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  1. First post so PLEASE spare me the time to allow me to air my problem before you ALL jump down on me like a tonne of bricks please?(Poor speller!)

    Anyway I am an (OLD) 55 years old Ex. RN CPO. And I am also a War Pensioner for my sins! I am assessed at around 48/49% as far as I can ascertain so am officially 40%. I receive my War Pension and a loss of or lowered standard of occupation benefit. This brings me in around £1000 per month and this is what myself and my wife of 56 years live on Sorry, exist on! Now as far as I am concerned we are also entitled to a benefit which should reduce our taxes as we receive well under the minimum we should as a French Couple.? Yet anyone I ask seems to give a different reply.

    I recently had occasion to visit the local Tresorie where there was some consternation as I was showing as owing some €3600+ in taxes to the Government since 2009. (Deliberately NOT paid) I have had one Tax return since I came to France in deember 24th 2007. Thsi was wrong and so a visit to the correct place in Chateau Gontier and a VERY pleasant interview with a well spoken and frindlt person resulted in him saying "You owe NOTHING to the French Government Mr Goddard as you do NOT earn enough" Something I have taken this person at his word (And I also have this in writing) So I have ignored ANY and ALL requisitions for TAX. And have had NO threatening letters but many look sfrom the counter staff and CERTAINLY some RASCIST comments from the Chateaubriand lady!!! I only wish I had a good enough command of the French to answer here back despite knowing 99% of what she said (I was that angry!)

    However I digress somewhat, My intention was to ask if ANYONE can point me in the right direction to get this question of WHAT I due to pay and to whom as it is never going to get better? And ultimately worse? I have amongst others tried the SSAFA - NO REPLY. The War Pensioners Welfare service. Certain air of "Couldn't give a toss what your problem is!!! and the British Embassy, that would be the embassy I am still awaiting a return call from some 2/3 years after my last one?

    So ANYONE able offer me any help at all please? Just sorry I am NOT in a position I can offer payment for this! But WILL help out if I am able in other ways be assured!

    Thank you and sorry for rambling so much! (I blame the Morphine I take regularly!)

    Chris Goddard

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