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  1. It's to do with the fact that the cotisations sociales go towards French retirement pensions and healthcare costs. As UK state pensioners aren't affiliated to the French system and have their costs covered by the UK, it was ruled at the European Court of Justice in April that they should not pay such charges.
  2. I read that French residents in receipt of a UK state pension are no longer liable to pay social charges on rental income. Does this not apply to you, Chancer?
  3. Yes, it is an unfurnished rental and that explains the difference in abattements. Thank you for clearing that up.
  4. Well, my head is spinning even more now. Reading the instructions on how to fill in the tax form, after entering the gross income, une déduction forfaitaire de 30% sera ensuite automatiquement appliquée par l'administration which I understand to mean 30% will be taken off the taxable amount, leaving 70% taxable income. Please tell me where I'm going wrong and why would 71% rather than 70% apply to you? Thanks again.
  5. Please forgive this possibly stupid question but the 15.5% social charges on rental income - are they deducted from the gross income or the 70% of income remaining under the micro-foncier system? Thank you.
  6. We've been looking for a studio to rent out to ensure a small income in euros.  4 have come up for sale in one building, owned by the same landlord.  3 are currently rented, one of which has a tenant who's been there 4 years and has his rent paid by the CAF.  Can anyone offer advice as to whether this would be a wise purchase?  I've been looking into buying property to rent out for a long time so am well aware of the general pitfalls of being a landlord but have no knowledge of rents paid by the CAF. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Do these regulations apply to all chambre d'hotes - even those with just one bedroom?
  8. Sorry, when I wrote my last post, I thought today was Wednesday! [8-)] NCV is on tonight, Tuesday, at 20.42 followed by PEP's at 20.45 (until 20.50) so you can have a double dose!  If you're able to watch it live, there are subtitles but these aren't available on replay.
  9. My internet connection is very slow this morning so I've looked in some old newspapers to find the times of the broadcasts:  Wednesday, Nos Chers Voisins is broadcast at 20.35 and PEP's (funny about the apostrophe, isn't it?) at 20.45 for 5 minutes.  But you can watch replays of NCV here: http://www.tf1.fr/nos-chers-voisins/?xtmc=nos-chers-voisins&xtcr=2 PEP's is about the relationships between parents, pupils and profs at school/college and NCV is about the random encounters of  a variety of people living in a block of flats. They're both comedies.  I like the idea of being able to replay the episodes so that what may be almost incomprehensible first time round begins to make sense with repetition, just like re-listening to a recorded phone message.
  10. I recently read in the Nouvelle Republique about these two short soaps on TF1.  Pep's has not long started and Nos Chers Voisins has been broadcast since last year.  What appealed to me was the length of broadcasts - they seem to be between 2 and 15 minutes long and I thought this would be great for improving French.  Most people can concentrate for that long.  Once you get to know the characters, there's always the desire to know 'what happens next' which encourages you to keep watching.  I just watched a little bit of Pep's and it's quite funny.  There's a lot of expressive body language to help you follow what's going on. Has anyone watched these or fancy giving them a try?
  11. Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Shortly after I posted, the internet and phone cut out completely and has just been restored.  Speed is now back to normal.  I will remember to quote the info you requested if I need to ask for help again but fingers crossed this won't be necessary.
  12. My download speed has been between 7 bytes (yes, bytes)! and 13 kbs/sec for the last few hours.  I've called my computer man who can't come until Friday because of the bank holiday.  I have stuff I urgently need to download.  Any suggestions, please?
  13. What a list!  I had just found http://www.auto-entrepreneur.fr/forum/topic3399.html so decided I would come under 'professions libérales non-réglementées', 'secrétaires à domicile' being the nearest I could find to transcription work. I'll have a good look at the code list.  Thank you.
  14. Thanks.  Yes, it's for myself.  I'm not registered at all yet.  I'm looking into the possibility of working as a transcriber.  I would check with the authorities before taking it much further. 
  15. For a transcription service, ie transcribing an audio file into a Word doc via an agency, would this be a deduction of 20.5 per cent or 23 per cent in the AE system? Any relevant advice or experience appreciated.  Thank you.
  16. Merci mille fois, Danny!  At last Expat Shield is downloaded and working.  The anchor thing was still going strong when I came back from shopping, 6 hours +.  I still don't know what that is all about.  All I wanted was what I now have.  Norman, thank you for your advice but I have had Expat Shield before without problems.  I had read that it was best to untick the toolbar box and also only turn on the programme when needed rather than have it going all the time.  This way I didn't have any probs.  Thanks all.
  17. Yes, thanks, I saw that.  It's now been running 2 hours 17 mins. I've found an Expat Shield Facebook page where I've posed the question.  Someone on there has complained that it took 20 minutes for the download manager to initialise.  I should be so lucky!  I downloaded Expat Shield once before and the process was short and sweet.  But I'm reassured that the process is as it should be, just taking a lot longer.  According to speedtest,  my connection is slower than 80 per cent of France.  Time for a bit of gardening then.
  18. I've just downloaded Expat Shield but when I clicked to open the download something called Anchorfree Download Manager 2.10 kicked in and I'm worried as it's now been processing and initialising for 23 minutes even though the Expat Shield download was only 266 kb.  What's going on?  Help, please.
  19. Was your wife already teaching under the auto entrepreneur scheme before taking the TEFL course?  Is the 600 euros taken off the tax you pay?  Would be grateful for any more info as I would like to do this.  Thank you.
  20. That's very encouraging.  I'm happy to forget about fungicide. Glad to hear you're successful without using plastic bags as I've always found this too much fiddling about.  I'm trying a few using the top half of plastic water bottles.  I leave the tops off so that air can circulate. I do use hormone rooting powder though just to increase the odds.
  21. I am new to propagation and have had a little success with geraniums and buddleia.  Now I want to try several other shrubs and increase my chances of success.  Is spraying the cuttings with fungicide desirable?  Can someone recommend a brand name available in France?  Thank you for any tips.[:)]
  22. Hello Have you found a home for your lovely Gollum?
  23. Just had a message failed report for my message to second link.
  24. Thanks for your response. I thought there was a Niort SPA.  If not, is that why the proposed DS trappage scheme has been abandoned?  Some friends and I had volunteered for that but have heard nothing. There's a 'server not found' message for the first link you gave.  I've emailed the second link. The dogs are  in 79420, probably defined as north DS.  Do you have any advice about the possibility of a hunting dog becoming a pet?  Thank you.
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