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  1. Many thanks Cathy for the calculator. I wonder if you can help clear up some questions regarding it please? Would a barn renovation be a property completed less than 5 years ago or more (does it mean when the property was first built?) What is 'Negotiation by Notary Public' mean? It makes a difference to the prive by about 1200Euros. Thank you
  2. Thanks to everyone for their help. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. I hope someone can help. We are looking to buy a property and although expecting to pay high fees we have been told that the Notaire's fees are 4,000 Euros and Agents fees 3,000 Euros for a 21,000 euro property. They have said that the Notaire's fees went up to 14% 6 months ago and their agents fees are fixed whatever the price of the property. Any answers gratefully received.
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