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  1. Thanks for the replies.

    Nomoss, I have posed the question as the heater was given to me and did not come with instructions.


  2. I have been given a heated towel rail (which is in excellent condition and has been used recently) which I would like to install it in my utility room.  However, the wiring is:  blue (grey), brown and black.  My understanding is that the black and brown are live and neutral (interchangeable)  but despite extensive search, I cannot find a definitive answer that the blue (grey) is the earth (and therefore the black and brown are live/neutral).  Can anyone please confirm that this is the case.   Sorry if this sounds naive but I would like to be sure.

    Many thanks - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  3. I have only just been informed that tomorrow there is a fayre near Lurcy Levis (03) where the exhibitors are able to sell fabrics, habedashery, etc, but unfortunately have been unable to find information on the internet, or through anyone I know - I do not even know what it is called or even exactly where it is.  If anyone does know, could they please respond.

    As I have a large quantity of fabrics I wish to sell (remnants of silks, laces, etc, left over from a bridal/eveningwear business), a fabric/craft fayre may provide a suitable way in which to sell these fabrics, as, ideally, they really need to be seen rather than just despatched via internet sites.  Does anyone know of any suitable markets/fayres in the Auvergne which may be suitable?   Any useful (and legal) suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  4. I have a male border collie, 5 years old, neutered and microchipped (985141000272173), who is in need of a new home.   He  is loving, playful and (usually) obedient but is very much a man's dog (reason for rehoming).   His ideal home would be in the country, as an only dog or with a young bitch and as a man's constant companion.   He loves company and travelling in a car/van, is accustomed to other dogs, cats, chickens and ducks etc.   Unfortunately, I feel I cannot provide the right home for him.  I will supply further details and photos on request.

    I live in the Allier and Charlie would be free good new home.

    Many thanks.

  5. I am looking for a young female border collie, ideally between 6 and 14 months old to join my two steralized male border collies.   Must be good with chickens, ducks, etc and travel well in a car.    Good home guaranteed, with plenty of attention and walks.   The rescue centres here in the Allier cannot help.

    Many thanks.

  6. Yes, I have seen placed like that Val:  dirty dishes still in sink, beds not made after being slept in, rubbish everywhere, etc, despite properties being vacant for months.  My home was not cleared out but previously being part used as offices, the rubbish was paperwork, including personnel files, prior to 1946!  It did have one benefit though as I found, in perfect condition, old French newspapers ranging from 1895 through to 1945, which was/is fascinating reading.   There were also old blueprints, copies of correspondence between UK and French companies during the late 1800's to 1945, together with various product brochures. 
  7. Thank you all for your advice and comments.   Certainly the best option apears to be to sell the property in its current state - though I will wait until the spring, by which time the finer points of CGT should be known.    Due to the type of property it is, there was never going to be a large profit on selling the property - it was bought primarily for renting (to a French person/family) to provide a "top up" for my pension as well as some gain in its value when I came to sell - but even in the present market should provide me with some profit. 

    Thanks again.

  8. Thank you all for your advice/comments.   The rules regarding allowances against taxation have obvioously changed (and are still changing) since I bought the property.  The property is a terraced house in a large village, which has/had basic utility supplies, and originally had French occupants.   I was well aware that there would not be a large profit in renovating it - as mentioned it was primarily going to be for rental income (rented by French as opposed to holiday rental) but I have heard too many horror stories to now go down that route.  As several of you have commented, most of us have come across purchasers (particularly Brits) who buy very cheap renovation properties only to find the cost of renovation is out of all proportion to the eventual value of the property.   My inclination at the moment is towards selling it next year, after completing a few more minor improvements.   It is not a disaster - it would have just been nice to have a small additional income as well as a reasonable profit when I came to sell!

    Many thanks.

  9. I bought a very inexpensive property about 6 years ago with the intention of renovating it and eventually renting it with a view to topping-up my pension.  However, I have decided against renting (appears to be too many problems and much hassle) so will sell instead.  Over the past few years have completely gutted the property (it had been occupied about 8 years ago - though I would not have considered it habitable!) and completed a few minor, inexpensive renovations with the intention of having a concerted effort over the next six months, spending about €6000 on materials, etc, doing the majority of work myself, and putting it on the market next spring.  In view of the recent changes to CGT on second properties, I have recalculated the various costs ( as much as one can)  and think perhaps it is best to sell the property once I have completed a few more minor renovations so a purchaser could, literally, just come in and start rewiring, replumbing, etc, without the need to clear the property.  I realise that as far as CGT is concerned, there are still a lot of "i"s to be dotted and "T"s crossed.

    I would be grateful for any advice, helpful opinions etc as whether it is best to try to sell the proper next year, hold on to it for a few more years without doing major renovations or do the renovations and then sell.   Due to the low value of the property, there would not be a large profit regardless of how I sell.   I intend to discuss this at some time with an agent but there are several points on which I have been given, over the years, contradictory information and again would be grateful if anyone's advice.   I had previously understood that the cost of materials purchased by me for the renovation would be deducted before CGT was calculated.   Also, that a percentage would be allowed for my time doing the renovation - I was anticipating that about 90% of the work would be done by me and artisans only used for, say, checking and connecting and installing an electric metre (I would do the main running of cables etc).   The latest information/advice seems to imply that any materials purchased by and work done by me will NOT be taken into account.   Obviously, this makes a tremendous difference to any profit I may make:  if I had to employ artisans for all the work required, the profit, if any, would be negligible and certainly not worth the hassle.

    I would add that I am permanently based in France and recently started drawing my pension.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/comments.  Am at a stage where my mind is just going round in circles!

  10. Thank you very much, Clair.  That was exactly the information I was looking for.



  11. I believe only certain French charities are entitled to receive gifts free of inheritance tax.   If this is so, is there a list of such charities or is it the case of contacting each charity direct, which I do really wish to do?

    Many thanks.




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