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  1. Thank you I will take this into consideration, mine is sitting in the garage just now awaiting my decision.
  2. Good day all. My 2001 opel Zafira's fuel pump has just died so too expensive to fix. The cars CT is up also. Should I try to sell for parts, could do with some cash, if so how much or scrap it? Finally how do I scrap a car? Thank you kindly.
  3. Hello all Can you tell me if it is normal to have a clause or section in the compromis such as this? RELEASE GIVEN IN RESPECT OF THIS AGENCY AGREEMENT Following the above transactions, the agent shall be duly and truly released from any liability in respect of the tasks performed under this agency agreement by the sole virtue of the execution of a quitclaim by the seller in connection with the payment of the price and performance of this agency agreement. Such quitclaim shall be memorialised in the deed, which, in the absence of any reservation, shall entail of right the release of the agent, without any need to execute a specific instrument in this respect. Many thanks in advance. Edited by a mod to remove HTML code.
  4. Hello my husband, son, daughter, labrador Brambles and I need a minimum of 3 bedrooms with garden in a lovely but lively village in either of these regions. We would like to rent for at least six months possibly longer as we will be looking to buy a permenat home but we are not in any hurry. I think its important to take time, learn the language and interact as much as possible and be sure where we would like to be long term. Even if you don't know of any lets can anyone recommend good villages for a family with an infants school, doctor, usual shops etc. Many thanks in advance
  5. Hello all another question My cabinet maker/joiner husband has approx 30 yrs experience and I have done a couple of courses on aromatherapy massage that I would like to offer our guests if we get planning permission for our small yurt site. Who would we need to register with and what would we need to show them in order to legally trade with these skills and for insurance purposes? Many thanks M
  6. Thanks again comments all helpful am I right in understanding that the AE scheme entitles the family to healthcare provision? Cheers M
  7. Many thanks for the replies/links.  'Plain speak' isn,t a problem at all. We probably would be better of financially in uk however that's not the reason for the move we want to be better of in other ways as some replies mention. Thankfully we will have at least 2 yrs worth of savings to tide us over while business is built up. We feel we would need to have various income streams and not put all our eggs in one (expat) basket. In the end we will only know when we give it a bash.  All replies though are giving us food for thought and helping us see where we may have to find more information etc. Cheers M
  8. Hello all We are hoping to come to France to look for property to live in this autumn. We think we would like to try limousin, languedoc region but not sure yet. We are looking at how we would earn a crust at the moment so would like to ask if there are good oppotunities for my husband to work as a joiner. He is a qualified cabinet maker but has been working the sites here in Scotland for 10 years. He is a quality tradesman who takes pride in his work. So can he make a living? Where and how would he advertise? Is the AE scheme good for this line of work? How does he show his qualification/experience when he registers as an artisan? Look forward to any replies Many thanks M
  9. Thank you idun and Rose for your replies. I am very aware that an artisans work can be expensive particularly handcrafted furniture and I expect that side of the business won't be our bread and butter as is the case here in Scotland. It is the joinery side of things that keep us going. We are hoping that the AE scheme will help us to be competitive with our charges as from what I have read the cotisations are not as high. We are not out to make a fortune just enough to get by paying our way so to speak. We hope to be self sufficient in meat,veg and fuel as much as possible to cut costs and will have some savings to get us through while contacts etc are made. I think from what I have read on forums is to try to have a few income streams. If we find making a living becomes too difficult my hubby could work 6 months of the year in the uk which would see us through. I just need comments from you experienced people to confirm or not whether we are going in a positive direction workwise? Many thanks M
  10. Hello all  I am new to this fab forum and finding it very informative. We myself, hubby and 2 children have made the decision after a long time thinking and researching to move to South France. Where exactly has yet to be determined once we go and stay in a few places while house/smallholding hunting. My hubby is a skilled furniture maker and for the past 10 yrs has worked on the sites as a joiner. His work in both sides is excellent being a very hard worker and a man who takes pride in his work. We want to set up an AE furniture making business with my hubby also offering himself as a joiner perhaps to expats until his french is better. To supplement this business we also want to offer on our persoal smallholding a small eco yurt campsite depending on planning. My question at the moment is this Are these ideas any good? Is there work for a good joiner/hand crafted furniture? How easy would it be to get planning for yurt site? Where in the south somewhere would be good for smallholding, joinery and yurts etc. Sorry for the broad questions but all replies gratefully received. Cheers M
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