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  1. I think http://www.amanwithavan.org/ does travel that far. I was going to mention him too!
  2. You really should be speaking to your notaire to clarify the situation. They are there to help and advise on this kind of thing. Good luck, divorce is a stressful time.
  3. The higher fees are if the notaire has negotiated the sale for you. Some notaire's also sell properties, aswell as doing the legal documentation for buying.
  4. Fees on that amount in my area are 10% - sometimes fees can be as much as 15%, so I don't think you are paying over the odds. There is an official sliding scale. The more expensive the property the lower the percentage. You should remember that agency fees are negotiable - and also that there is no obligation to go through an agence immobilier. You can sell or buy privately and pay only notaire's fees.
  5. I really hope this all turns out well for you. Let it be a warning to other vendors to read the small print (or have it explained). You must send a registered letter - do you know for sure that the e mail was received? They frequently get lost in cyberspace and are not considered legally binding from my understanding. I don't think it's too late to send a registered letter now - the point is to follow correct procedure, even if it is not straight away. Good luck.
  6. Notaires have an official price list and it should only vary regionally, not between notaires in the same town. I'd be interested to find out if anyone does quote differently. A notaire gives advice for free and charges for any actual legal work that they do.
  7. I think in your case, sweet 17, you would need a gas report. I was told by the expert I work with that if the installation goes from one room to another you would need a report. Just ask, the experts are strictly regulated and won't make you pay for something you don't need by law.
  8. Yes, it will be calculated on a second home and you will presumably be selling at a profit. Have you kept the bills from work you have had done? If not, you can ask the notaire to apply a 15 percent reduction for work done.
  9. I would never tell anyone not to use a solicitor if they want the extra reassurance but, in my experience, solicitors can hold up the process by trying to proove his worth. A notaire has to be neutral and is also the person appointed in France by law to deal with property law. They are therefore the most apt to advise you on property and inheritance law and, being on the ground, are probably the first to know of any new laws about to come in.
  10. I agree with the above - use a notaire as they are liable for the content of their contract. What if you filled in something wrong? Whether you come away with the money he has offered you depends on whether you are liable for capital gains tax or not. How long have you had the place? Are you selling at a profit?
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