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  1. [quote user="Quillan"]Somebody gave a link to the Leroy Merlin post kit. [/quote] Downgraded to "Somebody" [:(] Perhaps it's time I gave up this forum [:(]
  2. [quote user="just john "]paranoia, antagonism   [/quote] Just these two work for me [:)]
  3. [quote user="Ysatis "]I have seached both websites and can't find any. [/quote] I think that's because it usual to use those concrete pillars to hold your gate (of any type) search for 'pilier' on the website for example complete post or kit
  4. [quote user="Rabbie"][I just wonder how many are actually still alive [/quote] 6 - 3 in poor health, the others aged 85-86. It was reported in Le populaire yesterday (4 pages). Not so much info on the website
  5. [quote user="idun"]AlexH, I think that the reason they ask is because the figures they have are often not up to date, people change things in their homes, add bits etc without planning permission etc. So they will automatically ask such questions, when people make applications for things. [/quote] The asking was not the problem. As I did not know what had already been declared, I did not want to put the wrong figure in and get landed with the whole H1 saga before I have finished what I'm doing [:)]
  6. Well, I did the obvious thing and went to my local tax office. After a little confusion as to what I was asking, I said to them that  Surface Plancher is used as the basis of the habitation tax, so they must know what it is for my house. A few minutes on the computer and she came back with the figure for house and dependency. [:D]
  7. I'm proposing to build a veranda on the house and have to fill in a Déclaration Prélable. Of course, it's been sent back with a few errors [:$] One of which is to do with the floor area (surface de plancher), as I thought they meant only the veranda, not the whole house. Now I have searched the obvious bits of paper, tax forms, deeds etc, but nowhere can I find what area has been used for the purposes of taxation. I would rather not measure the whole house again, if I can avoid it, although I realise an H1 is on the cards for the changes I am making. Anyone any ideas where the magic figure is hiding?
  8. [quote user="Frederick"]Just downloaded for smart phone and a tablet ..For those who want wi fi connection between computor and android devices  Its Free and great http://www.airdroid.com/[/quote] So your smartphone is so 'smart' you need to manage it from another device [8-)]
  9. Actually, for women it's olive oil, port wine and chocolate - World's oldest woman with a verified age Jeanne Calment died aged 122 years, 164 days in 1997 Calment ascribed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance for her age to olive oil, which she said she poured on all her food and rubbed onto her skin, as well as a diet of port wine, and ate nearly one kilogram (2.2 lb) of chocolate every week.
  10. [quote user="Sprogster"]1) Malta [/quote] An island of 95 square miles and "It is also one of the most densely populated countries worldwide." (Source) No Thank You [:)]
  11. [quote user="sid"]If you send me an email I may be able to give you more information but be warned, it's complicated!!! [/quote] PM on the way
  12. [quote user="sid"]What does your electrician say?   [/quote] The guys that came to fit them, said I could not have a single light in the centre of the room (as originally requested), but I could have spotlights, but they must be 12 volt. After spending about 30 minutes in Leroy Merlin buying some, making sure I got the right thing( from which came the instructions above), they said they could not be fitted as they are not 12 volt. Well I've now been in touch with their boss who is coming to see for himself [:)] If I'm wrong, then thats fine, but I would like to know why L-M are selling them like that if that is the case.
  13. [quote user="Théière"]Shame your bathroom wasn't made using hydrofuge plasterboard (green)[/quote] does that make a difference to the lighting then? [:)]
  14. [quote user="sid"]I read the information sheet to mean that IP23 fittings are OK in zones 2 and 3 for France, or zone 3 only outside of France. I have no idea what the diagram number 11 is meant to say! [/quote] So do I - our electrician thinks otherwise. I think no 11 means 'connect the mains' (after installation)
  15. I have had 2 spotlights installed in our bathroom. [IMG]http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu210/alexh01/pic2.jpg[/IMG] Should they be 12v? If so, can someone please explain this diagram to me, which seems to indicate that the 240v lights I bought should be fine for the location[8-)] [IMG]http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu210/alexh01/pic1.jpg[/IMG]
  16. [quote user="Mr Ceour de Lion II"] Just glad I got out of France when I did. [/quote] But it still has a hold on you, doesn't it? Otherwise you wouldn't still be on here? [8-)][8-)]
  17. [quote user="Chancer"]A ribbed tickler? [:-))] Or is that the same as a cockchafer? [;-)] [/quote] Apparently Old English - C o c k = Maleness Chafer = To Gnaw (So worse than you were thinking then [:D]) However; "In the Middle Ages collecting the adult beetles was really the only way that people could try to control their numbers and protect their crops. In France, this gave rise to events that seem bizarre from a modern day perspective. In 1320, Cockchafers were brought to court in Avignon and sentenced to withdraw within three days into a specially designated area, otherwise they would be outlawed. Subsequently, since they failed to comply, they were collected en masse and killed." [:D]
  18. Cockchafer Larvae? http://www.wildaboutbritain.co.uk/forums/eggs-larvae-and-caterpillars/11237-larvae-could-cockchafer.html
  19. [quote user="idun"]I must say I was already feeling uneasy about amazon[/quote] http://www.bekkelund.net/2012/10/22/outlawed-by-amazon-drm/ Not too concerned about the reasons why the account was closed, but I never knew you didn't own ebooks and that they could be deleted by amazon, if you have the appropriate connections switched on [8-)][8-)][8-)]
  20. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/22/lance-armstrong-stripped-of-medals-banned-from-cycling_n_1999965.html "Former Armstrong team mates at his U.S. Postal and Discovery Channel outfits, where he won his seven straight Tour titles from 1999 to 2005, testified against him and were given reduced bans by the American authorities." [8-)][8-)][8-)]
  21. [quote user="Hoddy"]Oh dear ! I was hoping someone would answer Rabbie's question because I don't see the point either. Hoddy[/quote] I thought I did [:(] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/leisure/9610119/Red-Bulls-space-jump-stunt-with-Felix-Baumgartner-worth-100m-in-ad-spend.html "Red Bull is privately owned and led by “maverick” Dietrich Mateschitz, the Austrian toothpaste marketer who adapted Asia’s tonic drinks to Western taste. In a soft drinks market dominated by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, he has pioneered “experiential” marketing, where companies use events to define their brand and build loyalty. " or do you mean why they chose to sponser the jump itself?
  22. [quote user="Rabbie"]What's the point?[/quote] Increased sales (of Red Bull)
  23. [quote user="AnOther"]A bit late to the party Alex [;-)] http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2804623/ShowPost.aspx [/quote] I've never been a party person [:(]
  24. [quote user="Chancer"] Why did you ask? Was it that you had not seen anything or wanted to know if the connexions article was wrong? [/quote] Yes
  25. http://www.connexionfrance.com/Breath-test-ethylotest-Valls-drivers-fines-alcohol-14150-view-article.html Anyone seen anything like this in the French press? "DRIVERS have been given an extra four months' grace over the imposition of €11 fines for not carrying breath tests - and the law may even be scrapped. A shortage of tests across the country has prompted the interior ministry to delay the start of the fines until March 1 and Interior Minister Manuel Valls said he wanted to use this interval to evaluate the usefulness of the law." Valls said that before March 1 he wanted to have a new look at the law along with road users' groups and victims' groups. The Ligue Contre la Violence Routière has already attacked it as just a "little cosmetic measure".
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