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  1. I replaced the glass in one of my stoves in the UK after over zealously trying to put a big log in.

    Cost of glass £50 which I thought was a rip of.

    But @150 in France now that takes the pee !
  2. Thank you for the advise I will give you a call if I have any further questions and will definitely take her out on the road.

    May ask if I can loan her for a week or two so I can trial her. We have a miniature pony to keep her company.

    I love the Andalusians such a noble bread good looks and a fantastic gate ;-) The price seems very reasonable. There is a large equestrian school near by so I may carry on my education there.

    I have always wanted to learn dressage.
  3. Some advise needed.

    Having had the pleasure of stabling someone else's horses for the last year. I am thinking about taking the plunge my self.

    I have found a horse that I am interested in buying 6 year old Andalusian mare, ( I have always wanted to own a Andalusian as I grew up in Spain and fell in love with the breed)

    Having never owned a horse just ridden since a child, my buying knowledge is limited so I am going to take a fellow equestrian owner with me.

    If I decide to buy I will ask for the vet to carry out a health cheque.

    Any other advice ?

    Here is a picture of the mare price €1600 she is has basic schooling.

  4. Very odd post, smells like a chines SEO trying to raise the ranking !
  5. Lets not forget the great wall renovation, nearly at the end of that one week to go !

    Not to mention taking in three fluffy cats from Coops !

  6. [quote user="Chancer"]

    Congratulations Nubeginnings, you have all worked very very hard and deserve every bit of success [:D]

    I am now 26kg lighter than I was 9 months ago, lighter and fitter than I was in my teens, it has taken close to 4 decades to finally crack it.

    I started running during les vacances as all the keep fit classes stopped, I had not ran since school 37 years before and I was always the last then, 5 weeks after starting from zero I ran a semi marathon in just over 2 hours.

    May the future remain bright for you [:D]


    Thats rather a broad assumption. Given that we have had a few clients that are members of various French forums I will have to disagree with you. As you can see from Chancers post he has in fact stayed with us twice.

  7. I never saw season 1 but downloaded the whole of season 2 for a friend in Australia ended up watching the lot and like it ;-)

    Now for those that like something different The walking dead is mustard !

    Well worth searching for on a torrent site.
  8. It was the first property I brought when I was 20 so its rather sentilmental ! But putting that to the side it represents an excellent rental investment generating nearly 3.5k a month.

    The only issue is the freeholder, but I am hopeful he may sell of one of his flats this year as its been empty for 6 months and he has just renovated it.

    The managing agent has indicated he may sell if he does the % ownership slips out of his fat little fingers and I shall take pleasure in ripping the building from his clutches via leasehold enfranchisement.
  9. No rental value makes no sense to sell. If I am lucky the freeholder may sell one of his flats this year. If he does that by by freeholder hello enfranchisement and we rip the freehold from the greedy git !
  10. Quillan

    Out of 6 flats 3 are owned by the freeholder all the lessees pay the service charges demanded.

    However forcing the freeholder is an expensive uphill struggle.

  11. Leasehold law sucks for the most part.

    I have been trying to force this particular freeholder via his managing agents to manage the building properly. Its not huge, small mantion block 6 flats above two shops so not complicated.

    This year I have been pushing for the communal halls ti be refurbished.

    The response was the freeholder will only stretch to a freshen up, but if you want a better job pay for it your self !
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