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  1. Hi All

    We are renovating an old water mill in the Champagne Ardenne and are looking for someone to supply stone lintels for around the windows and doors - does anyone have any companies they can recommend - happy to drive to collect .


  2. Thanks for that, it's approx 450 meters squared so my understanding is the plans have to be signed off by an Architect who is French registered slightly annoying as David's Uncle is an Architect in the UK but not registered over here and therefore not fully aware of regs etc ..
  3. HI - can anyone recommend an architect some where around Champagne Ardenne my French is OK but my partner who will be managing the project struggles with the language somewhat. Any recommendations gratefully received.

    Many thanks
  4. Hi I know I am asking alot but can anyone recommend an Architect in the region who can possibly speak some English? My French is Ok but my partner who is going to be managing our project struggles a little.

    Thanks for any recommendations
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