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  1. Hi guys, I'd like to say I didn't join this forum to start an argument between long standing members, only for some advice about a stupid thing I did. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time and energy to respond to my post, be it positively towards me, or not. It's reassuring to know not everyone thinks I'm evil for speeding. Even if it was by a massive amount. What I do know, for sure, is that I WILL NOT do it again when I am able to drive. I consider it a lesson learned. I'd like to thank the people who replied, and although not condoning my actions, didn't make me feel intimidated by their collective responses. Perhaps I have appeared complacent. That was not my intention. In reality - I'm bricking it, still. I'm also not suggesting I can afford to write off any costs - this has seriously "skinted" me, and I've now put my own beloved classic car up for sale in the UK, in order to pay any further fine I'll be given. Im not looking for sympathy from anyone, before it is suggested. I'm just saying I'm not going to be uneffected by what has happened. If I knew I was going to have to sell my beloved car, and lose a fortune when I did it, I wouldn't have. I didn't know the French law - I didn't look it up. My long suffering girlfriend is going to leave her part time job in the UK to come over here and drive for me whilst I'm under the ban. So it will effect us financially for the medium to long term future. Thanks again to everyone here. Best Regards, MondeoMan.
  2. I'll now provide an update. I have my car back (I paid the bond on it yesterday) and it is now in my garage in Picardie for the foreseeable, or at least until I can employ a driver/or get my missus over here and drive me for work. Thanks to both the supporters for their kind and reassuring words, and those who think I'm the devil personifed. You've certainly kept me on my toes. Regards
  3. I'm not blaming anyone but myself, and certainly not Ford. Point taken regarding blowouts and debris - and if there's a sure fire way to stop a speeder, it's the way the Gendarmerie have done it. If I hadn't been done, would I still speed? Certainly. Now? Certainly not. Regards
  4. If you think it's a wind up, I'll scan the documents in.
  5. Hello, This is not a wind up, and I'm certain;y not implying that I should be able to pay a premium for being able to speed. What I'm saying is that I'll take any penalty I'm given, I'm just trying to predict what this will be. Some early posts cleared that up pretty quickly. I know some people who would naff off back to the UK and not pay up. My car is a fast car. I drove it fast. No excuses, no exclusions. I did it. Ford built my car to drive at 140mph +. I have no excuse, I was aware that I was travelling at that speed, I was on cruise control. What I will say is that I was on an empty motorway, the conditions were good, my car is in tip top condition, and I wasn't blasting past a school at 60mph. I NEVER exceed the speed limit in built up areas. Not mitigating, but fact. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, for sure. As for the car - I've paid the fine, the car has been mobilised and can be driven - they will not confiscate it because it is not mine. The insurance covers the vehicle to be driven by anyone with my permission. I spoke to the office this morning and they've confirmed this. I don't need to be a passenger in the car, but in this case, I will be. In my experience, car drivers ratify bikers that drive like mentalists, and bikers ratify car drivers that drive like menalists, nobody is ever going to win. Regards
  6. AnOther - Thank you for your response, and to clarify - I'm definitely not here looking for sympathy from anyone, just advice/information. I can't even feel sorry for myself for this one. I have a duplicate copy of my driving licence, obtained when I thought I'd lost it and then found it again, so I have two licences, in theory. Because I work for an international firm - we have a lot of people with licences from various EU states, our brokered company insurance allows anyone over 21 with a UK or EU licence to drive any of our vehicles, provided they have the permission of the person to which the vehicle is assigned. In this case, me. I've read, and re read the small print on this one, because I wouldn't want them at risk, they'e helped me hugely, and if I had any doubt, I'd have the car transported to my apartment. They're covered. I'm a great big bloody prat, I know, I expect no less than being told because I'm well aware of how bad this is (I'd also lose my licence in the UK for this, so why it crossed my mind that France should be different for me, I do not know) Thanks again. MondeoMan.
  7. [quote user="BJSLIV"]I think the form is that you are currently banned from driving for 30 days . This covers the period up to the court date. The maximum you then risk is a fine of up to 1500 euros and a ban from driving for 3 years. http://www.radars-auto.com/sanctions_radars.php I suppose the good news is that if it had been your own car it would have been confiscated. What you have paid so far is regarded as a kind of deposit pending further action. A friend of ours was on holiday in France and was stopped near Lille. He paid the fine at the roadside. Subsequently back in the UK he received a refund of the fine, but was banned from driving in France for 6 months. As they only visited once a year....... I think now it's a fine AND a ban![/quote] Thank you for your informative post, this is what I was looking for. Ironically, if it'd been my own car I was driving, I would barely be able to get to the speed limit, let alone exceed it! I suppose it is fortunate though, as the car is quite a nice piece of kit, and if I owned it, I'd be mortified to lose it. If all else fails, I suppose, I could save myself a fortune in company car tax by declining one at renewal time. Does the 750€ I have already paid go towards any potential fine? For instance, if I am fined 1500€, would I have only 750€ left to pay? (And, of course, a suspension of my entitlement to drive in France). I read a recent blog from someone who was stopped going 1km/h slower than me, he got a 3 month ban.
  8. Hello. Maybe I can help. I've driven in to Paris quite a few times, including Etoile, all in a RHD car with poor outward visibility. It's not as bad as it seems, if you keep your wits about you. There are plenty of underground car parks in the centre of Paris, and parking is quite reasonable for the piece of prime Paris real estate you get to put your car on. Watch out for motorbikes!
  9. Thank you for your response. I have absoloutely no excuse for driving at that speed. I just got carried away, if you will. I don't find myself upset as such, just uncertain as to what comes next. I deserve a huge fine and a ban - no doubt. I'm just trying to predict the outcome. It's all part of the risk of choosing to drive at that sort of speed, you risk the fine, you risk the ban. Frankly, I'd happily pay 750€ or 1500€ or whatever else they want to fine me, as long as I knew the outcome. Regards, MondeoMan.
  10. Hi Jean, Thanks for the rapid response. They haven't told me how long I am banned for, the form I got to state they have retained my driving licence says that I will have my UK licence returned to my UK address along with notice of how long I will be banned for. Today in the Gendarmerie, when I paid the fine, I was given back my counterpart driving licence, I don't officially have a French address - I stay in a company apartment when I am in France. After a lot of form filling, they took my 750€ but were unclear about what would happen next, despite my asking. When I was initially stopped at the road side, they were also unsure and said "maybe two months, maybe six months". For the record I was "clocked" at 194km/h, my actual speed was 184km/h and the speed limit was 130km/h. I'll pay any further fines, I'm just concerned that they may jail me, or that I may have problems in the future, driving here. Also, my partner has suggested she fly over and be my driver, in my company car. Does France have a record of UK number plates of cars? I don't want my partner to fly over here and get stopped every ten minutes because my car "flags" on their database.
  11. Hello, I'm a new member and pretty desperate for advice/assistance. On Saturday I was stopped by the Gendarmerie for speeding on the A16 towards Calais. I know I was wrong, but I got carried away with the gin-clear skies and clear autoroute. I was clocked at a physical speed of 186km/h. My car was immobilised by the Gendarmes when I couldn't retrieve enough on my various cards to pay the 750€ fine, and I called my French landlord to bring me back to my apartment. I work between the UK and France (50/50ish), and my car is UK registered and I have a UK licence and address, technically I do not live in France. My landlord and landlady are going to drive the car back to my apartment. How long am I likely to be banned in France for? I will abide by the ban, whatever they decide it to be, because I can get a bus to my French office, and fly to the UK if necessary. I just want to know what happens now? After my ban is finished can I get back in my UK car and drive on my UK licence in France? I don't want to have to leave a very good job for the sake of a couple of months driving ban, but if it is longer, I will have to leave, and fly someone out to France to drive me to the UK. The car is a company car, and currently still sits at a motorway Péage, where it was immobilised. I've asked my French landlord for assistance, but even he seems confused about the law and what will happen. I'm happy to put the car in my garage and forget I have it for however long I am banned for. I have, today, paid 750€ and the car is now allowed to be driven, and will be brought back to my apartment on Saturday. Thanks to anyone who can help me out, I know I've given Brits driving in France a bad name, but I can't be the only one this has happened to. I've searched the forum, and there seems to be some confusion as to what will happen.
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