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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded to my query/dilemma! I really appreciate your input. In view of the replies, our guests will be receiving the return of their full deposit. Many thanks.
  2. Hi I would appreciate some opinions from other Gite owners on the following as, although I've run our gites for a good number of years now, I haven't come across this one before! A family have managed to break the inner heat proof glass on the gas oven door. They say they lit the oven, shut the door and the glass "just shattered". Of course, we didn't see what happened but my husband is of the opinion that they have probably dropped something on the open door, which pulls down to open. I've ordered another from our local store but it's a real pain as I've no idea how long it's gonna take for the replacement to arrive and we have other guests coming. Anyway, my dilemma is, do I deduct the cost of the replacement glass from their security deposit?
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes, looks like it probably is coming from the inside out, so could be from the framework. I've taken a photo but my daughter in Oz has just confirmed that I've left my camera lead there so she is going to post it off asap. As soon as I receive it, I'll post a photo!
  4. Hi Our concrete balustrades are not looking good! They have a rust colour showing through and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there is anyway we can make them look good again? Many thanks

  5. Sprogster, I think and hope that I made my point, which was not to criticize anyone's reasons for joining this forum and their need to ask questions.

    I've been a member of the Forum pretty much since it's beginning. This forum is amazing and I have always been grateful to those members who have taken time to answer my questions.

    The main stumbling blocks of making the move to France had already been pointed out and I did re-iterate those.

    I just wanted to point out that I don't see the need for getting all uptight and stressed out about looking for "hidden problems".

    Also wanted to point out that if one struggles with the language, that prospect shouldn't put anyone off going ahead with living their dream in France. There's really no need to feel a failure and what would you do if you found that one half struggled with it....nag?, give up and return to the UK?

    Don't think I'm tolerant at all, think he's tolerant for not making it a big issue! Not everyone can get to grips with learning a foreign language to a high standard. Besides, admin was never his forte in the UK so why would it be any different here?

    The fact is that some people have better practical skills than acedemic skills. After all, it wouldn't do if we were all academics and there were no tradesmen! He has other skills...eg our car, house, pool and garden maintenance so he more than pulls his weight!

    If truth be told, I think many of us will probably be in this situation and are happy enough to settle for the "get by in French" level.

    We have never regretted our move and love living in France. Our youngest daughter has gone through the school system here, integrated well, is now an apprentice hairdresser and loves it here too.
  6. Don't mean to sound rude, but, in my opinion, if you stop to ponder on hidden problems, you wouldn't do anything with your lives! There are hidden problems in all walks of life, eg who would ever have kids if we stopped to think about the hidden problems lol!

    In our experience, having lived in France perm. for nearly 10yrs now and bringing over our youngest at 10yrs old, on the whole, I think we've settled well.

    Like Mrs Hoggie, on arrival, I had some school French and my husband had zilch. Hubby still hasn't learnt French, prob due to a combination of lack of interest, not being academic, etc and leaves all the admin, etc to me, although he has picked up a limited understanding and can now say a few basic things. The only thing he says he misses is to be able to have a conversation with some of the old French guys in the pub! Obviously not enough to make him do anything to change that but then I think, there prob aren't many ordinary folk of our older age who would be able to learn French from scratch to such a high standard.

    After saying all that, we both do mix with French friends and they seem to be very forgiving and we manage to enjoy ourselves with them, over a few glasses of wine!

    One of the main things, which has already been mentioned, is to have your health cover and your finances sorted before you make the move. During the time we've been here, we've seen many Brits around us having to move back to the UK, due to running out of funds (some having taken out a mortgage on the strength of their UK wages and then moving over here with no way of finding the money to keep up their payments!) and also lack of healthcare cover. This applies especially to people under state pension age, which we were on arrival. However, we had planned ahead and are happy to live modestly (the old saying of taking care of the pennies...springs to mind.. and also asking ourselves if we really need something before making the decision to buy).

    We still have the old car we brought over 10yrs ago, grow a lot of our own veg, make eating out a treat instead of the norm and have become a dab hand at darning socks, etc. Also, hubby being a dab hand at maintaining our house, helps! All of which might not appeal to everyone but we now actually enjoy the challenge!

    Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to go on so much!

    Enjoy your life in France and be happy!

    Bon courage!

  7. Yes, good advice Patf! I've already got rid of a couple of extras I don't need and will check my online bills each month from now on!

    Thanks to all for the replies.
  8. Thanks, that's great! Wanted to be sure before I start phoning the family, especially daughter in Oz...you probably can imagine how long those calls could be when Mother and daughter start blethering lol!!!
  9. Hi

    I have Orange Livebox and am on Net Plus 2010 Internet + Tel + TV and pay 37€ per month, including the hire of the Livebox.

    Please can anyone confirm that I have free unlimited calls to the UK and Australia included in that package?


  10. Hi Danny

    Thanks for your quick response. That'll save me 5€ per month!

    I'll keep that in mind re those free services for when my Norton 360 expires.

    Kind regards

  11. Hi

    Please can someone advise me?

    Can I safely cancel my anti-virus firewall protection, which I pay for through my internet provider (Orange), as I also have a subscription with Norton (360), or do I need both?

    Seems daft if I'm paying for this service from Orange if I'm already covered by my Norton 360!

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi

    We have an inground 12x6m chlorine pool and it's cloudy.

    PH was way too high, chlorine level ok, so hubby has added PH minus and kept filters on. It was still too high so repeated the procedure (using amount recommended on PH minus product label).

    This morning PH is still showing at highest reading 8 but notice that the chlorine reading has dropped below normal reading.

    Never had this problem before so hubby isn't sure if he should add more chlorine at this stage or more PH minus!

    So any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Yes, just crazy isn't it?!! I just wondered about the help with spaying so that, if there was, I could suggest it to my French friend. She has two adult female cats so this is an ongoing problem.It does irritate me when I see her smoking like a chimney and yet no money to spay her cats but, of course, I can't mention that!! I just don't get it, after all, it only has to be paid once and that's the end of all the kitten hassle! POf course she now thinks I have a magic wand I just wave et voila, a kind English (yes, she told me she thinks the English are kind to their animals lol) family appear!PS I've to take our dog to the vet next week for his annual boosters, so I'll ask the vet if he does it cheaper for low income families or if he knows of an association who might.
  14. Just wanted to let you know the good news....I've found this wee fellow a nice home! Unfortunately, I think there will be more kittens needing homes soon, which I find quite upsetting and frustrating! On that subject, does anyone know if there are any organisations in France which helps people on low incomes have their cats spayed? Think I know what the answer will be but thought it was worth asking, just incase!
  15. Yes, Sue, he is just adorable and I hope someone can find a little space in their heart and home to squeeze him in! Just as well I have a sensible hubby (albeit a bit on the grumpy old man side, but we won't go down that road lol!) or I would be overloaded with rescue animals! Please everyone, don't forget to ask around as someone out there might just be waiting for a wee mignon like him (that's the kitten not my hubby by the way ha ha!!)
  16. Hi

    Please can anyone give this adorable kitten a loving home? If you can't, please, please ask around.

    He was born on the 7th March and I'm asking on behalf of my French friend who lives near St Severin.

    Donne contre bons soins adorable chaton mâle , sevré et propre né le 7 mars 2010. I'm only trying to help find a home for this wee chap. I don't mean to sound rude, but I would appreciate if folk would refrain from preaching to me re the benefits of neutering as I'm a responsible pet owner! Many thanks.


  17. Hi

    Please can anyone recommend the name of a nice French variety of wet potato for planting?

    I planted 2 types last year. One was a nice wet one but the other was too dry for our liking. Trouble is that I can't remember the name of either variety!

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi

    Thanks to everyone. This beautiful boy has now found his forever home with a very nice couple.

    I met the couple (English/American) and am more than satisfied that he will be well looked after, pampered, vaccinated, neutered and all the rest! I could see that it was instant love!

    So, my French friend is very pleased and grateful. The couple are keen to keep intouch with Brigitte to give her updates and photos of the puppy.

    Don't you just love a happy outcome!

    Many thanks to all.

  19. Hi Yes, he is very cute and I may have found a home for him! An English couple are going to have a look at him tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed!
  20. [IMG]http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii67/Anna-dordogne/Brigitte-%20puppy/Puppylastweek.jpg[/IMG]
  21. Please can anyone help find a loving home for this adorable puppy?

    I've received the following e-mail from a French friend. Her dog, Lana, a golden retriever, had 3 pups. Brigitte has managed to find good homes for 2 of them but is now struggling to find a home for the third one. He is free to a good home. Brigitte lives near St Severin (near Riberac).

    If you would like to see the puppy, please contact me and I'll put you intouch with Brigitte, who speaks good English.

    If you're not in a position to have a pup yourself, I would really appreciate it if you would ask around your neighbours and friends, as this sweet, black and white puppy deserves a loving home!

    There should be a couple of photos of the puppy below!

    Many thanks


    "Hello Anna, thank you very much for helping me, it’s urgent I find a family for my last puppy. He is a male, born on the 2 of January 2010, a Labrador crossed setter said the veterinary , but his mother is a golden retriever . This one is very special, as since the beginning he does’nt like be on his own, he always need the presence of someone dog cat or human. He is not yet always clean but he understands very well NON. Here are pictures of him, hoping I will find a kind family as of course since 2 months an a half I love him but cannot keep him. Thanks again to you Anna, see you soon. Brigitte"


  22. Hi Just wondering if anyone has experience of claiming their money back for an empty gas bottle. I have the original receipt for 25€ for the purchase of a blue butane gas bottle from Leclerc and, as it's now surplus to our requirements, would like to know how to go about asking for a refund. Do we take it to the petrol kiosk and, if so, do they give you cash there or is it more complicated?
  23. Thanks again Gary.

    Yes, you're, of course, correct!

    I've just tried sending one to my other e-mail address!

    I didn't realise that by attaching a photo that it would be seen in the e-mail!

    I didn't actually try to send it that way, as the lady said that she couldn't open an attachment and I realise now that the photo would be shown in the e-mail!

    Oh the joys lol !!!

    Thanks for your help.

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