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  1. Right on! great initiative! peanut butter is the best! i'll try to as many people to vote too, cheers
  2. Not everyone can do grocery shopping outside so I guess that's how they continue living...
  3. Hey, have a look here, they propose very nice houses!
  4. what do you want to sell? apartments?house?where? i m looking for buying something...
  5. this one is new and quite good too: citadimmo good luck for your researches!
  6. there are lots of swindles concerning renting or buying on the internet. you should take care. it is not difficult to create fake advertisements!
  7. Hi! You are right to travel there, France is a so nice destination! of course a hostel is cheapest than a hotel, but may be in paris it will be more confortable for you to book a hotel, you can find some not so expensive and it is more romantic! I do not know lyon so i can not help you finding something, but if you have planned to go in another place, try "chambre d hotes". you are in a personnal house, the bedrooms are often more confortable and cosy than hotel (and of course hostel) and very cheap! You can eat with the family if you want to taste the french food and meet people. most of the time these persons like having people at home and will tell you what places you have to see.... it is really really nice! I recommend this kind of accomodation, both romantic and friendly! have a nice trip bye!
  8. Hey ericd, you can be sure that also in poland they can distinguish thank you and f... you, especially in business environment! maybe it was a pronounciation problem otherwise the person has a special way to show you're welcome ;-)
  9. Wooly, I love the colours, great shot! In Paris you only have grey pigeons ;-)
  10. Hi, this is a quite difficult question in fact. Normally the teachers have to follow a strictly defined schedule to prepare the kinds for the "brevet de college" as well as for the "baccalaureat". these are national exams which means that the whole country has the same exams at the same time. So teachers should not "dumb down" lessons in order to rise the classes grade point average. But I heard that this can depend on the teacher... To get a better idea if this is the case or not you should maybe gather some information about her classmates grades. If they're as "idiot" as she says and get good grades you have the answer...
  11. Hey, on the following site they explain in which cases the cutomers have the right to insist on the outwritten price: http://rfconseil.grouperf.com/article/0148/ms/rfconsms0148cliaff01.html Another thing which makes me really angry in France is that some supermarkets (in my experience always the same) change the price etiquette but don't readjust the price in their operating system. When checking the receip you notice that they made you pay the old and higher price. Fore sure this is mostly only about some euro cents but they're doing this over the whole day and when it comes to some thousands of customers you can easily calculate their extra margin... Hope the link helps out... Cheers
  12. I think that this is a great idea. Frensh people love good food and are willing to pay for it!
  13. Hey there, you should do your inscriptions latest by end of may!
  14. Thanks for sharing these picture, I love the one with the old funiculaire de montmartre on it!
  15. Yes, unfortunately it seems to be true that in the rural areas (and that mostly means outside of Ile de France) teenagers don't have too much perspectives. The frensh centralized system made Paris the center of "the world". So if you don't have the capacity to do studies (and even if you did them) there is not a lot of work outside Ile de France. So what do young woman do (in my opinion and not proved by statistics) is creating a family to have at least some future outlook... But I thought that in UK teenage pregnancy is much more common... Anyways, having sex education at a young age is not in relation with teenage pregnancy. For example in Germany they have this very early and Germany is definitely one of the European country where the birth rate is very low...
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