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  1. I'd endorse CK's comments about Jersey's bus Jersey's excellent bus network. It's very comprehensive and the staff are excellent. Likewise, the comment about Manche-Iles being a summer service: http://www.manche-iles.com Chris
  2. Ironically, so can the opposite! I am increasingly reverting back towards paper, for a variety of reasons including the fact the IT industry expects consumers to be unpaid IT engineers.
  3. v8??? Wos-at?? It's version 8 - a recent upgrade that applies to Mac, iPad and iPhone. Huge bug issues that as far as I can see from this week's (3rd?) fix, has sorted them out. I upgraded to Yosemite operating system on my Mac as soon as it came out, and thankfully, haven't experienced any issues.
  4. Moi. Pas de problème. I was expecting issues, but none so far. I have to say though, across the Apple products, v 8 has been riddled with bugs.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, all.
  6. I live in England and want to buy a Laguiole corkscrew as a special present. I read this week that much of that brand is mass-produced in China versus the traditional hand-made French products. Does anyone know of a website featuring the latter? Cheers Chris
  7. All the best, Betty. I wish you well. Re the forum: all will know from previous posts that as I'm a UK-based Francophile, I learn from the informative - and civilised- posts on this forum. Long may it reign! (Not rain...)
  8. One out of every two sandwiches sold in France last year was a hamburger, but the German-American classic's runaway success has not been attributed to fast-food restaurants. The hamburger, a food often associated with the unrefined American palate, is taking French restaurants by storm. Around 970 million meat patties on a bun were sold in France in 2013, a figure that represents half of last year's sandwich sales, according to a recent study. www.france24.com/en/20140205-france-hamburgers-trend-sales-sandwiches-restaurants/
  9. For what it's worth, I find the forum interesting and read it regularly. As I live in England and my French is elementary, I don't have much to contribute. It's a good forum though.
  10. In management training, its widely taught that 70% of all communication is non-verbal. Body language helps in communicating for sure, and I found it that bit easier face-to-face than over the phone.
  11. Thanks, Betty. Your last point was interesting also: as I mentioned earlier, the French I talked with on holiday last month using my one year of study could not have been more encouraging. I had to dive in head-first, given no-one spoke English, and and nervous as I was at first, the fact I was communicating and getting comprehensible answers back gave me more confidence to do more. I also got the gist of a number of replies without understanding a number of the words, by knowing enough and getting it from the context. Step by step...
  12. Interesting point. For those that teach French: is it a given that older people have a harder time learning a language/retaining it?
  13. Thanks, Ron - a very picturesque description and it sounds idyllic. It also resonates with my Catholicism. I'll do my best to replicate that in England and who knows, one day perhaps en la France.
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