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  1. We cut a small cross in the floating cover and posted it through that. I made sure it was in a place that has some movement in the water when the pump came on. As long as the solar panel gets a bit of sun it seems ok. You get a test kit to check the ion level and ours is spot on. Paul
  2. Hi we have a nice pool in France and we are only able to visit every few months. We have someone check the pool and keep the chemistry in good order. But if it gets overlooked for whatever reason we had terrible green algae. To overcome this we bought a Floatron, then reduced Chlorine levels to just sanitise, as per the instructions. The Floatron does need a clean every week or so and a rinse under the tap, but what a difference. No more algae, and I mean none!! and much less chemical additions, the best thing we have bought for ages. Paul
  3. Thanks for that, in fact the loose neutral idea is the best fit so far, I have contacted EDF again, and arranged for an electrician to take a look in the house. Presumably the bad neutral which I know can cause over voltage and an under voltage situations, can be in our property (any neutral conection in any socket etc. or the main incomming one?) anyway hope to have it sorted soon, so thanks again. Paul
  4. Hi I posted a thread re problems with our threee phase supply,which we thought was problematical due to storm issues. It now seems the problem is not storm related. While at the house the electrics went bonkers and lights in one part of the house went realy bright. High current items then stopped working, cooker, washing machine. The main "disjoncteur tripped out. On re setting all sorts of stuff was still happening, nothing seemed logical!! Is it possible for this fault to be in the house or is it an EDF external thing it seems we get an over voltage on some things and an under voltage on others. On this occasion our microwave/convection cooker has now blown up!! It is very intermittent. Help please Paul
  5. The house is a holiday home and on returning to it we quite often fount the main trip had tripped. Didnt know why, but knew that French supply could be a bit up & down during bad weather etc. On one occasion my partner was in residence and during a storm we lost a digibox, not the Tv? flourescent light, boiler programmer, hair dryer, straighteners, iphone charger and a few othjer things, the Geminox boiler programmer type 101 costs over 700 Euros. We thought it was lightning that had damaged them. I was not present at the time. However on a later date I was there and the electicity trip dropped out during a storm, I reset it and all was ok for a time, then lights went bright, (realy bright!!) then went dull some failed altogether, I quickly got my multi meter and measured the voltage at the sockets, it shot up to 400V for a while then I went to the distribution board and measured phase to phase, phase to neutral and phase to earth. For a while any phase to neutral was at 400v. we switched every thing off at the trip and went to bed next day nice and sunny all phases were as they should be. I dont mind having a 3phase supply but was quite concerned about the safety of it, especially in view of what happened. Thanks so far for all your input, no pun intended:-)
  6. I had a problem with three phase supply to modern house 20 to 25 years old. During stormy weather we got 400 volts at the sockets. EDF checked lines and say all is ok. We have removed a large tree that had branches resting on the overhead cable to the house and all seems to be stable at present. However has anyone any thoughts on changing to single phase? We have Electric cooker and washing machie. then just normal lights ketttle and general sockets. the house can sleep a max. of 8 people. I understand there is a 150 Euro charge approx for this. Hi all, I have an update to this message, if anyone can help that would be good. Last night in a no storm situation the electricity weant mad in our house and we have had to cancel some people that were going to visit the house as we now consider it could be dangerous. The lighting in part of the house went V. bright! Some of the sockets in the house have failed and others have blown up yet more of our stuff, microwave, phone chargers etc. ordinary cooker stopped working. Its as though phases are linking then unlinking, if thats possible. I say ordinary cooker, but I will have to check that its not a 3 phase cooker, with gas rings including 1 electric ring. Anyway the question is has anyone got any thoughts as to what typically can cause this to happen, its starting to drive me bonkers and I suspect I will have to have a French artisan take a look. Paul
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