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  1. Thank you for all your assistance and advice It was very much appreciated Daffie
  2. Yes Richard , I have asked for a copy of the assessment ,,, would like to see who completed it !!!!!!!
  3. Thanks big ears ! but I didnt complete the form;;; the have put the 3 points ;; from nowhere
  4. Ive been on Incapacity for 5 /6 years , have hearing impairment and despite hearing aid , its still very difficult to hear french,, cant guess words you one does in English; Also cant do much work,, have a huge incontinence problem ,,form radiotherpy ,, so bending , lifting, getting up ; and the need to go at least hourly does prevent me doing most hings , hence the long trem sickess and early retirement
  5. I will appeal and go to tribunal if neccessary ,, but its all very stressful and one cant have mutuelle with a pre_ existing condition,, I cant go back to practice as a social worker as I was retired on Compassionate grounds and so cant go back and my professional registration has lapsed!
  6. Many thanks for you reply ,, have been to stressed to look at replies untill today; With regards to the medical in Tours , last year ! I did take a friend who speaks French, but things do get lost in Translation , and she might not have thought it important to translate something for me,, The French Dr did say she would say nothing had changed,, so, yes Agree it seems weird that I seem to have been put on this new system with no warning and havnt filled in a questionnaire at all since Ive been here !! All this appealling could take months ,, so have put the house on the market,, all to very stressful, from a social worker who used to advocate for clients !!
  7. Hi Bixy Think the rules have suddenly changed, Incapacity in now on a point system ; completed in Uk on some software, Ive had long term incapcity benefit for along time and been in France for over 4 years with 100 percent health costs paid by Uk , not France ! My husband then piggy backed me and was able to have 75 percent free health care  costs ;;; this week , I received a letter saiyng I now suddenly only have 3 points and need 15 points to have incapacity benefit . they say its from a form I filled in, which havnt done for years ! But did have an examination from a French Dr in Tours as ordered by Newcastle,,, but a year ago;; so without no warning , I have a letter to say that incapacity is cancelled and I no loonger have health care paid by Uk ;; so looks as if I will have to sell up , return to Uk and go on Job seekers allowance !! so attention mes amis ![:(]
  8. So, I have received a letter today from Works and pension saying they have cut off my Incapacity benefit from 9 th march this year , assessed from an assessment completed in tours sometime last year with a french Dr and all in French ,,,,,,,,,,, Ive been now told that under the new uk system of points , I only have 3 points , but need 15 ! And my E121 has been automatically cancelled ; so a double whammy! Had No warning of this and in a quag mire ,;;; The letter they sent was uk postage 2nd class and took 3 weeks to arrive here ,, and I have only 4 weeks to respond,, well that gives me a few days ! Has anyone else had the same experaince and if so , how did they over come it ?[8-)]
  9. Thank you for your responses .. areal mix bag! I would not compare service industry with Monsieur Notaire .. mainly because of their huge income differentials. though I may give the English Soliciter here avery good bottle of Margaux for her exceptional  and swift service.....I think its called "an appreciation of thanks" ..So if the hairdresser cuts and styles my hair very well..... I,m happy to give her a fiver.Like wise ,, if the removal men work hard , as they usually do ,, I do feel they should benefit from my appreciation ..as I do acknowledge that its the company that will make the money ,, not the men doing the hard graft   . So the question begs about how much ??do I give them. 
  10. Hi Im moving to France next month.. definitively .. as they say ...Just wondering how much one tips the removal men. A/from present house in England to Storage B/from storage to house in France Would be grateful to hear of any ideas  
  11. Hi For the first time in 2 years we had the guests from hell: They smoked and left cigarette ends despite it being a no smoking household. They didnt bring any bedding , a neighbour kindly loaned them some. which they left on the beds,, which in view of the fact they had noisy sex every afternoon with the windows open opposite the entrance of the Chateau , was not very nice.However, the Tourists apparently liked the extra show and the local French people in the village asked if I had more guests like that I could rent out the house to.. Needless to say they left crockery etc unwashed , bath uncleaned, china left smashed on the floor. baby oil on bedroom wall , which needed repainting . wine stains on antique chairs ( they had removed the covers)and the pace took ages to clean. They had to cut their stay short because apparently the police asked them to return home , because the children they had left at home had had riotous parties ,, which shows what sort of people they must be Do we have a "name & shame " list?? 
  12. Im a new member..so hopefully I am using the correct topic box I have a small village house in Montsoreau dept 49 and we go there for holidays as often as we can. We,ve had the house 4 years and looked into buying a longere for the purpose of running a Chambres d,hote.We found a suitable place just outside Chinon dept 37 ,5 bedrooms  , 2 staircases , enclosed large garden  and 2 large salon and lg Kitchen / dinning area. We had the Compromis sent to us after paying 9000 Euros for a survey report..everything fine...and we have arranged to meet notaire and sign with him on the 23rd July.Today our immoblier phoned us to say that the vendor has sold it to someone else and signed the Compromis with these other people yesterday.I thought this sort of thing only happened in England,,,do I have legal address from the vendor , esp with regards paying out so much for the Survey and booking Ferries etc this time of year.Any advice will be gratefully received   Daffie
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