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  1. Hi Jouals Thanks for the advice. I shall do that at Castlenau & Lauzerte where I normally go. I had him neutered but I was waiting to see what would happen with Mona before I did anything else as I have very limited means. Luckily Les Amis des Chats helped with the cost of neutering as he was a stray. Is your contact Sue at St Pantaleon? Thanks for helping as I really would like him to go to a good loving home. kindest regards Linda
  2. Thanks so much for doing this for me. That's so kind. Yes he really is gorgeous and I am so sad to have to give him up but Mona our siamese was here first. She too was an abandoned cat who adopted us and she took a long time to settle and gain confidence. He is so sweet and loving so I am really desperate to find a loving home for him. kind regards Linda
  3. Hi Frenchie I also have a friend whose cat went missing from the home of someone who was caring for him (at least a half hour drive from the owners home) while the owner was back in the uk for six months. The cat was missing for the best part of six months but some days after my friend returned Joey the cat showed up!! Not only had Joey returned after months of being missing but he had also found his way home too! Hope that gives you some reasurance that cats do amazing things. regards Linda ps. if you are still on -line could you help me with a post?? I can't get my photos to show...my post is the one for Brian the cat xx
  4. Despite over 1000 hits Brian still needs a good home ..... 16.09.2011
  5. Brian wandered into our lives 2 months ago when he appeared one night hungry, scrawny, ill and seemingly abandoned. We took him to the vet who gave him antibiotics and we have nursed him back to good health. Sadley our existing siamese Mona has not been so welcoming and refuses point blank to accept him and so we are now faced with two cats disputing the territory. Distressing for both I am sure. So we are regretfully but urgently seeking a loving home for Brian. Brian is a beautiful young ginger tom, approximately 7 months old. We have had him sterilised and he is up to date with his flea, tick and worm treatments. He is house trained and happy to live inside or outside. He likes to catch mice. He is very sociable and very friendly to all other cats... he's great friends with the neighbours cat who apparently doesn't normally like other cats. He loves to follow you everywhere. He purrs constantly, loves cuddles, and has a lovely temperament. I only wish we could keep him. We are now desperate to find him a loving home. We live near Castlenau Montratier in the Lot (not far from Cahors). I'm happy to drive up to an hour to deliver him if that helps. If you could give Brian the love and affection he deserves please call me. To see pictures of Brian just scroll down.....
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