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  1. We  have  been  living  in  the Gers  since  2000,  when  we  moved  to  Auch. Very  nice  to be in  a  town,  or just  on  the  outside  actually.   Long  hot  summers and  every  thing is slow...  slow  for  the  kids,  but they  will  be  moving on anyway,  no mater  where  you  live.....for  us  it was  very  safe place  to  bring  up good  kids..
  2. so  many  to  chosse  from.....just  wlak around  centre  ville
  3. A   bit  late  but a good  one  in  Auch,  called  Everest Indian.
  4. Hmmm, getting  the  MAC address a  great  idea.  This  is  the unique  identifer  of  thre  PC,  so in  case  they  do  some  thing wrong, you  can point  this out  to the  HADOPI  guys,  in  case they  come  looking.
  5. I  would  run a  cable (rj45 cable)  from the  neuf  box  to  the  gite and  connect a  expansion  box,( with  like  5 ports)   which  will allow  more  rj45  ports...  to allow renters  to use  in  the  gite
  6. Also conside Leclerc. They  have a SIM  card  for as little as  1.50 per month and then you pay  for  talk  time as  required and  the  credit  is  good for up to one year...just as  good a prepaid, but  with one  year  shelf  life. I use  one  in  mycar, since it  has a  built in phone...never a problem.
  7. working  for  black  money  is  quite  normal,  but  ask for a bigger  discount, say  150-200  !! However,  remember if anything goes wrong,  you're  out  of  luck  if  you  wnat  to appeal  to  some  french authority....you have to rely  on the word  that the  worker  will  come  back to  fix  it...normally  its  ok,  but  if an  insurance claim  is  involved, then  its gets tricky...
  8. If  the  floor  moves/bounces  at all,  then  so  will  the  tile, then  crack. Large  tiles  will  crack faster than  smaller  tiles...but  to  do it  right  pull  up  the wood floor and  pour  cement  or use a  cement  type  of  floor  board.  Or  build  up the floor  to make a step into the  bathroom ??
  9. I use a service from: noirvpn dot com They have  4 servers, usa, canada, france and germany...all for 5 euro a month. It works for me.  Tell which  show  you want (link etc)  and I test  it  for  you  with  my  usa account to see if  it  works.
  10. thanks  pachapapa,  but  I  may need  to  know  this.  We have a  home in the  country,  with  speptic tank and other water  that  runs  off  into the  field/hill behind  us.  IN  the  last  10 years nobody has  been by  to  check or  ask anything....but I  suspect  we  may need  to  change  things. Any possibilty  that  I  can  get a  condensed version  of what needs  to  be  done or a  place/site I  can  check out  what needs  to  be  done, in  english, if possible.
  11. [quote user="Martin963"][quote user="rastus"]Instead of moving the dish and thus losing Sky can you fit a dual head LNB with a separate downlead.[/quote]   they come in 6 deg (as I said above) or occasionally 3 deg separations,  but I don't think anyone has come up with a 9 deg one.    Maybe a hole in the market there...? [/quote] actually  you  can  get a  bracket  that  will  hold  the  monoblock and a  single  lnb, or  even  3-5 individual  lnb  on  the  special bracket...but  at  this  point  is  cheaper  to get a  motorized  dish.  I  use  one  and works great,  the  sky  is  open  to  me..
  12. What I  do is  contact  my  home bank  and  ask  them  to wire  money  over  to  my  bank here, also CA.  I  give  them all  the  details  required. Normally  I need  to  fax  them  a  letter  for this  or just  send a letter in the mail asking  for it...it can't  be  done  by email, due  to  security issues..
  13. Sorry  for being out  of  the  loop  here....what  does all  this  mean??
  14. correct  as  mentioned  already...new PC's  should  be  fully  activated  with either  XP or  Win 7 normally,  unless  you  get  some  old stock! You  may  find  some  that  have  say XP and a  trail  copy  of  Win 7  in  the box...so for this you will need  to  get a  wincracker  program  that  makes it  real...really easy  to do,  but  not  sure if  we  can  post  these  types of  things  here.
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