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  1. My original query was to elicit the finer points of what you can 'get away with'.

    Drunk in charge of a push bike, man or electric power will get you fined but I am assured not reflect on your car license

    I am told if you loose your license in France you can still drive one of the small micro diesel cars, for which reason they are nicknamed the drunks car!

    My wife can ride a moped or scooter up to 50cc in GB on a car license and Charles' comments appear to verify the same in France, I wonder if the electric bike is the same?
  2. Anyone know the finer points of law concerning what you can and can't do?

    In the UK I can go to the pub on an electric push bike, drink more than I should and my license remains intact. I can also do the same on a horse but its more effort when you get home.

    My wife can ride a 50cc moped on her car license, what can you do in france.

    These little facts make life so much more interesting don't they!

    Is a ball race something between a vet and a tom cat?
  3. Thanks Bugsy, I didn't know the 6bhp was an allowance, Moto Guzzi have a different ECU map for france and offered to have the bike back to install it. this was obviously going to cost a fair bit and there is also a 200 mile round trip to get the work done.

    Incidentally, they also say the headlight is symmetrical and therefore, only needs screwing from left to right!

    MCN must have it wrong I think thats the quoted hp for the earlier engine, all my paperwork says 103bhp see;


    They say 77KW which equates to 103.258hp. The bit that matters to me is torque and I tend to ignore max horsepower now-days, however, they are right about it being top heavy, you certainly feel it at walking speed.

    I'm looking forward to riding on the wrong side of the road!

    Thanks again for the info'
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