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  1. Daffie...I have sent you an e-mail....Nigel
  2. thanks for taking the time to reply, I have picked up your pm and will contact him tomorrow...thanks again, very much appreciated
  3. Thanks for the info both Sunday driver and Russethouse, I will look at both websites, hopefully I will be able to get some info regarding being abroad and being transferred to esa
  4. Hi, I have just seen your post regarding a facebook group with experts regarding incapacity etc., could you possibly allow me to join please as I need as much advice as possible at the moment....thanks
  5. I have lived in France for 6 years and receive incapacitty benefit, I have just received a from from (ESA 50) the dhs in the uk. Looking through it none of the questions refer to my medical problems, I am very worried about this as I have been told that the form is used to assess your medical condition and if you don't score enough points you lose you benefit and your health cover here......has anyone else had to fill out one of these new forms, and can give me some advice please?? thanks
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