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    We have been living in France for 6 years, and have carte vitalle and complementaire insurance.

    We are presently in Spain and 4 weeks ago I suffered a stroke. Luckily not the most serious sort, but at the moment I have pretty much lost the use of my left arm.

    i am receiving excelent care here in Spain, but the physios advise that the care should be continuous in the early weeks / months and advise staying in Spain until the care situation in France is known.

    I have telephoned my french gp and told him of my stroke but it is difficult to have a long call as he is a one man band and anwers his phone while treating other patients.

    A french friend has told me that stroke care tends to be at residential centres.

    Has anyone had experience of these and whether there are waiting lists etc?




  2. And am I right to assume that to obtain a new carte grise, you also have to pay the local tax x cv rating of the car?
  3. This year, we seem to have scraped uder the tax liability figure, but can someone say whether social charges will still be levied on our small savings interest?

    thanks BD
  4. Does anyone have any typical costs re making a will in France? I know it will depend on complexity, but the norm might be making sure a surviving spouse is protected from avaricious children.
  5. PP, From other info I have., No Tax deduction treaties exist between US and Canada, Egypt, (Now there's a thing!), Germany,, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Romania, Switzerland (15%), and UK. Check Publication SSA 05-10143.

    Regs BobD
  6. No good news to report. Had a long conversation with a very helpful chap at Benefits office in Paris. It is true that if you have or had, a Green Card, then the 30% should not be deducted. But the Green Card has to be valid. This card, also called Alien Registration, varies according to when it was issued . Some old ones had an unlimited time stamp, others had to be renewed every year. My wife's is apparently not valid anymore, and therefore we cant avoid the witholding tax. However the chap we spoke to is still on the case and really is doing his best to help us out. The UK has a different type of treaty it seems and tax is not deducted at source in any circumstance. France is not the same. and thats how it is., As was helpfully suggested earlier, we will change the catagory for our Impots reorting, and that will save a little but overall, we still seem to pay less tax in France than in the UK, so its all swings and roundabouts.
  7. Have just received a not too helpful reply from Fed Benefits Office in Paris QUOTE;

    There are 2 ways to avoid the taxation:

    1 – you are a US citizen

    2 – you have/had a green card

    This is for Social Security purposes only. For purely tax purposes, and if the 2 cases above do not apply, you should address your question to the IRS office. END QUOTE>>

    Well my wife did have a green card, so not clear why the witholding tax is being applied. I guess now we write to Baltimore with all the info we can muster and complete the W8-Ben form etc. Isnt life exciting!

  8. Hi Allan, Thanks for the input. Monday was a National Hol in USA so I sent the Fed Benefits Office in Paris an Email, to which, I still await a response.

    The only thing that gives me some hope is that I did receive the benefit untaxed in the UK, and it was only when we moved here, that the 30% tax was deducted.

    Anyway, we wait and see, results will be posted here as and when.
  9. Many thanks for the responses folks. Firstly the pension is my wife's widows pension. She lived in the US for many years and her first husband (an American citizen) was in receipt of a disability pension when he died.

    I have read through the notes re formW-8BEN and it does seem that we can claim an exemption to the withholding tax. When we first moved to France, four years ago, we spoke to the US embassy in Paris and also to the tax authorities in Maryland. Nobody mentioned this form and assuming that no tax would be reclaimable, I have been showing this income at the received, (net) value. If sucessful with the claim, obviously I would show the gross value and be happy to be taxed here at the more beneficial rate. Maybe even a retrospective refund would be available! It all seems a little too good to be true at the mo. Another call to the Embassy may be in order Monday morning.
  10. Hi Anton, Thanks for that. I hadnt seen that document before, but under Pensions it seems to imply that tax should be applied only in one State but it also mentions being a Citizen of the US. So I guess I dont qualify for this consideration. Whilst I lived in Tthe UK, the pension was paid without being taxed, As soon as we moved to France tax got deducted.
  11. I receive a small pension from the USA. Before it is paid the US Gov deduct 30% "witholding tax". For the past few years I have been declaring the net amount, (as paid into my UK bank account), on my French tax return as there is no way that I know of that the tax can be reclaimed. (I am not an American citizen). There is no double taxation treaty between the US and France, so I am effectively taxed twice on this small amount. Enquiries to the US Embassy have not been helpful to say the least and the local French tax office dosnt seem to have a clue. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Beware, Nat West now charge a total of £12 for a €300 withdrawal. Nationwide is starting to look good again!!!
  13. Just a point re telephony via the LiveBox,

    Note that you cant use this facility for connecting a Fax machine or to connect a standard dial up modem.

    I use a fax machine for bank instructions and the dial up modem occasionally to keep my BT Internet Email address alive. So make all outgoing telephone calls via the Livebox but Fax and Modem connections via the direct line these calls of course are charged at the standard rate.

    The other negative that no one talks about is the Answering service. Most people are going to call you on your old fixed line number, so you need an answering service on that. When you call someone via your Live box, the Live box forwards your name as caller ID, assuming the recipients phone can display alpha numeric characters and not just the numeric, in which case just your new Live box number will be displayed. So the caller might return your call to the Livebox 'phone or to your old fixed line number.

    Bit of a mess really!
  14. John, when you say "floating safety cover", do you mean the normal summer bubble stuff cover? We have similar concerns with our cats. They have not yet tried to get on our summer cover and if they did, I'm pretty sure they could leap off again. The worry is that they would get on the edge section which would faily easily go down with their weight and of course if they ended up under the cover, that would be their end game.
  15. Back to the original posting.......

    Stains on our liner are usually caused by lizards and even frogs that get into the pool during the winter, sadly fail to get out again, and their decomposing bodies leave a lizard or even frog shaped outline on the liner. Usually vanishes without effort on my part bt the end of the season...
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