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  1. Have been trying to connect new tv to Livebox 2 wifi. Have entered the security code and then get message that tv can't access it. Have had no problem before with laptops or printers etc. Any advice welcomed.
  2. See


    Hope this helps.
  3. Re: Another question re Form 2047K Dividends

    Sorry to ask another question on this but I think my brain has seized up and am getting more confused the more I read through the form.

    Have completed details re dividends in Section 2 but confused re Section 7 and which lines to fill in. Looked at last year's form and for some reason ( that I cannot remember) did not enter anything in that section. Also why do they ask which declarant in Section 7?
  4. Think this might help https://www.frenchentree.com/france-forum/topic/declaration-of-uk-unfurnished-rental-income-which-box
  5. Mint, I think the website you want is http://www.curiua.com
  6. Impossible to say not knowing what cars you are considering.

    Look on this website for unbiased reviews of whatever car you are thinking of buying.


    Look at their road tests.


  7. We went to our local CPAM and explained what we needed, ie attestation for 2012 and 2013 (for reclamation of CSG). The lady printed out the latest attestation and then added a handwritten note confirming that we had been covered by S1 since 2009 without a break. She signed the attestation and stamped it. This was accepted by the tax office. Didn't take very long at all and we came away with exactly what we needed.
  8. "What motivates someone to dress up as a clown and try and scare people ?"

    Because they are slightly mad?
  9. Went to tax office this morning and asked why we had been charged social charges on savings and investment income this year as we had received reimbursement of charges paid for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Showed the Inspector all our documentation for this , including the relevant official statements regarding holders of S1s not being liable to social charges on savings and investment income. He tapped away at the computer, printed out a degrevement and said we would receive a revised Avis in the post. Result! I was sure that he would say that we would have to pay and then reclaim.
  10. This is from another forum but is important so please don’t delete it.


    I have received a message from a user so shall copy and paste it here as it concerns the return of your votes – Dont know if this has already been noted here but as it is such an important topic I am copying anyway reports from other sites

    ‘Another hot topic – just come back from La Poste in the village – postmistress advising that the ‘Free Postage’ envelope that people will be sending back their votes in, will be ignored by La Poste as they will not be paid for them. ‘Poste Priorite’ is only 1 euro per envelope. Please share’

    Sorry this is a bit lengthy but for those people who have already posted their postal votes in the post boxes, before this all came to light, we have been down to our local sorting office this morning, they couldn’t have been more helpful, went away and checked all the letters waiting for processing but couldn’t find them, but said that a stamp is definitely needed. So, I have tried to ring my local council in UK, no reply so I rang the House of Commons, they gave me the number for the Electoral Commission which is 0044 333 1031928. I have tried to explain to them that the problem is France wide not just our department in 53 and that why should we in effectively lose our vote for following the voting instructions to the letter. I have also asked that we be granted a ‘proxy’ vote instead. I am waiting for a call back from them. If your vote won’t be counted please ring the electoral Commission and/or your local council in the UK. We have enough MPs in Brussels, at least one of them should have been given the job of making sure that the postage paid envelopes should be honoured -or simpler still – they should have just sent them out in ordinary envelopes then we would have stamped them anyway. Thank you all for taking the time to read. I hope we get something sorted for us, our futures could be altered quite considerably by the outcome of this referendum.’

    Thought you all ought to know.
  11. Have now received repayment of Social Charges into our bank account. However, no interest has been included. Before we head down to the tax office or email them regarding this just wondered if the interest is paid separately.
  12. Have just received a letter to say that they agree to pay the amount claimed minus the 2% for 2012 and 2013 plus interest.

    if we disagree we have 2 months to say so. We don't disagree so should we send them a letter to this effect in the hope that we will get the reimbursement sooner rather than later?

    A big THANK YOU to Parsnips without whom we would never have managed to put this claim together.
  13. The UK government is surreptitiously rebranding the State Pension as a "benefit". It could be paving the way for means testing or even reduction at the whim of Westminster. Please consider signing this petiton.

  14. Great news - hope we hear about our claims soon!
  15. Went to local Tax Office today to ask if we still have to pay the first acompte as we have made a claim for CSG and as S1 holders we should not have to pay CSG on savings interest and dividends.

    The Tax Inspector I spoke to, and who has in the past been helpful, did not appear to have any knowledge of this, saying CSG has to be paid on savings interest and dividends even if we have an S1, so I showed him various documents from the Ministere des Finances et des Comptes Publics. He read through them and then said "I have to make a copy of these" and went off to the photocopier.

    When he returned he said, as expected, that we would

    still have to pay the first acompte and then, if necessary, reclaim it at the end of the year. He also suggested that I should email the Tax Office at Vannes, who are dealing with our claim, to ask about progress.
  16. Sorry should have written DGFIP in the heading - it stands for Direction Generale des finances publiques. Obviously something to do with impots but not sure what.
  17. I have today received a letter from DGFIP (Reims). The completed form has to be sent to DGFIP Nemours. The letter says:

    La direction des finances publiques chercher a ameliorer en permanence la qualite de service a votre profit.

    Dans ce but, elle doit disposer d'information completes et exactes sur votre etat civil.

    Or, les informations vous concernant doivent etre precisees.

    Ces elements nous sont indispensables pour la bonne gestion de votre dossier, notamment dans la perspective de la retenue a la source de i'impot sur le revenue a la source de l'impot sur le revenue prevue a partir de 2018.

    Je vous prie donc de bien vouloir

    - verifier, corriger si necessaire ou completer le formulaire que vous trouverez au dos de ce couurrier;

    - et nous le renvoyer dans l'enveloppe T jointe avant le 31 mars 2016

    Le soin que vous voudrez bien apporter a cette reponse est de votre interet car il permettra d'eviter des erreurs a votre detriment.

    All the details on the back of the form are correct except for one. It says place of birth Royaume Uni - I was actually born in Singapore (my father was in the army) and all forms I have filled in previously state this.

    Both OH and I are retired with S1s.

    Has anyone else received a letter?
  18. We have today received a request of 1/3 payment. We put in a claim for refund of CSG paid for 2012,2013 and 2014 but have not yet received any communication from them about this after having supplied them with extra information that they requested. They received that on 18 December (according to the avis de reception).

    Can anyone advise me on

    1. How long we should wait before contacting them to ask for an update

    2. What to do about the payment they are now requesting.

    Many thanks.
  19. Hi Anna, we had the same problem with virtually the same email. See my posts on P10 of the thread "Re: latest on those pesky social contributions, please"

    Hope this helps. We haven't heard anything since we sent the last load of documents to them! By the way, which dept are you in as they are definitely not all singing from the same hymn book.
  20. Mint and Parsnips and Hereford

    Thank you so much for your replies. Went to CPAM today and got them to issue us with an Attestation de droits a l'assurance maladie. The very helpful lady has written on these documents that we have both been covered from August 2009 without interruption, signed and stamped with CPAM stamp. Hopefully this will satisfy them but not holding our breath! Will now photocopy all the attachments and send off tomorrow morning (lettre recommandée avec accusé réception).

    Watch this space for the next delaying tactic!
  21. Thanks Sue, Have checked that I did not do that, I even tried to open a new account with a different email address and was sent a temporary password to log in with. Tried that and got an "Invalid" message.
  22. Thanks Mint

    We came over here in Sept 09. I had retired so had E121 and OH piggy-backed on that until he got his own S1 when he retired in September 2012. We went to the local CPAM office with his S1 and he got new carte vitale. From reading the email again it seems as if the Impots want an attestation from CPAM for each of the years we are claiming for so will go there tomorrow and see if we can get this from them.

    With regard to the income it is quite clear on the avis where this has come from so will send them the avis again.

    When I went to see our local tax office this year because of a mistake they had made re pension income the gentleman we normally see and who has always been quite helpful did not seem to know anything about reclaiming CSG and did not want to know!

    Hopefully Parsnips will see my post and advise me.
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