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  1. Thank you both. I see now where I was going wrong - I was trying to translate "was" (past) along with "going to" (future) instead of thinking of it as "was going" (past) and "to ..." (infinitive). What hope is there for me?!
  2. Quick question please: how do I say, "It was going to..." as in, "I put something indoors as it was going to rain and it might have got wet"? I can say, "It was raining" and I can say, "It is going to rain" but I don't know how to say, "It was going to rain" Now I have written the whole sentence I am not even quite sure about, "It might have got wet" so would welcome help there too.
  3. New trike is FANTASTIC thank you! My son can say very few words but he can say "bike ride" and he says it from when he gets up to when he goes to bed now! We spent three hours on it this morning exploring the lanes around us under a cloudless blue sky - beautiful. I'm not getting much - no make that ANY gardening done but, hey, son is happy! Just waiting for the heat to cool down a little and we'll be back on the road...
  4. Thank you Cooperllola. I would be very happy for the bike to give pleasure to someone, particularly somebody who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. Have a good trip.
  5. [quote user="NormanH"]I am delighted to hear that you have found whet you needed. Years of good cycling to you [:)] [/quote] Thank you so much. We've hardly been off it since it arrived!
  6. We were fortunate to have some French friends here who passed the trike on to us when their own son outgrew it so I couldn't possibly profit from it. In any case it is well used but these trikes are also well made and someone could certainly still have fun on it. I have asked our friends if they know of anyone else to pass it on to and they don't which is why I thought I would see if there was anyone here interested. Cooperlola, I would be happy for you to offer it to your rehab centre but the problem is we are only here UNTIL September! I am also slightly concerned that it may not be big enough when you talk of "young people". My son was very small until recently but I would not have thought it would be much good beyond 12 or so for an average child. If these two issues are not a problem, let me know. The trike is strong and stable and ideal for a child with some mobility but not enough balance to manage a two-wheeler. We long ago discarded the brakes as our son did not understand how to use them properly. I provided the brake in the form of being at the end of a short rope!
  7. We have a well-used by still serviceable large trike as used by our disabled son that he has now grown out of and which we would be happy to give to a new home. If anybody is interested please PM me for details. We are in north west Mayenne.
  8. Just an update for those who helped me - yesterday we took delivery of a fantastic trike that does everything I wanted. It came from a company in Toulouse called Evol Mobilities. We were advised that as my son is now taller than me we should go for a side-by-side rather than one-behind-the-other type and this is what we have got. I am in charge of steering and brakes and we can put the pedalling in a variety of modes - at the moment we are trying it where I can free-wheel but my son can't. The trike has 8 gears and is very low-geared so easy to ride but has the electric motor which I can engage to help us up hills. We have proper seats too, not saddles, so it is very comfortable. Our small trike is now redundant and as we were fortunate to be given it we would like to pass it on to someone else, so if anyone knows of a smaller (but not too small) disabled child who could make use of it please let me know. It has had many years of use but still works well. We are in the corner of Mayenne, Orne and Ille et Vilaines. PM me for details. I will post in the West section too.
  9. He, he... not an experience you're keen to repeat, I take it!
  10. Good point! I know the steering is not an issue, The particular model I am looking at enables the rear person (me) to have actual control while the front person will think they are steering but won't be (which is perfect in my son's case). However you have raised the question of free-wheeling which I can't recall thinking about specifically when we had our trial on the tricycle. I don't mind if my pedalling encourages my son to keep pedalling himself but I wouldn't want to be over-ridden by him when I was wanting to stop, or for that matter if he was able to stop me pedalling when I wanted to go. I will definitely have to check this out when we visit the supplier. Just shows how valuable another person's experience is, thank you.
  11. Thank you, and i think we might be getting somewhere - we had a very nice man ring us from a company in Mittainville (78) yesterday and as we are taking our son to Disneyland Paris next month we have made an appointment for the day of our return which won't be too much of a detour. He stocks the model we originally tried out and in fact has a display model for immediate purchase, (these things usually involve a lengthy waiting period after order).There is just the rather frightening price tag to consider now. Thank you to everyone who helped in this search which has been immensely helpful. If anyone else needs information I do now have several contacts.
  12. Ditchling Beacon... I know the area well having grown up close by! The guy sounds a lot fitter than me - luckily part of the fun for our son is the pedalling. Unfortunately he will suddenly decide he has had enough and leave the rest to me - naturally at the furthest point from home and usually at the bottom of a hill, hence if we can afford it I would like some assisted power. I also need to have controlling steering at the back fo rmyself which unfortunately the trike on your link doesn't have. However following your advice on using google.fr I have been trawling through and found one called a fusione on a site owned by a company at Vannes in Brittany (EVOL-Mobilités) who I have emailed for details. I've still not had any replies to my other emails. I know from the years of fun we have had with the child's trike how much enjoyment it will bring so I hope we can find something. Thank you for your encouragement!
  13. Thank you Pierre, that is the sort of thing I am looking for. When I put “spéciaux en tandem trikes” in the search I only get UK sites come up. I will have a good look through your link. Norman, I probably didn't explain myself very well. This is the trike we have actually tried out: http://www.allabilitycycling.com/companion-cycles/tandem-tricycles--bicycles/duo.aspx but I can’t find a supplier in France for this particular make. It doesn't have to be this exact one though so Pierre’s suggestion may be helpful. Thank you very much for the offer of help with translating the ads, my French needs a hand! I think I can work out most of the technical description but I can’t really work out exactly what the tandems in the ads are like. They sound a bit sporty to me. Was there anything to say they have three wheels? I see from the phone numbers that they are not in our area of France but I have written to the Handisport branch in our department so perhaps they will have some information.
  14. We are in the Mayenne (53) but right at the top so almost in Orne and for that matter not far from La Manche and Ile et Villaine as well! BUT… it is a holiday home so we are not in the system at all. We have never had any state aid towards bikes in the UK and I am sure they would be even more reluctant to fund anything that was going to be kept overseas. We were given a basic trike by French friends over there which their son had grown out of but they had bought it themselves from Italy originally. This has served many a summer for us but is really far too small now and it is only the cramped style this produces that enables me to just about keep up with my son on the end of a rope. I know (from trying trikes at his school) that once on one where his knees are not under his chin I will never keep up and as he has no road sense I really do need to be in charge. Hence we are looking for a tandem trike. Our holiday home is very rural and our son loves pedalling along the lanes there. We don’t have the same freedom in the UK. Thank you for th e website link. I have found a contact for the Mayenne on it and will email them to see if they have any ideas. I have written to Norman’s contact but not heard back yet. Thank you again, Norman. If anyone with a French internet account can Google ”special needs tandem trikes” or something similar (and perhaps more French) I would be grateful for any websites listed . Even when we are in France our laptop seems to only direct to UK sites.
  15. Thank you. This is very much a recreational vehicle I am looking for so I had not thought to look under mobility scooters. Definitely worth a try. Have sent a PM.
  16. Does anyone know of a supplier of these in France? We are looking for a tandem trike for our disabled son, preferably with assisted power, to keep in France where we will get most use of it during the summer. I have contacted a German manufacturer who delivers to the UK but despite explaining that we would like one delivered to France (and emailing from France at times) we just get a standard answer to contact the British agent (which we have done but obviously no help for France). It would be too large to bring over ourselves by car. Even better would be a good second-hand model but I think that is too much to ask for.
  17. Sorry gardengirl,I was being dim - studying the map but not reading the driving instructions. Found out all I need now, thanks. Hope you get some sunshine tomorrow!
  18. [quote user="gardengirl "][quote user="Loiseau"]Cherry, why not nip into you rnearest branch of WHSmith, or whatever, and sneak a look in one of the road atlases on display? Angela [/quote] Maybe she's got torrential rain; I've put my shopping trip off until tomorrow, as they are forecasting a better day. [/quote] What torrential rain? It is beautiful sunshine here! That's why I have been out in the garden instead of reading this up to now. Many thanks for the various replies, I specifically wanted to explain to a friend where the tolls were between Calais and Paris as I couldn't remember exactly and as I said, I have left the map book behind. Or should I say both are in France as we tried to get over the problem of always leaving it behind by buying one to keep here but now both are there! Anyway I shall be better informed when looking at it now and the site with the toll charges and map is now book-marked for future reference. Can anyone tell me the names of the toll places on the Calais Paris auto route? I actually thought from memory that the Calais end one was nearer to Abbeville than it appears on the link map but I am probably mistaken. Incidentally the toll charges may be out of date on this site as Calais - Paris is around €22 I'm sure. I'm back out to the garden now while the sun lasts!
  19. Does such a map exist? I have searched on here and on line generally but am unable to come up with a map showing the location of peages on autoroutes. My Michelin map book is in France (and I'm not) at present but don't remember it showing them either.
  20. Thank you to all posters (on both threads). I am amazed that there are not comparable regulations for kitchens and bathrooms but there you are. The socket is directly over the sink/drainer and the apartment is about twenty years old. Presumably in those twenty or so years there has never been a problem but it horrified me as a concerned mother when my daughter moved in. I'm not sure how essential the socket is to kitchen use but I will definitely suggest a socket cover.
  21. Following my question on the long-term letting topic, please can anyone help with this? My daughter is renting in a shared apartment where there is a socket less than 20 cm from the kitchen tap which does not seem safe to me. Is this legal?
  22. Thank you Sue. So do you think there is no rule about how close an electrical socket can be from a tap? It seems so dangerous to me. Perhaps I will ask on the renovations topic.
  23. I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in House Renovations but here goes: My daughter rents a shared apartment near Paris which to my mind has a couple of safety concerns but I am not sure if these are actually illegal. Please can anyone help? 1) An electric socket right next to the kitchen sink tap (less than 20 cm). 2) No smoke alarm in apartment.
  24. We have a neighbour who opens up and turns on the water and electricity for us so at least we have hot water on arrival - it used to be horrible arriving, often late at night, to a freezing house AND cold water. The stone walls mean the house takes several days to warm up even once we start heating it. Heating is from a rather old and inefficient solid fuel boiler that needs feeding hourly so is not an option for a neighbour to see to. Even leaving windows open is a bit risky as the neighbour can not see our house that well from theirs.
  25. This is a regular occurrence for us when we first arrive after a long winter absence to our residence secondaire. We have to sit outside to eat for the first few days in temperatures that must make our neighbours think we are mad but it is preferable to being indoors!
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