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  1. Have I missed something here ? Wouldn't a Labour MP and leader be - by definition -a left winger ? They would hardly be right wing would they ?
  2. You'll probably get as many different distances as you get replies. ?
  3. Well apparently face masks are completely useless anyway. And even if you self quarantine someone has to prepare your food-how fo you know they aren't infected?
  4. Don't know if I'm a realist or fatalist but I don't get all the extreme panic. More people die from other infectious diseases every year. Why don't we panic about those?
  5. I think ( hope) the longer you are here the more you tend to find alternatives. We used to bring baked beans but actually now we have supermarket haricot beans in tomato sauce ( with a dash of bbq sauce) and find them just as good. But then I was never a baked bean snob as some are ( Heinz or nothing!) Only must haves are good tea bags, marmite and horlicks. We do fetch other stuff back but not because we MUST have them. And I agree that car is as full going to the UK with stuff for our daughter and my parents. My Dad (93) loves tinned pommes dauphinoise and French soups.
  6. Doesn't make any difference to how you're treated -be you citizen or subject. It's down to the government in charge -and that can be good or bad irrespective of whether it's a republic or a monarchy.
  7. Mac


    I think you weigh up the risks and make your own decisions. We want to fly to Cyprus to see our daughter there. The best flights from Bordeaux-both in terms of time and cost ( do you know some flights from B to Cyprus take over 20 hours with stopovers in some very strange places!!) were with El Al with a change at Tel Aviv. We took the decision-maybe right ,maybe wrong-that with the present tensions in the ME those flights weren't for us. Instead for £100 more we're flying back to the UK and then on to Cyprus
  8. My friend speaks very good French. Is easily understood by most French people she speaks to. She speaks French with a very broad Northern Irish accent.
  9. We paid ours -as detailed on the avis sent at the start of the year-and have just got a refund of about 45% on what we paid.
  10. Although I can't help you on filling the form in-I'm curious as to why you need to. I rent out our former home in the UK . It's declared in the UK and the figures reported on the two tax forms here. I've never filled in the one you mention. I needed to go to the tax office to check something this year and took my forms with me. The lady going through them could sed that I declared UK income from rental income but she never said I should have filled in another form.
  11. No definitely priez from the verb prier- to ask someone to do something-is the definition I believe.
  12. Someone told me to say " Priez-vous m'aider......" before a question-especially to those behind a desk. It implies you're desperate and throwing yourself on their mercy. Seems to work for me anyway ?
  13. I see that this poor young man has died-this morning I believe.
  14. While I can understand that you may feel the need to record a huge argument in case the Police need evidence-particulatly if you've knocked on the door and got no response and called the police-once it's evident that no crime has been committed and no one is hurt why would you keep that recording and take it to a newspaper if not to shit-stir? And would you think this behaviour was acceptable if the person recorded was someone you supported-rather than someone you obviously dislike? After all-you can't pick and choose when something is acceptable. It either is or it isn't.
  15. I believe that's true for " unexceptional income " ( pensions, salaries ect) but you should still be taxed on "exceptional income" e.g. one off payments, interest, ect. Called "annee blanche" https://www.economie.gouv.fr/prelevement-a-la-source/2018-annee-de-transition
  16. And I believe Macron will be with The Queen tomorrow morning at the official unveiling of the new British D Day memorial in Normandy.
  17. I think I have the answer and I'm sure it's to do with the annee blanche this year. On last years red 2047 forms if you look at the end of the line after box where you put your pension it says 1AL/1AM ( and then for mine 1BL/1BM) If you then look on the blue 2042form for last year the same figures appear in 1AM AND 1BM. Now look at this years red form and against the boxes where you put your pension -on my form it says CADRE 1-so it doesn't transfer. I'll pop into the tax office to check next week but I'm sure that's the answer. We are also paying monthly prelevement for our tax -but as no tax is being paid on this years money we don't need to be assessed. I'm sure that's the answer.
  18. Maybe it would be safer to enter the figures on the 2042 manually, our pensions have shown up automatically in boxes 1AM and 1BM after I hit the report button at the end of the 2047 form. If you do enter the figures manually, check on the final page that only one set of pension income is showing. The first year that I declared online, I filled out the 2042 first and then reported the figures from the 2047 and the pension income in boxes 1AM and 1BM had doubled! But -as I said-on the final page there is a resume- if you like -of the figures entered and it tells me I have entered pension amounts and rental income. They just aren't on the blue form.
  19. Obviously just me then. I've rechecked and pension income is on the red form and says I've declared said income on bottom of blue form-just above the electronic sign off-so I've just finalised it.
  20. I've input our pensions on 2047-together with rental income. Completed form 2042. When I have printed the forms out for my records-the rental income has transferred from the red form to the blue but the pension income hasn't. It normally appears on the blue form in 1AM and 1BM but there's nothing there . On the final page of the blue form 2042 just before you sign off on line it states :- Déclaration annexe déposée. And the pensions are listed there. Is this anything to do with the annee blanche for taxes this year or have I done something wrong? It's not the first time I've done an online return so happy that I know what I'm doing generally but this has me flummoxed.
  21. But I thought it did make a difference because it decides which tax band your income is taxed in-therefor although you technically don't pay tax on already taxed income it may push you into a higher tax bracket. Or have I got that wrong? Also doesn't income from another country count when deciding social charges/cotisations and the such like?
  22. What difference does it make? We rent out 1 UK property and I've never ticked micro fonciere. When I had my forms checked a couple of years ago because I thought I'd made a mistake-the lady in the impot never mentioned it to me.
  23. Mac


    Is the grief of a " privileged " person less than the grief of an " under-privileged" person? Maybe the grief of losing a child ( or any loved one) is the same regardless of privilege. It's not the " privileged persons fault that the media chooses to focus on their grief and not someone else's-nor that the public chooses to read it-as the OP obviously did.
  24. In some ways we are very lucky ( if that's the right word!) Our health is good. Both our daughters are married, both gave jobs/careers/lives they love and at 40 and 45 no sign ( or prospect) of grandchildren. Neither was ever really enthusiastic about having them so it never bothered us-and even if it had I would never have said a word to them. It's their lives. My OH parents are both dead. His Dad about 10 years ago before we came out here. His Mum -at 97-last year. For 6 years she had been in a home as it was impossible to care for her at home-Alzheimers, Vascular Dementia, doubly incontinent and almost immobile . We've been out here 8 years. He has 2 brothers and his Mum was looked after at home by carers and family until she fell twice in the middle of the night trying to get to the commode. It was difficult for my OH as he couldn't even phone her as she didn't know who he was and often conversations went off at a tangent inspired by something she could see but he couldn't. My parents ( fortunately) at 87 and 90 are in reasonable health and my sister keeps and eye on them and one of our daughters lives close as well. How people without an extended family support system cope I don't know and I take my hat off to them. But I think there does come a point were you have to have your life as well. I gave friends here who-at the drop of a hat rush vack to the UK for 2 or 3 months to look after grandchildren. Maybe because we don't have any I'm always surprised at their willingness to drop everything and put their lives on hold. Or maybe I'm just selfish?
  25. Mogs-if you read the above you'll see why it says 0. There is no tax paid on some income this year. Prelevements-if you pay them-are against the tax you will declare next year.
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