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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the info,I have an appointment to see a chap in Decazeville on wed,recomended by a client,affiliated to a large team in Toulouse.


  2. Hi william here,

    lived and worked in France for six years now, and am under a real system,

    having worked for over 40 years it's time to slow down and enjoy life ,(the main reason for the move here)

    has anybody made the change in taxation systems?my accountant tells me I must sell all goods relating to the buisness,this seems strange as I would have to replace everything again to work

    I could be mistaken as my French is basic,

    any help appriciated,(also looking for an English speaking accountant somwere near Rodez)

    regards william 55

  3. Hi Digger

    I'm looking for an english speaking accountant,Rodez is our closest city,we live just outside Aubin,been here for 6 years and trading for 5.5,have a French accountant but cottisations are out of control,begining to think I've missed something important,could do with help,a phone no would be great,



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