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  1. For the OP , am I missing something here ? Why make it more complicated that what it really is ?? From the replies you have had it is quite simple...... 1. Make contact with a driving school and take 7 hours of training . 2. Then you will get your attestaion and can ride your bike .
  2. Leaving for the Uk tomorrow so if anyone is interested please Pm me before tomorrow morning!
  3. I have a virtually empty van coming from the Rickmansworth area (Hertfordshire), back to the Mayenne (53) next weekend the 13th December. Would be willing to bring stuff back for contribution towards travel costs. (Will also be doing a supermarket run). Will be travelling from said area to Poole on return trip for Poole - Cherbourg crossing. If this is of any interest to anyone please Pm me.
  4. Hi can anyone tell me where I might be able to source a Minnie Mouse costume suitable for a 15 year old please ? Have looked at Disney stores online but to no avail ( only for small children or no longer available). Alternatively a fancy dress hire shop in Dept 53 or 61.? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi can anyone tell me if you can spend Jersey currency Pounds in the UK please?
  6. Thanks guys - if I read the link right it seems like you must have been the owner from new too ! Oh well, that's my plan scuppered. I have found that the main dealers - Renault Peugeot etc are much les flexible on discounts and prefer to stick to their offers which come up now and again with very little room for discounts ( 5% max is what Renault offered!)
  7. I see that car manufacturers offer a 1000 euro reduction if you trade in a car older than 10 years.How does this work in France ? Could I buy an old banger from someone and use that ? I have a neighbour who has an old car that still runs, but and has no CT, insurance, and bald tyres etc. He wants 150 euros for it so should I buy it and use it to get a 1000 euros reduction in my new car. Would the garage need a carte grise and all the ususual paperwork? Any advice to clarify would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks that's very helpful. I hadn't thought about the carpet idea; Do you think that there is any chance of the foam backing sticking to the new floor - especially if anything is spilt on it ?? These are the times when I wish I had a B&Q warehouse down the road where this type of thing is so easy to source !
  9. Hi we have just laid some wooden floors and would like to protect them for a few weeks from step ladders and general foot trafic whilst we do some other works. I thought about 3mm plywood but would much prefer hardboard, but have not had much sucess in my local DIY store. Does anyone know if hardboard is available in France and if so what it is called ? We are in Dept 53 Mayenne. Thanks for any help you may be able to give.
  10. No wonder so many people "travail au noir" in France, why can't things be simplified a little !!!  
  11. Thank you again Clair that explains it pretty well ! Norman H - you have hit the nail on the head with why they don't want to do it ! It's a shame there was not a way I could not just declare the revenue on my annual tax return ?
  12. Than you Clair, I have had a look through the sites you posted but this poses another problem ; The CESU seems to give the onus on the employeur, (ie the mums who want to pay me ), to get the cheques from their banks, and they seem reluctant to do so, as they then come under certain regulations connected with being an employeur of my services.  As I will be the "employee" how can I do it, without putting the onus on them to apply to their banks to set up the CESU scheme. Can you see where I am coming from on this? I don't mind declaring the money but I also don't want the parents to get embroiled in loads of French bureacracy either!
  13. Hi,  I have been asked by two parents of some 8/9 year old children in our village, if I would give them an hour each of English tuition per week and they have offered/suggested to pay me 10 euros per hour for this in cash. I am not 100% comfortable with this especially as our Maire lives nearby and often pops in, and I would prefer to do this legitimately and therefore was wondering how I could do this legally?  I mean could I just take the cash and put it on my annual French tax return ? Or would I have to register as an autoentrepreneur which seems such a fuss for such little work. I have heard of the cheques emploi service thingy,  but am not sure how this works either and then I assume I would have to charge more than 10 euros and hour?? Could anyone help me please and advise what would be the best solution ? Thanks!  
  14. Gosh, I went out for the day and come back to all these wonderful replies. Thanks to everyone so far. It seems that your replies are a bit of a mixed bag of experiences.  One thing seems sure is that I need a new mattress, and pillows as my neck is not comfortable at night either. My existing matress is a quite firm one and was bought from John Lewis around 15 years ago ! After getting the results from my doctor yesterday after a standard scan at hospital last week , (not an IRM ) it seems I have two herniated discs in the lombar region, one between L5- S1 which is the more prevalent. He has given me some visits of KinĂ© and medications to take but I am in constant pain, with a view to having an IRM later on if needed. The worse is that I have to travel today on business and shall not be back in France for a week or so and am dreading the drive/Flight/ sleeping arrangements. I like the idea of a memory foam one and will look at all the links you have sent me. Please keep up any helpful replies as it is comforting to know that I am not alone in my suffering, and any excersises or things to do to ease pain etc etc! PS. I have just read a Pm from somebody who says that Ikea allow a 90 day trial on their mattresses. I've no time to check this out now but sounds interesting as I do not want to spend out a fortune on a matresss and find it doessn't suit me.
  15. I have recently suffered some back problems which are related to a "slipped disc" and am having some sleeping difficulty ( hence why I'm up at silly O'clock this morning!) , as my mattress is quite old, and can't find a comfortable position. Do any of you use a memory foam mattress or a memory foam mattress topper ? I have a UK size double bed, but the mattress is not suiting me. What would I ask for in France?  After speaking to some French friends, back problems seem to be more prevalent that I imagined. I had a look at the Ikea website and noticed that they do very thin matresses that I presume sit on top of a standard mattress ?  All experiences which may help me get a decent nights sleep much appreciated please.
  16. Yes thanks for that . After some research, I see that Legacy seems to come up as the best seller and is high up in most reviews so I'll try it out .  
  17. Thanks everyone that's great information to get started with ! Basically I want to plot my family tree back as far as I can on a computer programme and then print it out on paper - ( I have records back to the early 18 century so far, but is is all in bits of paper in a large carrier bag ! ) . I have recently discovered a half sister who I have never met and she has a son who married a french lady and they are coming tio visit next week - exciting times !
  18. Hi Could anyone recommend any (preferably free) software for plotting your family tree, as i have recently discovered some french connections? Thanks in advance. 
  19. [quote user="BIG MAC"] The point I am making is that the plasterboard in a good installation doesn't need to be waterproof. therefore money spent on something to waterproof the already moisture resistant board seems superfluous. If water is going to get past your tiling and sealing you could still ultimately end up with a shower tray full of tiles.   [/quote] I see where you are coming from but I disagree,  The point I am trying to make is that if you have used a recommended undersealant kit then at least the water will not penetrate past the placo and ruin it. Many leaks occur over a long period of time doing unseen damage, which is exactly what would happen if you tiled directly onto plasterboard and had a hairline crack in the grouting, with water seeping through over a period of time.  This would not be a problem with a sealant:mesh  kit which would repel any water. I have seen some terrible shower tiling which is why I asked the question. Personally, I would rather spend my extra few euros on this to be safe. I googled some terms on carrelage douche and the general consensus seems to agree; with me.
  20.  The type of kits that Clair has recommended really are belt and braces and really do give a better finished product than tiling directly onto the placo. Although the hydrofuge placo is moisture resistant, it is not waterproof, and I am not aware of placo joint filler that is water resistant either. In fact most "plaquistes" in France use standard placo filler for green placo joints, therefore making corners and joints susceptible. Therefore the weber and broutin kits really do give a belt and braces job. However I do base my observations on French methods and practices, on what is locally available. I am sure there is a DTU norme on this that would give a definitive answer on what is the recommended practice.
  21. Thank for all replies and especially to Clair - that is just the type of product I am looking for. I have a very good installation of shower tray and placo walls already but was unsure about tiling directly onto placo. I would rather use a Weber kit for belt and braces .  
  22. Can I tile directly onto green plasterboard  for a shower cubicle?  Or are there any products ( French preferably ) that I should use before the tiles go on ?
  23. Hi we have lots of stuff to sell - household items, loads of tools, bric a brac, furniture etc. I would like to set up some kind of photo album with photos and price/description so that I can then post a link for people to look at. I think this would be much quicker than having to answer individual queries and sending out phtos each time to individuals. Can anyone suggest the best way to go about this please - in simple terms !
  24. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to Windolene in France ? I want to use it to tempoarily block off the view from outside into my house while some works are going on and for various reasons I cannot use nett curtains. I used to use it years ago on shop fronts as it is such an easy method to stop nosey people from glaring in !
  25. Thank you - I've just had the guy around from next door who works in IT at Glaxo SmithKline and he seemed to have cured the problem. The problem (apparently) was a trojan horse virus that was messing about with my IE. Apparently my computer could still connect to the internet but not via my IE. If it's of any interest to anyone, he used a free programme called "malwarebytes" which was amazing as it cleaned it all up very quickly. he also installed another programme called superantispyware. Thank you to all those who replied it was much appreciated!  
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