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  1. Hmm, thanks for your help everyone. Rethink needed! damn red tape...
  2. Yes, it is currently SORN'd, but need to get onto sending the export form in too. Would that help my cause to have it officially declared as exported by the time I try to re-enter?
  3. Hi, I guess I know the answer to this one but hopefully posting anyway. Have sent off for certificat of conformity for my car so I can get the controle technique done and re register the car in france. Already French insured, UK road tax and MOT has run out. The certificate is taking a while to turn up, and now I need to drive back to the UK. If i dont get the full registration done in time (looking unlikely) have I got any chance of driving into the UK and if stopped, explaining 'it's ok that i have no road tax or MOT, I'm in the process of going French'?? Any ideas or ways around this one? Thanks! Alex
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