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  1. I am not sure what part of the wood you have just crawled out of but firstly the word " pub " was not used it was " Bar" and as I recall there are thousands of bars in France where they serv mainly wine etc. The Club Anglaise I have referred to was formed 30 years ago in Montlucon by tbe French !! Chamber of Commerce especially for French local people to meet for English conversations to improve their knowledge . The membership has been for many years in the region of 50 to 60 mixed French persons and about 8 to 10 English . It was formed as you can see for the French not the Englsh. So before you go ranting off about you personal feelings in public . Check your facts

    Les Favets
  2. Good morning, I entered these details several years ago so we my wife and I now live in the Dordogne but keep very much in touch with the Ckub Anglais . We return each year and this year in October they celebrate their 30 th year in October . Anthony has now passed the Presidency over to

    They still meet at the London bar next to the Sunday Market in Montlucon about 6pm Tuesday's and Friday's. Who knows, may meet you in October as we will be joining the Club celebration

    Friendly regards Royston & Beryl Watkins

    P.s. I was also a Past President before Anthkny

    I have removed two names and an email address from this post. If you wish to contact this group please send an email or pm via the forum to the poster.


  3. UP DATING !! The first luncheon meeting of the now named ; Past and Present Rotarians Fellowship Club ( An English Conversation Luncheon Club ). Took place on the 8th July 12pm for a 12-30pm luncheon at 20 euro pp inc. wine. Venue; Hotel Kyriad Bergerac .A very successful first meeting with Past and present international and local members of Rotary together with their ladies. It was agreed for the second Wednesday of each month to be our monthly meeting fixed date, it was also agreed that the Hotel Kyriad would be our monthly regular meeting venue.

    Since thar meeting we also have yet another successful meeting on the 12 th August with an increased membership.

    Our next meeting will be Wednesday the 9th September at Hotel Kyriad . Reservations and further information on the new Club ; Please contact via ; [email protected] latest by 6th September . ( pay on the day ). Dress ; Casual smart . This is a mixed gender club .
  4. We are looking for Past and Present Active Rotarians and Innerwheel members living or with holiday homes , within 30'to 40km of Bergerac Dordoigne . To form a Rotary Fellowship English Conversation Luncheon Club. All Nationals welcomed. No minimum attendance or other formal committements required

  5. We are looking for Past and Present Rotarians & Innerwheel members living or having holiday homes within 30 to 40 km of Bergerac, To form a Rotary International Fellowship Club

    All Nationals are welcome to make contacts

    Les Favets ( Royston )
  6. A long standing French association meeting twice a month for both English and French conversation via social get togethers ie meetings are in " the Londaon Bar " Montlucon with various club social meetings throughout the year ie BBQ in members garden, Typical Christmas lunch, ( las year over 50 participated ). This years BBQ over 40 persons participated. The President Anthony us English who organise many other social events.

    Les Favets
  7. Need a little brush up on your French? whilst enjoying the company of French members who started many years ago to form an English conversation speaking club. Today there are mainly French members but also several. Brits. The benefit is !!! that they in turn help Brits by speaking French with them. In addition to this, there is a fantastic social life. Twice a month they meet ( would you believe it ?) at the London Bar Montlucon l'Allier, in addition to which they have many social gatherings ie; Summer BBQ in a members home. A typical English Christmas lunch. Last year over 50 members participated . They have an English President Anthony who puts together several outings throughout the year. Brits are more then welcome to become members .

    Regards Les Favets
  8. For those Brits wishing to polish their speaking of the French language, There is a French members club in Montlucon l'Allier Department of the Auvergne. They meet twice a month in" the London Bar " Montlucon but what is even more interesting they have an English President. Anthony who arranges many social functions throughout the year, ie; we have driven up from our home in the Dordogne as past members, to join them for a BBQ in one of the members lovely homes some 40 persons taking part. Each year they also arrange a typical English Christmas lunch in Montlucon and last Christmas some 50 or so members partiicipated.

    English persons are more then welcome to join them

    Les Favets
  9. We are looking for what the trade call " A Christmas house party " where the host arranges the 3 to 4 day get together including the festive meals etc.,

    Any one know of anything in France in the Southern region.  It is done in Hotels in the U.K. but seems very difficult to find here in France

    Regards Les Favets

  10. No Sue , You have it correct, we are looking for what we believe is known in the catering trade as " A house party " where it is organised for people to book a place to share the events with others, over the Christmas 3 to 4 days.  So still on the look out

    Regards Les Favets

  11. If you have any cancelations, please keep me in mind

    regards les Favets

  12. We are looking to be involved with others over this coming Christmas and wonder if there any Gite owners who have large accommodation facilities that they use for organised 2 3 or 4 days House parties.


  13. We are looking to join up with others over Christmas in an organised 2 3 or 4 day house party.  We live in the Dordogne area and would not wish to go to far North of Limogues,  South West or East would be acceptable.

    Regards Les Favets

  14. We are looking for a commercial organised house party for thi scoming Christmas, within a 4 hour journey of Bergerac

    Regards Ars les Favets

  15. Thank you all for your comments, one reason we wish to invest in stirling, is because we want to spread our investments some in euros and some in stirling, the euro could well be having trouble in the future so we want to ensure we have a stand by currency.  Have pm one or two of persons with their inputs here, once again : Thank you
    les favets ( Royston )
  16. Sold one property in France  purchased a new property in another area of France and have some monies left over which we wish to invest in and English bank using their fixed interest rates over 3 years annual payment of interest.  We have contacted several U.K. banks including the one we have used for over 30 years and they all inform us that because we live in France with no U.K. address we are not able to take advantage of their offers.   My question ( as I have put to them all ) is WHY NOT ????  We are English with English passports with English Banks and it is not as if we are looking to borrow monies from them but rather to place a reasonable amount in thier coffers to be able to make bigger intersts from then they are offering.  Seems daft to me.  Does anyone out there have any knowledge as to why they will not accept our monies?

    Regards Lesfavets ( Royston )

  17. 10 mtrs x 4 mts ( end corner steps )  1mtr 25cm space either side and top and bottom areas of the pool before security fence.

    Regards lesfavets ( Royston )

  18. We have sold one property and purchased another in France and are left with some monies we would like to invest on a 3 year fixed rate annual payments of interests and have been viewing various U.K. banks who are offering a little more then here in France but !!  when we approach them to open an account , all the high street banks we have spoken to advise us that because we do not live in the U.K. nor have a U.K. address, we are not able to invest in their offers.  We have two account with U.K. banks but neither of them are able to accept us for their fixxed rte investment facilities.  I can't believe tht they are not prepared to accept our monies, it is not as if we are borrowing from them but offering them additional monies to be able to ue for offering to others at higher rtes then they are offering investers.  Seems daft to me!!! Any simple reason why this is so ?

    Regards lesfavets ( Royston )

    p.s. we are English !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Looking to buy a swimming pool cover with inserted bar frames to sit on pool edges rather then on the water, with a wind handle for rolling up when pool in use.  Any recommendations in or near Bergerac or even a mail order company ( or perhaps there is someone with one they no longer require and wish to sell )

    Regards lesfavets ( Royston )


  20. Have also sent you a pm with a recomendation.

    Regards les favets  ( Royston } 

  21. Thank you all for your information and you Sue, used the site to make contact with Narbonne office and they have given me the address at Perigueux.

    Regards lesfavets ( Royston )

  22. Thank you for the Narbonne informtion but need to be able to call in to view what we require and your suggestion is a little to far for us.

    Regards Les favets ( Royston )

  23. Have looked in both suggested outlets but they don't cover total cmping items ie: we are looking for an extention to our awning and caravan blindes but thank you for the suggestions

    lesfavets Royston

  24. Using Google can't trace any camping shops or  stores or infact any caravan sales rooms in the area near Bergerac or in the Dordogne.  When I use Google ie 'Camping shop or store in Dordogne.  all that comes up is camp sites.  Can't believe there are no shops aimed at the camping requirement in the area ( could be an opening there for some bright spark - me ? no too old !! )

    Regards les Favets ( Royston )

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