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  1. Iwant to take my french mate to Mallorca will his id card do or will he need apassport as we will be flying .Thanks
  2. bourrut


    Joe Thanks for that. Malcolm.
  3. bourrut


    Once again thanks Malcolm.  Will try and get some love chestnuts.      Sid.
  4. bourrut


    Thanks for link,They look just the job Malcolm.
  5. bourrut


    Anyone suggest the French name of a potato simular Jersey royals.You know small sweet and early. Thanks Malcolm.
  6. I allways crush my nuts,useing a carrier bag and mallet, be carefull as will stain your hands.Malcolm.
  7. What about Stanstead- Girona ryanair 23rd dec very cheap then 2 hour drive.
  8. Thanks Six Litres should keep me going.
  9. Two weeks ago my french farming friend ,Got me to collect exactually 50 green walnuts ,He then smashed them to pulp and put them in a old pot, he then added 1litre of homemade prune and 5litres of red wine,put said container in barn,Yesterday he arrived with one vanilla pod, five cloves ,and one nutmeg, into the pot they went,I keep asking what we are making ,but all i get is a smile and he says christmas.So come you drinkers what is it. 
  10. Thanks wilko have replied.
  11. I am cosidering buying a minidigger in england, and bringing it to france using it for the jobs i need, then selling it through a local aution house The question is. any regulations i need to know about.ie taxes etc.
  12. Sheep shed gone, total mess, wood store wall and roof gone, to dangerous to go out, pieces of corrogated metal flying about.time for a cup of tea.
  13. bourrut


    Pads ,we had the arcitect out yesterday, to start our drawings on house next door ,was going to have all bedrooms en-suite, but was told will get taxed more ,anyone heard of this.
  14. I AM MAKING A PREDICTION ,WE ARE ALL GOING TO HAVE A SUPERB SPRING AND SUMMER,[:D] remember you heard here  first.[:D] [:D] malcolm.
  15. [8-)]you tell me, hearing frogs in january.not normal is it,much to early.
  16. last night when going to bed I thought I heard frogs croaking ,but could have been the wine ,but this morning heard them again so did the wife .Its only january and bloody cold ,pond is semi frozen over .are we due a fantastic spring ,or is it a sign,[6]
  17. First of all thanks to everyone for trying to help, john thanks for trying to ring ft for me,have changed the filter this morning,still the same.i want to know where is twinkle with her magic bloody wand when you need her,[:D]we are off to madrid for the weekend so monday will go look for ft shop,once again thanks everyone.
  18. hi Quillan, i think we are on a different system ,we pay 32 euros plus calls every 2months to ft, and also 32.89euros each month to ft internet orange.sorry just realised we have a filter installed .all lights on live  box working correctly.have tried a reboot,but think its a problem with ft orginal line as computer is working ok.malcolm
  19. John, telephone light is on.malcolm.Ernie my friends mobile wont work here as we live in an area with no mobile reception hense dont have one myself.malcolm.ps he has left now .
  20. sorry ernie,friend has been staying with us even took his chip out of mobile.malcolm
  21. ernie ,would love to call ft but no phone have tried e-mail but could not find e-mail address[:D]john it was 05.malcolm
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