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  1. We are hopefully buying in Haute Vienne. We just want to make sure that there are no major developments planned for the near future. Where would I get the contact details for the DDE for Limousin. Sorry for being so vague, I feel I am the idiot that brings truth to your strapline!!
  2. Thanks very much to all who have replied. Your comments have been really helpful. One further point, would the enquiries at the Mairie about plans for major developments in the area have to be done before signing the compromis de vente or could we include a clause suspensive to the effect of no major devlopments within say 1 km of the property
  3. New member.............first post Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. We are at the stage where we are considering making an offer on a property in a private sale. We are new to this and getting somewhat baffled by the differing information. Can people let me know whether we should involve one of the many legal firms to help us through the process or should we rely on the notaire. Thanks
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