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  1. hi we have the Grand C4 ( Seven Seater Version ) it about 2 years old weve owned it from new ours has been very reliable and a pleasure to drive you can get various versions from basic to top of the range. in my opinion they are a nice car, but as like anything you can buy a good one or a bad one thats the luck of the draw im afraid !

  2. hi guys im new to this forum and was after a little advice please, our family will be traveling to france in about a months time, we will be taking my farther with us who has very limited mobility.We have recently purchased a portable mobility scooter for him to use to give him some independence and i was wondering how easy it will be for him to be able to use ie are the pavements well equiped with drop kerbs as in the uk also would he be able to use it in shops ie supermarkets, and finaly if we were to eat in a resturant and had to leave the scooter out side how safe would it be or would it be likely to be stolen...sorry for so many questions but we are trying to prepare ourselves as best as we can so he doesnt feel left out, any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated.[:D]

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