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  1. Hi again cooperlola

    I am almost there for the retirement and that is certainly good news that I would be able to enter the French system,my wife is a lot younger though so would not be able to do the same, we are hoping(like a lot of others) to get a small income form a gite and use that money to live off,the wife will be in total control of this and it will all be in her name,I will have my state pension but I believe it will be taxed in France,I also recieve a motobility payment and have not found out yet if I will be able to keep this as well or lose it once we make the move.

    Lots of things to think about and sort out before the move is made but again many thanks for your help .

  2. Thank you very much for the replies,I have had a quick browse through the links Cooperlola sent me and will have to leave my self a goodly while to go through all of it (and understand it!!)

    I know that if I get both tin ones sorted before we do make the move I should be good for at least 3 years per leg(as long as I don't fall off the motor bike, hehe) so would not need to avail myself of the services. Other health issues might be a bit more pressing when needing medication(angina and type 2 diabeties) but I feel I will be able to find what I need via this forum. Once again many thanks for the replies.

  3. Hi all

    new here to the forum but am hoping to be here for a while.

    I have had it in my head to move to France since 1999 and am now in the position where I can possibly make the move. What I would like to know is what do I do about my artificial leg(I know best take it with me to stop me falling over) would I have to go back to the UK to get it repaired if it was needed? if I want to do that would I need to be registered with a UK adress to enable me to use the services over here?

    I have a whole load of questions about making the move but thought I would start with this one.

    thanks for taking the time to read this.

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