-Jan-04 AT 09:08 AM (GMT) Sunday and Monday are the "holiday" dates for Easter. Our Good Friday is a normal working day. No other dates to worry about the following week. Good luck with the house search, whereabouts in Brittany are you thinking about ? Miki
  3. >I know I annoyed a couple >of people, but since then >my details seem to have >been lost and I have >had to reregister under another >name. Is this still the >same problem from a few >weeks ago? Can I get >my old identity back? > >Regards >Dick Come on one of you lot, Dick is back now from the "other place". Who stitched his details up ! He was near to 500 by Xmas and they've gone and not only that, he has lost his joolie to boot !! If anyone finds "Dicks details" take a peek and see if mine are there as well 'cos they went walkabout as well................... Miki
  4. Clark, Do you think you ought to have posted this interesting post 'one down' in the listing under "How lucky can I be" It is pretty relevant and it must have played a part, however small as the suspected(?)ignoring of it has, in my view, been detrimental to the French sytem. Miki
  5. >Could anyone point us in the >right direction or to a >website (in french would be >fine) with regard to the >following question? > >Our property is too big for >a chambre d'Htes, but we >don't want to run a >hotel. So we have decided >to only cater for prebooked >guests and to organise painting >courses for our guests, on >site (guests will book a >course and accomodation, to book >just the course or just >the accomodation won't be possible). >We will also feed our >guests (included in the overall >price), but no one else >(from 'outside'). Of course we >would also like to be >able to serve wine with >the meals. What would this >make us and which type >of company would we have >to set up.. And would >we need a licence? Thank >you very much in advance >for your feedback! As a general rule, if you open your house as a chambres d'htes you are not allowed more then 5 rooms for hire. Now I know 6 is often quoted in books but, the reality is that if you have 6 rooms the likelihood is you will have to join the local ch de Commmerce, as you will be seen as a small entrerprise, this is not definite but be warned this has happened on too many occasions to be mere chance that the person has been "luckily" caught out and told to join the Ch de Commerce!! If you want to run it as a place for pre-booked guests, (you don't say which country you will aim this at?)then the UK will probably be your target. For this ruling you will need to take advice from 1) The Mairie 2) The C de Commerce. You should not require a licence to serve wine free with a meal but if you do, they are not dear for the type you will require. What you plan to do is a very grey area. The authorities will want to pigeonhole you into which group you come under. A true chambres d'htes, as described above, will be your best bet and that way, you will just have to inform your Mairie and the Htel des Impts. Have you thought of just letting out the full house as large gte and living somewhere on site but, nicely out of the way of the guests or even move on to a small campsite during the peak season when hopefully it will be fully occupied. Not entirely the sensible thing but can be fun and far less stress. You will find that you will require health cover, insurance to cover your guests well being, insurance to cover you for being open to the public, shall I go on, there are many things you will need to know and, it is best that you ask the questions that you need the answers for, as many of us on here could type till our fingers fall off and still miss something out !!! Good luck Miki
  6. >Hi. I'm new to France and >new to the B&B game >so I've been eagerly reading >all the postings in this >very useful forum. One message >that I've picked up loud >and clear is the value >of signposting for picking up >'casual' passing trade. My question(s) >are; 1. Do you need >permission to put up those >roadside signs you see all >over the place like "Mr >Bricolage, 5 min. a droite" >and if so how do >you get it and from >whom? Yes legally you do need permission to do so, how many actually do, is anyone's guess. You have to ask the DDE and ask how far they must be away from the edge of the actual road. In reality a lot of people put them in neighbours fields etc and give them a "drink" for the privelege. 2. Do you have >to pay someone like the >landowner / local Marie? and See above. >3. How far away should >you place your signs and >how many without annoying other >people offering accomodation. >Any feedback from experienced B&Bers (or >guests) gratefully received. Thanks. Three signs are the maximum in our area. One should be close to the house and visible from the road and pointing to where your place is. The other signs should lead the potential guests to that sign. Check with the DDE and/or the Mairie for the local regs regarding the size of sign allowed. Other areas may differ from what I have stated happens here in the 35. Miki
  7. Hi, Simply go to "search" at the top of the screen tap in "card" then under Forum chose TV Satellite etc and you will find many answers to your problem. Miki
  8. Today I lost all my inbox messages and now they say I need to re-register but it is impossible to do so. How come other Forums are not getting all these problems or are they perhaps ? Miki
  9. LAST EDITED ON 09-Dec-03 AT 12:09 PM (GMT) LAST EDITED ON 09-Dec-03 AT 12:08PM (GMT) >What do you think is a >reasonable price for second hand >digibox, dish and LNB ? > > >Friends in UK are moving house >and upgrading to Sky plus. > Friends in France want >box for FTA and radio. >Neither of them have a >view on price and I >would appreciate some independent view. > Going purely by ebay prices, I would say from around 35 plus for the digi box depending on model, age and condition of course. Add another 15 plus for a dish and head. Less anything discounted for "friendship" of course! Miki
  10. >I'm a 30+ year bloke living >in 11360 , i speak >very little Franch but can >order a round and would >like to go for a >beer or two!!!!!! witout the >better half. i would even >talk about sport if push >came to shove. I miss >the Pub life- Darts and >F**TS. F**K we could even >meet up as a foursome >and get the lady's to >do the driving. Bet you both wear Bum Bags, you over cultured modern day lad you ! Funny name for a town ain't it ? Miki
  11. >Hi, >Anyone received their new 23.50 viewing >cards yet? and if so, >any problems in setting them >up? >I have a neighbour who is >reluctant to go through the >hoops of getting a new >card because he's heard that >"you need to phone them >up to authorise the card" >I said I didn't think >so unless there was a >problem. Surely they are like >the old cards in that >if you leave them long >enough (o/night in one case >I remember) they authorise themselves? > > >Unless you know differently! >paul Hi, In our case, we bought 2 new cards on the net. When they arrived here, via address in the UK, we simply replaced the old cards with the new ones et voila, both worked immediately. No phoning or anything, was that lucky or normal ? Miki
  12. >There is an Indian restaurant in >St Meen le Grand. >Didn't want this snippet lost >in the Flunch thread! >Never been so can't recommend >etc. All in all >a pretty useless post! Alexis, What a little gem (you and the restaurant !) It is called the Taste of India and is opposite (to the side of) the Hotel de Ville. Lots of parking. It was a really good meal and excellent value as well. I have put it under the Western France threads. Have even booked again. The boys from Sicily say thank you and you can sleep safely in your bed now !! Miki
  13. >There is an Indian restaurant in >St Meen le Grand. >Didn't want this snippet lost >in the Flunch thread! >Never been so can't recommend >etc. All in all >a pretty useless post! Alexis, Reserved for 12 people for this week at the Taste of India (next to the Mairie, the person at the other end told me) in St Meen le Grand. Will let you know how it went. Miki
  14. >We've finally sold our UK property >and will be looking seriously >for our new home in >France in the new year. >We're looking for a house >in the Haute Vienne suitable >for chambre d'hote. I've been >trying to get an idea >of what the likely takings >(if any!) would be. I >know it's a bit like >string and it's length but, >assuming we do get some >customers, I'm sure we can >make something. I've trawled the >forums for ideas and have >come up with the following:- > >2 rooms let at 40 euros >each per night, say for >5 nights a week for >a max number of 8 >weeks per year. Allowing for >running costs etc I reckon >we could clear about 1500 >euros per year once we >get established. I think you have been very realistic to be honest. It even makes me wonder if it is worth even doing for that amount of return. It is very hard work and with all the improvements you will more than likely have to make to the property you buy it needs very careful consideration indeed I feel. You will ideally need both rooms to be ensuite, so, added to your own bedroom and maybe another bedroom for family use another bathroom, you may well be looking at a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house and that will not be so cheap at the end of the day, will it ? > >What do you think, too optimistic/pessimistic? >We will both have private >pensions coming in so any >profit from the b&b would >be a bonus. We'd be >doing it more for the >fun rather than to make >a living. OK, even if it is just "for fun" will the outlay be worth it ? > Also I'm not sure whether we >should engage a UK solicitor >for our purchase. I don't >anticipate any problems but I >suppose it's peace of mind. >Any help/recommendations would be helpful. >I was thinking of using >a firm based in Ipswich >who have been mentioned on >the forums. Anybody had any >dealings with them, good or >bad? I think they're called >Prettys. >Any help would be much appreciated. Personally I would not bother with help from the UK when buying in France, if you need halp, there are plenty of people in France who can oblige but do try to get someone who comes reccommended. Most French bilingual immobiliers will assist you without the need or the expense of and, in my opinion unecceesary expense, of UK based "law firms". Good luck but "for fun" I am not sure about working for that, the money perhaps..................... Miki
  15. >I am trying to find out >if there are any dolls >house enthusiasts out there. >Would anybody know if there >are any shops that sell >dolls houses and miniatures in >24? > >Many thanks. >Kate If my memory serves me well, isn't there a famous miniature museum type affair in Nontron (24)Is that far from you ? Thye may possibly help you. Miki
  16. Graham, I see that you state that being a table d'hte, you say you can accept reservations but not "passing trade" I am not sure that is the case, as restaurants would soon be kicking up, they seem OK for the moment, to let chambre d'htes cook for resident guests but as far as letting non residents reserve, I am not so sure. Did you ever get that cleared up, as I believe you once said that you had been told that was the rule as you were told it? Maybe that is old text you have but if not, I would assume you would still have to go to the C de Com and register ? That being the case, then you might just as well register as a restaurant might you and open to all? Menu looks great, shame we are too far away to partake. Miki
  17. >The Chambre de Commerce and Industrie >in Paris have set out >regulations for all Chambres d'Hotes >in France; this is whether >or not the owners are >linked to Gites de France: > >Link for downloading the information: > >http://www3.ccip.fr/inforeg/fiches/pdf/chambres_hote.pdf > > >Suze Suze, My acrobat reader 2.1 is refusing to open the document, telling me there is an error of some kind. Are the regulations draconinan or just a "trim up" here and there ? Normally our monthly brochure from GDF will keep us up to date and well informed but sometimes it can be so boring with stories about gites in other regions that I file it away for another day (and never see it again !) Miki
  18. >hello, >anyone know what the rules are >on accepting non-residents at your >table d'hotes? - my understanding >is that as long as >they make a reservation then >its cool.. anyone know any >different? Normally table d'htes would be run as a sideline to having a chambres d'htes (B&B). So one would not normally be paying cotisations to the neccessary people as B&B's do not have to register (at the moment) with the Ch de Commerce. To run table d'htes for persons, other than those actually staying at your house, would under the rules, mean you are actually a restaurant. So whether clients were booking ahead or not, you would not be allowed to take bookings for meals from anyone else than those staying at your B&B. The rules even for doing table d'htes at your B&B are not fully clear and should be mentioned either to the local Ch de Commerce and certainly at your local tax office to find out the exact regime best suited to your B&B or Table D'htes business. Maybe others who are also fully registered but live in a different region to us may have been told how best they had to go about it all. Hope that helps somewwhat ? Miki
  19. Please dont read this unless you want to, it is long and maybe of no interest, unless you are intending to run a B&B or indeed do not want to join an organisation specialising in Chambre DHtes or perhaps you do want to join. It is a response to someone who really will not understand why G de Fr act like she says they do > Firstly as it so obviously aimed at getting a response from me I will do so. We personally dont think it brings in more bookings than being an independant , we know we get a lot more than any independant. We pay good money to get good bookings, its all relative really. We need to do well, it is our living, from your posts it looks as though it is simply a hobby that pays well. You have income that comes from elsewhere I believe. Nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned. With advertising its the old clich really yer pays yer money etc and we need to pay out to get it in. Just remember one important thing in all this Coco. There are lots of farmers etc who need the income as part of their overall salary. This whole thing started as a way of giving an income to those people such as farmers and agriculturists who often needed hand outs on a regular basis from the government and it is to those that this whole thing really hangs on. If they ever pull out for whatever reason(I cannot think of one though but..) None of us will get the tax relief we get now, it is the government that stops the hotels getting their way and putting us all onto a far higher tax scheme in comparison to them. It is looked at every year and G de Fr hold their corner in support of all their members. You are getting the benefit of all that, as all B&Bs are under the same banner and luckily for you, even though not being a member, the rules at the tax office apply to you because of the efforts of the G de Fr organisation. Make no mistake about it, you have no one else to thank for you being able to open your doors to the public, without legally having to apply at the Chambre de Commerce for a siren/siret number and thereby incurring have any large cotisations the hotels and certain other accommodations have to pay.
  20. >There is an Indian restaurant in >St Meen le Grand. >Didn't want this snippet lost >in the Flunch thread! >Never been so can't recommend >etc. All in all >a pretty useless post! Ah but you never know, it might be a very good post for me and some friends anyway or any others who live near enough to the place as well. We have friends in Broons and Caulnes, so a little farther on to St Meen le Grand for a nice curry and it all can change from a "pretty useless thread into" an extremely useful posting. It would be too far for any regular jaunts but with the winter approaching fast, we have lots of free time coming up and going out for a nice lunch become the norm for us. We have a lot of catching up to do with all you lucky retired (semi ?) peeps who can lunch or dine at night whilst we poor so and so's have to graft all day............all reach for the hankies !! Thanks Alexis we will try it soon. If anyone gets there before us, tip us the wink just in case it is not up to much. Miki
  21. Hi, But do you not still get the "Rentree" money each year ? When our kids were at primaire, then college (they are now into Lyce)we received something like 1500 Francs per child and with the amount of children you have, the CAF money is very nice indeed isn't it. I get your point about the amount one has to spend though and wondered if the Rentree money had now stopped MiKi
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