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  1. well thanks everyone for the replies, I particularly like the one suggesting getting some chickens in, i'm not sure if there are chickens big enough to handle our snakes. I think I will leave them be, at least I know where they are, if I move them from their current home who knows where they might choose as their new home.
  2. hi, I know everyone will tell me how lucky I am to have snakes in the garden but the novelty is wearing off, and they are getting bigger and braver every time we visit our house. in short we have had our house nearly 5 years and have always had snakes, initially we found shed skins but then started to see the odd grasssnake, but after a couple of days they would  disappear, however with each visit they are getting braver and now ignore us. They live under our patio and come and go and bask literally feet from the patio. The regular sightings are 2 x 4ft long grass snakes, and a longer but thinner Aesculapian snake, which is particularly creepy as it can climb vertical walls, we have seen it going into next doors attic. My neighbour in good French manner has indicated he will come and smash them with his shovel, but I would rather them go not be killed. Has anyone any ideas for ways to get them to move on.
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