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  1. Thanks to all who responded. Thread seems to have taken a bit of a left turn, but interesting nonetheless. we were just at the house and noticed our neighbors are having a partial replacement done exactly as we's planned--repair framing as necessary and new nested tiles. We'll need to have them over for an Apéro and try to get a square meter price out of them. As to the question of free flow of labor within the EU, I work for a German construction firm. We do not work in France only because our Frtench parent--VINCI--won't allow it, but we do work elsewhere in the EU. I can tell you that legally firms can work in other countries, but some make it more challenging than others--Spain and Italy are probably the most challemging. Again, thanks.
  2. It appears we will need to replace our roof sooner rather than later.  I intend to get at least three bids and vet contractors before selecting one.  It would be helpful to have my own estimate of the cost prior to requesting bids.  Wondering if anyone out there can point me towards a French estimating reference for common construction/renovation tasks?  Scott
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