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  1. reply received  ref  TV /redevance . En application de l' article 41 de la loi de finances pour 2005 , la redevance audiovisuelle est due par toute personne physique imposable à la taxe d' habitation qui détient au 1er janvier ( 2005 au cas particulier ) un appareil récepteur de télévision ou dispositif assimilé permettant la réception de la télévision . Il résulte de ces dispositions , qu' en raison de la détention d' un poste de télévision , vous êtes redevable de la redevance audiovisuelle. Marie- France RUELLE. If  you  have  any  device  capable of  receiving a tv signal  whether is connected or  switched on  you  are  now liable   for the  new tax  . Doug H  
  2. [quote]Maybe I'm a bit late adding to this topic but would like to mention some of the tips I picked up from a neighbour who is a macon. Mix is better loose than dry, it sticks much better. Try throwing the...[/quote] "Mix is better loose than dry, it sticks much better. Try throwing the mix from your trowel into the joints rather than pressing it in, over a couple of square feet and then remove the excess ith the edge of the trowel. If you place a board or a piece of plastic sheet under where you are working you can recycle all of the mix that falls off (you will need to add extra water to it), The chaux is ready to brush when you can just press a fingernail into it, if you are getting wire brush marks it could be because the surface is not quite dry enough or you are being heavy handed. After wire brushing the excess you can "paint" over he chaux with a wet paintbrush. This will make the larger grains in the sand shine. finally, if you have to leave a part mix in your auge for any reason, add more water and keep it in the shade, it should then rework when you come back to it rather than going hard. " Could  not agree  more .  In  our  area   we  use  sable  jaune . Buy a  large  quantity  as  this  will   keep the  right   quality  through out the  job  .  The  mix   we  use is   4 sand to  either  1 white cement  and 1 chaux natural  or   4 sand to  2 chaux natural . We  use  the   chaux- cement   mix    because  the  outside  stone is  shale ( better adhesion )  but on  most other stone    use  the  chaux only  mix . The  inside of the  house  the  stone  quality is  better  so the  chaux  only mix is  better . Remember  chaux  was  used  because  1 . cement  was  too expensive  in the 1800's  but 2.  lime cement  breaths  allowing the  clay  filled walls  to give up   moisture .  Do not   use  the  cement  mix  on both  sides of  the wall as you  will have a  damp  problem .   We  found a wet  runny mix  was  best , the   walls  soaked  up the  extra   moisture  very   quickly , allowing   the  smoothing  with either a wet  paint brush  or  for large  areas a soft broom  head . Start  from the  top and  work down  , that  way  you  do not spoil  the  work  you  have  already   done . Good  luck  
  3. If  you go to the  monument  at   Chasseneuil  , there  is a  map on the  wall  showing the  resistance action  . When i   signed the   vistors  book  ,  there were  several    lines  written  by   ex local  fighters  and   their  addresses  now . This  may a good   place to  start . There are a lot of good books  in the book  shop  in  Chasseneuil  and the   local Marie  may also  help .   Doug H
  4. Impressed on several  accounts . 1 , A chief exec  who  looks  at  the  problems  from the  passengers  point of  view . 2, Decided to put a  high  importance on  maintenance  of the   boat . After suffering   Hoverspeed   for  2  years  now ( Newhaven -Dieppe ) . Travelled out in  July  with reduced  power  due to an engine  problem . Brother  went in August  , reduced  power due an engine problem , went again in September ,reduced  power  due to engine  problem . Even  Transmanche  were  only  behind  them  by  1 hour  . If you pay  top  wack  for the  privilege  ,you  should  expect  top  service  , Hoverspeed  were  just taking the money. 3, Cost . I have booked 3  trips  with them this  year  . It works  out  cheaper to travel  with them  and  book a hotel in Kent , than it is to travel to  Portsmouth , ( 20 mins a way for me ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let all hope that   this revolution  keeps multiplying . When Easy jet  started it was a  similar  venture ,( The boss  travelled  on the aircraft  and used his  experience to  improve the  business ) now  the air  business is based on low cost  travel . But  remember   it will not  succeed  if  we  do not  use the  service .  I would  much rather  travel  for £50  with  a little   inconvenience ( as some times there will be ) , than be ripped off  for £400   with a similar service .   Doug H    
  5. Montemboeuf  pour moi   and Yes  Helen , the bar at Cherves  is a   well know  for its Sunday  diner,   you now have to book   months in advance . Doug H  
  6. Try  Danielle Martinez  in  La Rochefoulcauld . Speaks  very  good  Engish .   Doug H
  7. At last a  company that will put  service  first . Crossings with Hoverspeed  ( Newhaven- Dieppe )have been a disaster  this  year . The  engine  'fault' at the  begining  of the season  was  still there  5 months into the  season .  The  average time  late going  out  was  90 mins at  Dieppe and 60 at Newhaven  .  Hoverspeed are  quite happy to  run  late   and  charge  5 times  as  much  as Speedferries . but are are  they  willing to   take   their  single boat off the run  ?  The  answer is obviously NO . Lets put  profit  first .   Doug H  
  8. A  couple of  years  ago ,  i believe it  was in  this  topic ,  someone  had  found  electricity generating torpedoes .  You place  them  in  flowing  water and  they  generate  electricity  by  spinning . If  you  have a water  mill  with a  sluice   it   may be an option  for  you .   Doug H
  9. If can ask a question on this thread , i hope to view the tour at Bujaleuf , does any body know any restrictions getting to Bujaleuf (on the D14) . I know the D14 will be shut all day but are the access roads going to be open ? I know when the tour was in England we had to shut some access roads as well . Doug H
  10. Used them the first time this year . Cheap , food good , not much duty free . Shall i say a litle French , may sail may not , but as we are local not much of a problem . Nice little company , lets hope the prices stay cheap . Lets face it compared to BF anf P&O thats not hard . Doug H
  11. I have a commercial strimmer with various blades but the best tool i have found is a petrol hedgecutter . A large area can be cleared with the hedge cutter but the trick is to let the stems re-grow .At this point use a weedkiller such as roundup . This then kills the roots , which eventually rot so making clearence easier. Doug H
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