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  1. I'm on a uk driving licence but living permanently in France. How do I stand regarding insurance if a visitor with a uk registered car asks me to drive his vehicle ? (assuming the uk insurance has the standard any driver etc). I read somewhere I can't find now ,that uk insurance will not cover foreign residents .Is there any general truth in this ?  or a case of talk to the particular insurance company ?   Apologies if been covered before.
  2. Thanks that's useful information as I was  hoping I could work out my own best options without paying too much for advice and it's a comparatively small fund I'm dealing with. As mentioned ,it's early days yet and I've only just made contact with the UK society my pension fund is with. Is it everyone's experience that it is indeed the case one cannot instruct a UK society directly and that one has to use an IFA of some sort to act on one's behalf ,as I was told ? Just for background information the chap on the phone had to keep checking what information he was allowed to give me as I was a "french tax resident " ,even though I had the most basic general questions.
  3. Thank you for both your replies. They tend to reinforce my feeling I was being given erroneous information regarding having to use a french based IFA.  I'll listen to what others have to say but I now feel more confident about taking my pension company to task on this.
  4. I paid into a small private pension fund in the uk when self employed. Having passed the significant age of 55 recently I rang the uk number just to see how I might access it (drawdown) should I decide I wanted to. I was told that as I was now in the french tax system that I would have to find an IFA in France to contact the UK society on my behalf to request any drawdown or other option. Is that really how it works ? having browsed other posts here on the subject those in similar positions seem to be using uk advisors etc with no barriers.
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