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  1. I did mean 10 to 15% on top of the TVA. of the previous charges . My apologies for not making that clear.
  2. It's a heads up for Bikers ordering stuff from the States or anywhere else that may involve customs duty. For it to increase from its usual 10 to 15 % to 50% for the same service items has caught me by surprise. Just thought I would let people know.
  3. I have read on other forums about the Douane ( French Customs) taking a keen interest in imports . The concerning bit was the interest shown in the goods brought over by people transporting & distributing from Tescos Uk. I don’t know how true all this is & why post on the motorcycle section. What I do know is that previously have ordered parts from the USA for my cruiser & have not had the slightest attention from the Douane. This Christmas parts ordered have taken 8 weeks to clear customs & they have charged on average 50% the total value of the goods. I was told that the Douane is a very big organisation & revenue is urgently needed to protect jobs. I have also noticed the Gendarmes added activity around us armed with their mobile speed guns, fully accompanied with chase car & motorbike to give you an on the spot fine, probably all for the same reason, to raise revenue.
  4. Would you fancy a BMW k100 1986. Its a bit of a basket case but I have loads of bits . Just lost interest in the project
  5. Over here when motorists see a biker in their mirrors they usually pull over as much as possible to allow overtaking this is very usefull & helpfull on a continous white line road . It is the bikers way of saying thank you also done when bikers overtake each other. If bikers are travelling in opposite directions they stick two fingers up, as a form of greeting not abuse as in the UK.
  6. Most enjoyable camping session with great people. Thought I better get on this sensible forum to continue my interest in motorcycling in France. Great photos taken by Snorkel , pity the one of me was deleated. Hope we can organise more trips
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