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  1. I have been speaking to a UK manufacture and installer of log burners. They have installed hundreds of burners in sound chimneys without fitting a liner. It is their opinion that suppliers will try and scare people into buying a full liner and the quote UK building regs that say that only one meter of pipe needs to be fitted…….
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. The chimney is about 0.9 mtrs x 0.25 mtrs and 9 mtrs to the top and in good condition.
  3. I am about to install a log burner and want to use the existing chimney, which is in good condition, no leaks etc. I have read conflicting advise about whether or not to fit a liner. Has anyone out there fitted a log burned and not used a liner ? Thanks Joe
  4. Hi We has the same problem but with a 6kw three pase, ie 2kw per phase. As the house needed a re wire we had the supply changed to mon phase 12kw, it solves the problem of balancing the phases and makes the re re wire easier and cheaper. The cost was about 150€
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