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    Woolybanana wrote:

    ---As I understand it the UK courts have said that this prorogation is political and therefore not of their domain whilst the Scots have said it is political and therefore illegal.---

    When did Scotland leave the UK?

  2. Maybe the dog's so well trained it made the OP?

    Canine spammers! What next?
  3. albf wrote:

    ''That means also of that the person you have just banned on your site was not me.''

    I know. We know exactly who it was.

    Aren't your kids due back at school soon? That'll reduce the screaming.
  4. albf said:

    ''It really drives me up the wall. I need an attestation to prove that I have a head. ''

    That's only going to be a problem if you have to prove there's anything in it.
  5. Although she doesn't need an Irish passport to establish her automatic Irish citizenship, it is the only practical way of proving nationality in the absence of a national ID card. And while it is highly unlikely that the nationality rules in Ireland will change, it might be worth getting the passport now to establish her nationality formally.

    I'm a dual national and the only thing to remember is that you must exit a country on the same passport on which you entered.

    Any children she has can claim citizenship through her parents but not through her - you can only claim citizenship as an offspring if your parent was born on the island of Ireland.

    Claiming citizenship through an Irish-born grandparent is a bit more complicated for those born after 1 Jan 2005 - the details are on the Irish immigration website.

    Finally the rules apply whether the person through whom one claims nationality was born North or South of the border meaning that you could have a parent born in Belfast, say, who has always been a British citizen yet is your portal to Irish nationality.

    And Irish passports are cheaper than British ones!
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/44679483
  7. If the solution to guns is more guns then presumably the solution to famine is more famine?
  8. The point of the chromebook is that it isnt a laptop and because the hardware is stripped down they are cheaper and use less power giving good battery life. You can add storage to the chromebook but if you are going to do that you might as well get a conventional laptop.

    They work best when online using the cloud for storage and retrieval. The advantage of this cloud-based system is that you can never lose your data even if the machine falls in the sea.

    You do, however, become totally reliant on the Google environment but that's no bad thing when all your devices are synced to the same Google account.
  9. ALBF- I agree that not being able to watch a film or whatever is mostly not an issue but some do like to take their laptop on a aeroplane or train and watch recorded material. For them a chromebook wouldn't be so useful.
  10. You can call me betty:

    No. A laptop or PC can be used without an internet connection because all the data is strored on the device's hard drive. For example if you were writing a document on a PC you can save it to the hard drive. On a Chromebook you cannot even open the word processor to start writiing unless you have the 'net.

    In effect, the internet becomes the Chromebook's hard drive.
  11. Teapot - no idea if you can download to a media drive because I don't use my Chromebook to watch videa content.
  12. The only real downside to a Chromebook is the need to have an internet connection. Not an issue at home or in hotels etc and even on the move if you have a smartphone to tether to it will still operate. What you can't do is download films and so forth for offline watching - well, you can, sort of, but it's not satisfactory.

  13. JSKS


    [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]I have no idea what homeopathy is in UK but in France they are little balls of sugar in a dispensing pot.

    I took some once that were prescribed for eczema.

    It did not work.[/quote]

    Would you say it didn't come up to scratch?
  14. JSKS


    I'm using the term as defined by the British Society of Homeopaths.

    Undoubtedly complementary therapies have their place; it is true that many natural remedies have demonstrable medicinal properties and little understood therapies such as acupuncture can be shown to have physiological effects. For homeopathy, the physiological effect of the homeopathic sugar pill or water is identical to that of normal sugar pill or water.

    Incidentally, probabaly the most effective therapy for most illnesses is time. But people seem to need a pill or nostrum which, when concurrent with the passing of time, can be defined as a therapeutic agent. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
  15. <<>>

    A question I've often asked my other half.
  16. JSKS


    No properly constructed double-blind, randomised, controlled study has ever demonstrated homeopathic remedies to have any effect in excess of the placebo effect.

    It is simply faith-healing, snake oil or whatever other phrase that fits - one thing it is not is therapy.

  17. That was a win ground out by the forwards. Brilliant stuff!
  18. This is no place for football chants, ALBF.
  19. [quote user="Théière"]Don't answer a question with a question[/quote]

    Why not?
  20. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Usually when you quote someone the member you are quoting is talking shît. The forum software recognises this at makes it look like shît.


    I see what you mean
  21. What's with all the redundant formatting guff when posting a quote?
  22. [quote user="parsnips"]Hi,  Another well known and quite busy forum is being closed by its management in March;I anticipate that there will be a surge of new members here between now and then[/quote]

    Or long-time members returning?
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