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  1. Incredible! Anyway - I've just asked how I go about deleting my account but then it occurred to me that one of you helpful chaps can help speed me out of here? Just tell me what buttons to press.... And...AnOther - I will be sure to shut the door - very firmly. I wonder what you were like in the playground as a kid? Chiefluvvie
  2. You know what? This drives me nuts... sadly I don't do vendettas but, if I did, this would be a great place to start! I honestly think that some of you on here could quite comfortably write a 100+ page dissertation about the inside of a ping-pong ball - and then argue about it! You'll be delighted to know I'm done with this thread.... Chiefluvvie :-)
  3. The Fonera / Fontenna set up works and has worked superbly for me for the last few years. Take it or leave it - I frankly couldn't care less. I'm just glad I don't live in the amazingly complicated world some of you Forum crusties seem to inhabit - scary! It's little wonder Forums like this are struggling - most sane people would be simply too scared to venture in... Johny - your Fonera will be just fine - please feel free to pm me if you need any help with it. Just ignore all the utter rubbish about manuals and bandwidth etc - nutters! Chiefluvvie :-)
  4. Oh for goodness sake ! I already did on page 1. I've no idea where you're looking Quillan but this is the link, just for you, again .....- click on the product manual pdf just under the picture of the Fonera. https://shop.fon.com/en/product/fonera Chiefluvvie
  5. Great Johny - do remember you will most probably need a Fontenna for the extended / targeted range as well. Although.... - you may find that your new Fonera will have a good enough range all by itself - it really does depend where you place it and where you need the signal. May be sensible to see how you get on before ordering a Fontenna.... Chiefluvvie :-)
  6. [quote user="Quillan"]Do keep us informed as to how you get on Jonny as there are more than a couple of people interested.# If you want to read the manual before it all arrives you can find it here http://www.fon.com/manuals/M2100_1_01.pdf [/quote] Quillan - do stop posting out of date information and confusing everyone!! The link to the manual you have so unhelpfully provided is way, way out of date!! FON routers have changed and been simplified significantly since they were first launched - The Fonera comes with a tiny instruction booklet that a child could follow. Chiefluvvie (who wishes I'd never tried to help!)
  7. You're very welcome Johny! It really is very easy - just follow the instructions. Chiefluvvie :-)
  8. [quote user="johnycarper"]sorry forgot to add I have found them on the inter net for Fonera 39 euros and the Fontenna 16 euros is that the correct things as it seems cheap to do what I want.[/quote] YES!
  9. [quote user="johnycarper"]My brain has just gone into overdrive and to be honest I am still unclear what all this is about,basically if I buy a Fonera and a Fontenna will this by plugging it into my orange live box extend the signal so our fisherman can get wifi down by the lake.and at no additional cost to them or me. Sorry to be totally clueless but all this techy stuff is beyond me.[/quote] YES!
  10. OMG !!!??? I don't think I've ever seen something so easy and straightforward made to look so complicated!! The trouble with forums...... Take a breath everyone for goodness sake..... Firstly - EVERY BT or SFR (or any FON partner) router can be activated as a FONspot - separate channel, separate wifi signal and nothing whatsoever to do with your own private set-up. All SFR boxes now automatically transmit a SFR WiFi FON channel / signal - i.e. you don't even have to activate it (anymore). Anyone who transmits a FON WiFi channel can make use of FONspots around the world - totally FREE using their FON login or the FON apps. In addition to that - if you simply want to boost the FON signal OR provide a FREE or Pay as You Go dedicated hotspot you can use the Fonera / Fontenna set-up as I've already described. Once your Fonera is on line you can allocate up to 5 additional (and simultaneous) secure logons for whoever you like - under the 'Friends and Family' settings of your router. This allows your nominated users to access the FON_FREE_INTERNET channel transmitted by the Fonera - totally FREE of charge, no time limits, no download limits - unless of course YOU decide otherwise by setting up chargeable access. Alternatively - anyone can access your FONspot using their Facebook login details - FREE. FON is a SIMPLE, CHEAP and EASY solution with literally millions of users around the world - France is just a tad slow on the uptake as usual! I feel so sorry for Johny - he must be utterly confused by now!!!! Chiefluvvie :-)
  11. You're welcome Johny - and btw, my Fonera serves our gites in France - not Mauritius! We're spoilt in Mautirius - the whole island is a wifi hotspot! You do need mains power for the Fonera but surely you can just plug it in next to your Livebox? As for set-up and signing in, very easy and all explained in the documentation. Failing that you can always call the guys at FON - really helpful. Chiefluvvie
  12. Yep Johny - one end goes into your Live Box / Neuf Box, the other end to your Fonera i.e. using the supplied ethernet cable - all INSIDE your house. Very simple. The Fontenna (with it's long cable) simply replaces the 'screw-on' standard aerial delivered with your Fonera. You just need to 'point' the Fontenna in the direction you want to provide a good signal. So - the Fonera attaches to your Live Box and the Fontenna attaches to the Fonera. The Fontenna comes with stickers for you to place it in a widow (inside or outside) or on a wall etc. Effectively the Fonera and the Fontenna are both signal boosters - you don't need anything else. Never had a problem with FON. Chiefluvvie :-)
  13. You've misunderstood Chancer. You can allocate up to 5 different free sign-ons for customer use (I just use their surnames) - totally separate channel. Or, customers can use their Facebook ID, or a range of other global phone operator ID's - therefore no Hadopi repercussions (follow the advice on their website) and no giving out your own wifi access codes. So no, your customers don't have to pay. Chiefluvvie
  14. Hi Johny I've used a Fonera for 3 years from FON - together with their booster directional 'La Fontenna' ariel - range of 100-150m. A Fonera ccosts 39€ plus shipping and the Fontenna is around 16€. Beauty of it is it's simplicity (and price!) and users can log-on using their Facebook, BT, SFR or their own FON login (amongst others). Or - you can generate income from it if you want to. Just attach it to your existing router (or CPL plug) via the supplied ethernet cable - set-up is really easy and they offer superb support. https://shop.fon.com/en/product/fonera http://www.priceminister.com/offer/buy/80785917/la-fontenna-fon3300a-bidirectional-antenna-for-wifi-routers-antenne-wifi-pont-routeur.html Chiefluvvie :-)
  15. My OH has direct recent experience of this. Firstly, the UK reserves the right to tax any UK sourced income. Then, as a French resident, France has the right to tax you on your worldwide income but will afford you a tax credit for any income tax amounts already paid to the UK - based on your prevailing French nominal rates. So...if you go ahead with your 'unauthorised withdrawal' ( i.e. before the new UK legislation comes into effect) - you will indeed be liable to the 55% UK levy. If you wait until April 2015, then you can have your lump sum (or total withdrawal) which will be income taxed at UK AND French nominal rates - a tax credit being given by France for the equivalent French tax liability (again based on your French nominal rate). So, you won't pay income tax twice but you will end up paying whichever is the higher of your 2 nominal rates in the UK and France. However, you'll need to add on the prevailing French social charges relevant to private pension income - currently between 7.5-8.4% - depends on your circumstances. There are exemptions and reductions should you qualify. Timing is of the essence at the moment so do take professional advice! Chiefluvvie :-)
  16. So Judith - how often do you actually use your FT line and have you calculated the total cost per call / minute including your line rental? I feel sorry for you - must be pretty difficult living somewhere without a mobile phone signal - not sure I'd like that. Chiefluvvie
  17. [quote user="Mrs B"]Thanks Sue, Chancer and Danny, for the info and the explanation, we understand a bit better now :-). All things considered, think we will retain the fixed FT line and go with SFR for the internet Many thanks again, Mrs B [/quote] Far be it from me to put the dampers on things but...that's just plain silly. Don't bother to keep the FT line - a complete waste of around 180€/year for that 'just-in-case' moment. If you don't have a mobile phone (?) get yourself a cheap one with the 2€/month tarif from Free mobile? All SFR ADSL (i.e. wifi / broadband) packages come with phone calls included no matter what, so don't over complicate things - let SFR take the line over and dump FT! Chiefluvvie :-)
  18. Amazing - millions of people have joined Free mobile with absolutely no problems since they launched and shook up the French market - at last! I guess some people just attract, or make, their own problems.... Maybe you're up and running now but... Jonzjob - you did check that you had Free network coverage where you live - didn't you? They use their own network and also 'piggy-back' on the Orange network. And - you did check that your phone is unlocked? Chiefluvvie :-)
  19. Give me strength - here we go again....dark ages... Exactly Jay! - the rights agreement you have quoted above only applies to 'downloading' and 'streaming' - not specifically 'watching' - so stop being silly. On top of that, as we all know, you actually CAN use all UK players to stream / download anywhere in the world (with a decent connection). So - I think technology may have overtaken you and the BBC. If you want to talk 'illegal' then everyone using a Sky satellite set up outside the UK should be sent to the guillotine immediately....naughty, naughty people. Chiefluvvie :-)
  20. [quote user="Jako"]Watching online is actually illegal[/quote] Crikey - sweeping statement if ever I saw one..... Watching 'what' online is illegal, and where Jako? Do share..... Chiefluvvie :-)
  21. :-) Come on boys I'm sure you can do better than that!? Anyway, as we know, Spring is just around the corner and no doubt you're getting ready to pop down to the property in 'La Belle France'. I do so hope the grass isn't too long....or maybe you have a 'local' to help you out? Time to dig out your beige chinos, blue blazer with the gold buttons and dust off that lovely Panama hat. Oh, and don't forget the deck shoes. Make sure your AA (or RAC?) European Assistance insurance is still valid (does so help to speak to someone in English) and remember to book 'Club Class' on the ferry - such a wheeze. Stock up well with luxury UK toilet rolls, baked beans and back bacon - enough to get you through the 'season' (or less than 183 days) anyway. And finally of course - your new Jodrell Bank sized satellite dish! Bon voyage ! Chiefluvvie :-)
  22. [quote user="michelin79"]Clair, I'm sorry if I posted inappropriately. I did try to do it in a totally uncritical way so that no-one would be upset. I wasn't trying to suggest that you failed to impart the correct or full information. I was merely suggesting some additional information. IIRC we always used to change at 02h00 in the UK (and presumably at 03h00 in France). So, as I said, if I helped just one person, then I am pleased.   Chiefluvvie, I'm afraid I don't quite understand your post. Could you possibly expand? [/quote] ROFL - why am I not surprised?! It really doesn't matter michelin79 - my acerbic whit was wasted...but never mind. Thank goodness I work in UTC.... Chiefluvvie :-)
  23. [quote user="michelin79"]This is going to sound terribly pedantic and it probably affects nobody but the change occurs at 01h00 in the UK. Yes, I know we're a French forum but a lot of us are still based in Britain. I will consider my work done if I save just one person who has promised to be home from the pub by two o'clock![/quote] Woah....possibly a need to up the dosage michelin79? Strewth..... Chiefluvvie :-)
  24. a cable between the TV and Laptop/Tablet ?? Now that did make me laugh - how very old fashioned. Chiefluvvie :-)
  25. Wow ! Don't some people just love to make things as difficult and complicated as possible....and all this from the bloke who posted earlier saying ''On the Humax box there is no facility to use a Proxy Server so BBC I Player won't work''. Hilarious - what a change of tune! johny - your Samsung Smart TV is very very easy to set up for UK apps and therefore UK based TV Players - much easier than trying to follow the diatribe above about 'one' particular model of Humax box. Message me if you need any help. Chiefluvvie :-)
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