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  1. Hi Tessa, I know I am about a year out on reading your messages and am sure you have sorted out ALL your problems. A couple of suggestions that I am sure others have told you about already. Firstly, St Antonin has a large expats community, more than most villages around and if you go to the English immobliere which is situated in the square in St Ant, he could point you in the right direction as I am sure he knows EVERYBODY. Jobwise? why not go and see the Maire and offer your teaching services to teach expats French. I live about 30 miles away and have a maison secondaire so am not always down there. Look on Google maps for your area as they had the camera vans down there as well and you may be lucky enough to see your house. Worth a try. and don't let ANYONE put you off France and your dream. I am the only Brit in my village and I don't let on where it is so I can keep it that way. Regards Vince
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