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  1. I tried this today only to be told they will not act information over the telephone and it must be in writing including my details! I wouldnt be at all happy about this. can you give me the phone number for the office/department you refer to who will allow me to remain anonymous? better still the number of La Roche sur Yon office. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance Val_2
  2. If you mean the people working on the black what exactly do you suggest I say to them ?
  3. There very silly people everywhere and your neighbour seems to be just one more. Trust me, I do not have an arrogant "little Briton" attitude nor do shout loudly ( not often anyway) it`s just that my French isnt good enough to carry a long conversation with a French official.
  4. I agree with you completely and thats why I asked if the person answering the phonecall is likely to be an English speaker. It seems to me that government departments are very likely to have people who can speak a major language such as English.As for providing more information, I am not at liberty to provide more details so please accept that I have good reason to report these people.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion Sweet17 I am at work translating the letter I intend sending.
  6. For your information these people are English and I have very good reasons for reporting them.I would be interested to learn what you mean by `see how the Maire reacts`. How do you know I havent bothered to learn the language? perhaps I dont feel confident that my level of French would be sufficient to get across what I wish to say. Judge not lest ye be judged.
  7. [quote user="Val_2"]I think I answered your PM with these details. NO the URSSAF receptionist will not speak english and the number is in the pages jaune for your nearest large town/city under administrations (Union pour Le Recouvrement de Sécurite Sociale et Allocations Familiale). The local gendarmerie if you live in the country will operate under the umbrella of the main HQ in your nearest town. Again they will not usually speak in english as they get very irritated when people refuse to speak french.[/quote]
  8. What is the telephone number for the URSSAF please? and will the operator speak English when I call them? I may well phone the Gendarm as well, how do I find their local office/depot?
  9. Has your tax inspector surfaced yet? if he has he hasn`t done anything about whats going on at the site in question since the fiddling continues unabated,with people who live there all year not registering either themselves or their vehicles! One of these are the couple who work for the caravan selling goons and who stay on site all year without registering, and get their commission paid in sterling into their UK account so they can avoid paying French tax.He also carries out work for van owners on a cash basis.These two should be reported to the authorities but who do you report them to?It appears the site owners are fully aware of what is going on but choose to turn a blind eye because of the amount of cash they are making out of the rip off thats going on.
  10. Hi Patrick, A new internet satelite went live on the 1st June 2011,a friend of ours has installed it and it works very well + he uses Skype as his phone.Do a Google search for big dish satelite to learn more. If you have any problems let me know and I will search out their newsletter and email it to you.
  11. I have decided to report a couple for working on the black but I cannot speak French,if I call URSSAF as you suggest do they have English speakers that I can talk to? Also what is their telephone number? Are there any other departments that I could call? Is the Maire likely to be interested enough to do something about it?
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