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  1. I am more a reader of this forum and only contribute when I have something constructive to say. So here goes. As someone who manages a number of forums [different subjects] this transfer to a new look has been badly coordinated. The software running this forum is very old hat and I suspect has contributed to many of the issues.

    More modern forum software is available at very little cost where changes to the look and feel can be made on a global scale very quickly and efficiently.

    The floating panel in the center of your screen that contains the forum is now common practice on web sites to accommodate various screen sizes and portable devices. However the background image is very distracting and not centered properly.

    Whilst the choice of the font size is a subjective thing, it is too small. But all of us can change the magnification of the browser at the click of a mouse. Being an old git I run my browser at 110% all the time, saves on the eyes

    I still cant login using my preferred browser , Opera, which as I have said somewhere else is just a badly written bit of JavaScript.

    These days web developers really ought to test things in all common browsers and operating systems.

    Report:- could do better.

  2. Still can't login using Opera which is very annoying. If someone in Tech is reading this, you have a error in the JavaScript on the login page.

  3. As an avid user of Opera, I think it out performs Firefox and is streets ahead of IE. I too cannot login now whist using Opera. Though the login page loads perfectly, clicking Login does nothing. Problem is in the Java script if anyone in IT is looking.
  4. Doesn't function in Opera browser [my prefered]. The page width is cutting off the left hand panel in IE. But I like the look
  5. http://www.xoomhire.com

    Have recommended them to our gite clients and have had nothing but praise back from them.

  6. Still drawing a blank on this. I am advised that because a blessing is not the legal part of the marriage a Lay Preacher could officiate. So same question is there anyone who can help complete a happy day [June 2nd]

  7. Just stick to your guns, they are just trying it on. The Notaire cannot release their cash without your agreement, so the impasse will have to be settle somehow.
  8. Its has happened before when Stena line ceased operating to Normandie. The prices rocketed as Brittany Ferries had the monopoly for a while.

    I use www.holidayferries.com [not that I go to the UK very often] but my Christmas trip has worked out quite cheap.
  9. http://www.remoska.co.uk/user-recipes/
  10. I shall wear my kilt this evening in solidarity.
  11. we recommend these people to our visitors and they have always come up with the best price and service


  12. I think the answer is to work from that basis i.e. that you know nothing. To be honest most French don't know much about these issues either.
  13. You are going to love this.... to create a beneficiary you have to send them a fax or scanned email of an instruction to create a beneficiary on the account. This has to be signed and dated.

    I do this by writing the instruction then scanning it and emailing it. To be fair it appears on the account within hours. You can then do electronic transfers to that beneficiary to your hearts content.
  14. Yes we knew about them all. Don't think you have any more to come though you should expect increases in your habitation tax and tax foncieres as a result of the improvements.

    Good luck.
  15. It is a shame you had not been given the correct advice. We came here with the same intentions as you 7 years ago. I am pleased to say we were aware of all the taxes required. We finished the house and three gites and the swimming pool in 2008 and have had 4 great seasons with really good income.

    We intend to retire and sell our gite complex next year and are looking to have a house built in the village.

    Don't be put off. Its great fun running gites. Hard work yes but the rewards outweigh all the bad bits.

    Hope it all works out.
  16. I tried with all three of our kids, couldn't cope with any of them. Scared the life out of me. The wife however coped well and I am pleased to say they are all three now very accomplished and experienced drivers.

    Just shows what a scaredy cat I am. You have my sympathy.
  17. http://keyvaughn.typepad.com/blog/2011/11/hungary-isotope-lab-likely-radioactive-source-iaea-reuters.html
  18. I have some sympathy with card providers. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

    EGG [UK credit card provider] used to contact me with an automated phone call.

    I do like the system Credit Agricole use. Every time I make an internet purchase I receive a call with a 6 digit code to use to confirm the transaction is genuine. If I am away from my phone I can retrieve the code by email.

  19. I received an invitation for a health MOT about 3/4 years ago but was so busy at the time I didn't go. [typical man I hear you say]. So now life is not so hectic can I trigger another invitation? or should I just go ask the doc?
  20. Over the last year faceless merchant bankers have brought down the governments in Ireland, Greece and Italy. I suspect there will be more to come. I remember black Wednesday in the UK when one sole currency trader almost brought the UK to the point of bankruptcy.

    Now I am not saying that Mr Berlusconi was such a good guy but can it be right that the elected governments of Europe are being changed by these faceless people. The ballot box is becoming rather redundant.

    The Euro is likely to survive but not before some people have made a pile of money speculating on it and put the lives of so many people into a downward spiral.

    In my youth I would have protested on the streets about this. With age comes the realism that as individuals we can just be spectators.
  21. As we are within one of the zones this is very interesting but if I have read the "pieces a joindre a la declaration" correctly we would need to be registered with "gites de france".

    Their fees and the rigmaroll they make you go through seem to have put me off doing this already.
  22. LED bulbs are available in 230 volts and 12 volts [needing a transformer]

    I have just changed all the 230 volt 50w spot light bulbs [GU10 type] in our kitchen for LED's. They run cold and use next to no electric
  23. Argus is indeed similar to the UK Glasses Guide. You can buy Argus in any good newsagent. You have to use it with care as there are lots of points to take into account [higher than average mileage for example].

    Had a write off here a few years ago. Got the value I wanted and was able to keep the salvage too.
  24. No. Department 17, land with CU is 15 Euros per sq metre. Agricultural land is about 65 cents to 1.15 Euros sq m.
  25. The easiest way to find the value is to see what plots are being offered for sale at on leboncoin in your area.

    Around where I live a plot with a current CU [building permission] is around 15 Euros per sq metre.

    I would point out that just because it had building permission once doesn't mean it will get it again. The value of land without a CU is considerably less.

    However as someone pointed out, its worth what its worth to you to resolve the issues.
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