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  1. to  me  pole  emploi  is a  joke....I'm  on  it,  and have been asking  them  to  take  a french  course  to  better my  language  skills  is  not  working  out...  oh I  can  pay  my  own  way,  but  they  will  not  sponser  me...its always another excuse  as to why  I  can't  get enrolled.. Don't  count  on  them  to  help  you, you need  to  do  this  yourself....
  2.  A real  vpn account  can  be  worth while  thing.  Not  only  do  you  get  privacy  in  the  fact  that  nobody can see  what  or  where  you  have  been, you can access  some sites  that are normally  blocked.   You  can  on  some  accounts  connect  to  different  servers  to give  even  benefits, its a no brainer  if  you ask  me. I use,  noirvpn dot  com  based I  believe  in France,  but  also  in English.  Fast  and  stable, never a  issue  in  the  last  year  with  them and  would  give them a nod!
  3. [quote user="krusty"] Vpn connection and a subscription works........easy for you to say . Then you google it and read the horror stories ....lost connections , companies got your subscription then done a bunk , BBC change the goal post then the software does not work anymore. [/quote] The  vpn path  is a  good  one  and  I  use  it  daily. A Virtual Private Network or VPN account should be used by all people who download music, movies or if you want privacy on the internet. VPN is about creating a tunnel over the internet. Each VPN tunnel is totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities on the internet anonymous, private and secure. Your own service provider will not even know where you have been surfing. This is nothing really new and some free services do exist, but most are not that stable nor reliable. You can’t really ask for help with a free server. Most of the vpn accounts are pretty cheap these days and I use Noirvpn dot com. It does the trick for me at about 1 euro a week. So when I browse or  even download, nobody knows about it but me. So if you upload, download or just browse, your actions are hidden. So I would suggest a vpn account for all members here, like I the vpn I use. It’s really easy to set up, they are helpful and discreet. and  very stable...  
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